Top 20 Food Trucks In Cape Town (2024)

Food trucks in Cape Town are becoming an increasingly popular attraction; they bring the food to the people where they are, instead of the people leaving whatever activity they were engaged in, to look for food.

Aside from the convenience, food trucks also bring a different dimension to the food business; they present food that people can eat on the go.

Fast food has become a very welcome option to the people of Cape Town; they are always on the go. Despite the proliferation of food trucks, some have become more popular than others.

20 Food Trucks In Cape Town

1. No Ordinary Burger

No Ordinary Burger is a popular food truck in Cape Town; it frequents some exclusive spots such as the Viper Lounge in Table View, Jack Black Brewery, and the Cape Town Street Food Festival.

Burgers are the main menu, and the food truck makes them exceedingly well. Its burgers are made with several recipes, including some secret sauces and ingredients, thus ensuring that they maintain an edge in the market.

The market has certainly accepted No Ordinary Burger; this food truck has become one of the favorites in the city, as shown by its growing presence at private events and gatherings across the Western Cape.

2. Die Worsrol

Die Worsrol is a food truck with a difference; with secret sauces and ingredients, it transforms the hotdog into something that tastes completely different. That different taste is the selling point around which the entire franchise is built.

Die Worsrol is something that was developed after years of research and experimenting; it took the collaboration of two experienced chefs to produce this stunning delicacy.

Now Die Worsrol is so popular that it has engagements almost every weekend, and it is invited to showcase at events and popular hangouts across Cape Town. The owner also runs successful chain of restaurants across Cape Town.

3. Truck Norris

Truck Norris is a food truck so popular in Cape Town that it is common to see people waiting in lines to get a taste of some of its food. The food usually includes burgers and chips, and they are made with closely guarded recipes; sauces and condiments.

These recipes have been developed over time; the man behind Truck Norris has over 20 years of experience in the kitchen, and has been able to make quite a name and a brand for himself.

Truck Norris is popular at events, festivals, markets, and celebrations in and around Cape Town; and satisfies the needs of both vegans and carnivores alike. There are several items on the menu to try; and they are available for private events.

4. Earthfire Pizza

Earthfire Pizza is one of Cape Town’s most popular food trucks; it specializes in pizzas and pies, making them better than anyone else.

Earthfire Pizza gets around a lot; you can find them at the Mojo Market, Root 44 Market, The Range Market, and Cape Point Vineyards.

As such, this is one of the most visible food trucks in the city; it has a wide reach, and a lot of customers who identify with the brand.

Earthfire Pizza’s pizzas are oven fresh and served hot; and they regularly feature at private parties and events, serving these delicacies to guests.

5. Wahine Food Truck

Wahine Food Truck is another exclusive food truck with something different to offer. Wahine Food Truck specializes in Polynesian cuisine, including the foods of various island countries and cultures. Wahine Food Truck is a purveyor of fine Japanese, Korean, Indian, and Chinese cuisine.

Wahine Food Truck is a conscious food vendor; it adheres to the needs of those who follow the vegan and vegetarian lifestyles, as well as ensuring that only free range animals are used for the processing of meat for its menus.

Wahine Food Truck is a regular feature at the various festivals, social events, and even sports competitions. Inviting them to your special event vastly increases the range of the menu as they bring in something that many people may have never tasted.

6. Jack Rabbit

Jack Rabbit is a food truck which has a wider array of foods on its menu. Some of the exotic food items which this truck dishes out include; quesadillas and cubanos. These mysterious delicacies have no doubt become popular among the people of Cape Town; Jack Rabbit has become quite a popular food vendor.

Jack Rabbit is a regular feature at festivals, cultural events, weddings, sports grounds, and private gatherings.

7. Didi’s Bitchin Burritos

Didi’s Bitchin Burritos is a food truck that mainly deals on Mexican food. Anyone who knows Mexican food knows they can be quite spicy, and also that there is almost a limitless list of menus that are all Mexican foods.

At Didi’s, the menu is not limitless, but it is quite bountiful. Chilaquiles, Huevos Rancheros, Machaca, Pozole, Tacos al pastor, Tostadas, Chiles en nogada, Elote, Enchiladas, and Moles are all some of the delicacies one can find at this food truck.

It does not seem like one day is enough to sample the cuisine at this food truck; they are available at sports grounds, festivals and such functions in and around Cape Town.

8. Pizza Piaggio

Described as the original Pizza Tuk in South Africa, Pizza Piaggio is a pioneer purveyor of mobile pizza in Cape Town. It has made a name for itself over the years, and continues to be one of the most prominent food trucks in the city.

Its prominence is underlined by the endless rows of online reviews, and the number of events that it shows up at every year. Pizza Piaggio is available to be at private events such as weddings, birthdays, and so on. It is regularly at Albert Road in the Woodstock area, but commonly at popular festivals, shows, and such public events.

All the Pizza is served hot, and the tastes are good enough to keep long lines in front of the truck at all times. Pizza Piaggio is one of the originals; one of the pioneers in the business.

9. Blended

Blended is more than just a food truck; it is more like a mobile deli. This mobile deli has so much to offer; smoothies, coffees, iced coffee, raw juice, hot Choco, latte, cappuccino, and of course; edibles like burgers, boerie rolls, and so much more.

With so much diversity in its menu, this seems like a place where people would want to sit down for a meal.

There is sitting arrangement outdoors in their usual location, and when they are invited to private occasions, the patrons often provide seats for guests as they enjoy their meals to music and merriment.

