Top 10 Festivals In Cape Town (2024)

Festivals in Cape Town are like a core part of the city’s structure and fabric. These festivities are so many, and well spread out throughout the year that it makes the city appear like one big party. As a matter of fact it is! Cape Town is a favorite holiday destination for so many people coming from every part of the world.

There is so much to see and experience; so much nature to appreciate, and then there are the festivities.

People who love to experience culture will be thrilled to find that there is plenty of it in Cape Town; as shown by its festivals.

Top 10 Festivals In Cape Town

1. Up The Creek

Up The Creek is a musical festival held on the banks of the Breede River every February. This festival has music at the heart of its activities; and it attracts emerging artists from all over the country and beyond to showcase their talent.

The music is not restricted to any particular genre; rock music, jazz, folk, and blues are just some of the music that are performed at this festival. There are even music styles that are yet to be catalogued.

As long as the music is dance-able, it is going to be appreciated by the audience. Up The Creek is a great place to dance the night away. Of course, it is not possible to do all that dancing on an empty stomach; food and drinks are important features of the festival.

2. Cape Town Jazz Festival

While also a music festival, this one is more central to a single musical theme. The theme is jazz music; and the festival draws in jazz lovers in very large numbers. In fact, this is one of the most important festivals in cape town- also meaning that jazz is one of the most important music genres in the city.

Jazz musicians take this as a badge of honour; performing at this event shows that one has come a long way in his career; it is usually a stepping stone to bigger accolades.

The crowd here is usually a more refined one; this is a place for ladies and gentlemen with class to gather round, drinks in hand, and have a party.

Food and drinks are also available at this party; the delicacies are also of a high quality.

3. Cape Town Electronic Music Festival

Perhaps one of the most attended musical events in the city, the Cape Town Electronic Music Festival takes center stage in April. This festival was started in 2012, and has since become immensely popular. As a matter of fact, its popularity was assured because Electronic Music is the most popular genre of music in the country.

The country’s young people love electronic music; that is what they dance to in the night clubs; showing crazy dance moves, and eccentric dress styles. Electronic Music has arguably the largest audience in the country, which is why it has some of the biggest DJs, and artists.

Those DJs and artists will be on stage live at this music festival; putting out their best performances of the year because this is how they will be remembered throughout the year.

Food and drinks are also available; the organizers want to keep participants recharged and pumping!

4. Franschhoek Cap Classique & Champagne Festival

The Franschhoek Cap Classique & Champagne Festival is how rich people and established professionals fraternize. This one is held in December, and it is all about wine enthusiasts coming together to savor the flavor, and engage in chitchat.

With so many different flavors to sample, this festival is very rich in content. As a result of that richness, it draws in wine lovers from all over the country, and from some of the most surprising places abroad.

These wine lovers are treated to some of the finest vintage in the country; some of the most renowned wine makers fight for spots on the list. Food and music is also on the table; the festival lacks nothing at all.

5. Cape Town Pride Festival

Cape Town Pride Festival is all about ensuring that human rights, equality, and a sense of community are not denied those who identify as gay. Even though they make up a minority of the city’s population, the festival is attended by friends, supporters, and members of various organizations working to ensure the protection of vulnerable individuals.

The festival is more or less a visual one; it involves the use of colors, the display of banners and flags, and the showing of skin. Of course there is going to be a parade through the streets, ending in a party with loud music, food, art, and much more.

The event receives quite a lot of attention of social media; it is a place to be seen, to identify with the community, and to make a statement.

6. Secrets Of Summer

Secrets Of Summer is a popular festival in Cape Town; it is one of the most searched events in the city. This is a music festival which holds on New Years Eve; the date has always been 31st December.

It includes activities such as food, drinking craft beers, cocktails, and dancing. The music is supplied by recognized and upcoming DJs; and the music genres are wide and varied. Techno, Electro, House, and Indie Dance are some of the types of music to be encountered at this music festival.

This is a must attend event; the combination of food, drinks, music and scenery is just too much to be ignored.

7. Vortex

Vortex is an amazing event; it is all about the visual experience. This festival carries a lot of weight because it is something about the mind; not just about dancing. Some of the activities at this festival include yoga, drumming, and health workshops.

There is also plenty of music and dancing; electro music is the theme of the day; it is blasted by popular DJs across the country who grace the 4 day event. At night, the lighting effects take center stage; the crowd is treated to amazing visuals as they dance the night away.

Vortex is all about raising awareness on many issues; health, the environment, and so on. It is like an event for conscious people; they have fun, and they learn at the same time.

8. We Love Summer

We Love Summer is a lifestyle and music event that holds in several locations throughout South Africa, including Cape Town. The festival is all about music, art, outdoor fun and dancing. We Love Summer is an event that is designed to capture the interests of as many people as possible.

The event encompasses yoga, dancing, art, beach games, hiking, and so much more. We Love Summer would not be complete without music, food and drinks.

The event draws in people from all over the city and beyond; it is also well attended by tourists; many visitors want to feel the cultural side of the city they are visiting.

9. Ultra South Africa

Ultra South Africa is an electronic dance music festival which is held in March. It is one of the top festivals in Cape Town; because electro music is the most popular music genre in the country. This festival draws in attendees from all over the country; largely because of the lineup of top level DJs and artists.

Ultra South Africa is a big event; it is all about bright lights and amazing displays. This is something to look forward to every year.

10. Rocking the Daisies

Rocking the Daisies is something different; it is all about rock music rather than electro. The festival takes place in October, and pulls in a huge crowd. One reason is that it is different; there are many electro festivals in the city, but not many rock ones.

Rock music is not the only music on the speakers; there is also pop, hip hop, and a little bit of electro as well. The crowd vibes till dawn, and there is plenty of food and drinks to keep everyone happy.

Rocking the Daisies also features art displays, and other interesting things.



The top festivals in Cape Town are mostly loud events spread throughout the calendar; these festivities add to the special feeling of Cape Town being a place that one simply must visit. Music is one constant feature throughout these festivals; and having attended anyone of them, one is bound to appreciate music differently.

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