10. Chip N’ Dip

As Chip N’ Dip proudly say, “It’s in the dip.” That dip is a result of years of research; and the formula is a closely guarded secret. Nevertheless, the combination of spices has made this one of Cape Town’s most respected food trucks; well-reviewed, and very visible throughout the city.

Chip N’ Dip is mostly at the Sea Point Promenade, but also at the festivals, sports grounds, and personal events like weddings, birthdays and so on.

This is certainly one of the food trucks to consider if one values originality.

11. Yummies Fast Food

Yummies Fast Food is a food truck that supplies yummy meals and treats to the people and visitors to Cape Town. This fast food specializes in a variety of foods that have been long associated with fast foods.

Burgers, hotdogs, chips juicy toppings, as well as grilled meat and fish, with many other assorted varieties.

Yummies Fast Food is like a cross between a food truck and a restaurant; the sheer variety of items on its menu is impressive.

12. Black Beer’d Food Truck

Black Beer’d Food Truck is more than just a food truck; this is a mobile restaurant, a movable community club house! It is all about craft beer and fast food-both of which it does remarkably well.

Black Beer’d Food Truck is a place to visit for the real cape town experience; local seafood like fresh fried salmon, grilled hake, and many more delicacies, paired with delightful gulps of craft beer, brewed locally at the Jack Black Brewery in Diep River.

One taste is often not enough; which explains why many people find themselves hooked on this experience. Again, it is recommended for its originality.

13. BSquared Food

BSquared Food is a fast food that masquerades as a food truck. The menu includes a variety of treats, including chicken burgers, beef, canapés, waffles, sweets, potato chips, and so on. It also has iced tea, cappuccinos, coffee, smoothies and juices to complement the food.

BSquared Food clearly knows what it is doing; it has been embraced by the city, and is a regular at the various festivals, and other events all around the city.

This is a place to hang out at a leisurely pace, and to enjoy the food and drinks with one’s closest friends.

14. Bali Food Truck

Bali Food Truck is all about Indonesian food. For those who don’t get it, Bali is the tourism capital of Indonesia; a place known for its beauty and the depth of its experience. That experience would be nothing without food and drinks- so what Bali Food Truck is essentially saying is that if one cannot go to Bali, then they have brought Bali to Cape Town.

Bali Food Truck’s signature delicacies include Nasi Goreng and Beef Rendang; which are a fine mix of meat, herbs and spices.

This food truck also caters to the needs of vegans and vegetarians; there are many such options which further opens up the variety of dishes to be sampled at this food truck.

15. Posticino

Posticino Food Truck is an offshoot of an already successful Italian restaurant by the same name, which was started in 1998. Posticino Food Truck therefore has a tradition of culinary excellence to uphold, and it cannot afford to fail.

So far so good, the pizzas are big, hot, and delicious. The food truck also offers pasta, mac and cheese, and the pasta sauce is also good.

Posticino Food Truck therefore takes quality food to the mobile route; it is definitely a food truck to look out for in Cape Town.

16. Food Glorious Food

Food Glorious Food is a food truck that operates like a full-fledged fast food restaurant; the size of their mobile kitchen proves that beyond doubt. One benefit of a bigger kitchen no doubt is that there can be more food in it.

Food Glorious Food has a wide variety of items on its menu; including burgers, chips, sticky ribs, chicken, pasta, and so much more. Most of their menus come with spicy tomato sauce; something to make the senses tingle.

Food Glorious Food is always eager to make a splash at an event; including festivals and parties.

17. Hippo’s Diner Food Truck

Hippo’s Diner Food Truck is a heavyweight food truck; it compares well in terms of size and concept. Hippo’s Diner Food Truck offers a wide range of delicious flavors; cheese burgers, breakfast buns, smoked pork buns, and so much more. Their hotdogs measure around a foot in length, and can help improve one’s juggling skills.

They serve up their meals with some very good coffee.

Hippo’s Diner Food Truck is available to serve at private events such as weddings, birthdays, and other celebrations.

18. Shawarma Express

Shawarma Express is a huge food truck; another one that is a fast food restaurant in practice if not in name. It is one of the powerhouses of the food truck business in Cape Town because it offers something original, not like the copy and paste food trucks that seem to multiply across the city.

Shawarma Express offers delicacies like Falafel, shawarma, and tasty fries, all at good prices. The meals pair well with craft beer produced locally, and the feel of that local vibe.

Naturally, a place like this would not be complete without an outdoor sitting area; in the end Shawarma Express functions like a restaurant, not a food truck.

19. Bigga D’s Food Truck

Bigga D’s Food Truck is a traditional food truck for yummy delicacies; while it is building a name for itself steadily, it is also painting the town in red. Red stands for hot, which is the best way to describe its sauces; Bigga D’s sauces include a blend of spices and other condiments that do wonders for the tacos.

Tacos are alternated with other Mexican foods on Wednesdays and Saturdays; this is a great place to enjoy Mexican food with all its hotness.

20. Holy Macaroni

Holy Macaroni sounds like an exclamation, and the taste it offers certainly does not disappoint. This is a place to stuff one’s stomach, and tantalize ones taste buds with Mac and cheese. This is not just the same old mac and cheese that most people are already used to; it comes with a bit of inventiveness.

The recipes are proprietary information, but the tastes are a story to tell. This is a nice addition to any event; it will surely spice things up.



The top food trucks in cape town are mobile restaurants that have provided that extra bit of creativity to the city’s food scene- tantalizing both tourists and locals for years. Those who wish to contact any of the food trucks highlighted above can search them out for their current contact details; remember that they are not stationary.

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