List Of Fish Markets In Cape Town (2024)

Cape Town has plenty of fish markets scattered around the city; and it is no surprise because it is almost surrounded by water, hence the abundance of fish. Cape Town is bustling with aquatic activities; and fishing is one of those activities.

Lovers of seafood will therefore not be disappointed; there are so many options to choose from- the diversity including fresh fish neatly packed for cooking at home, and a broad range of seafood menus at any of the fine restaurants in the city.

Those who just want the fresh fish which they can then transform into culinary delicacies can find them at any of these places.

List Of Fish Markets In Cape Town

1. Ocean Jewels Fresh Fish

Ocean Jewels Fresh Fish is located in the Woodstock area. It has a very efficient delivery system by which it supplies fresh fish all around the city and environs. The fresh fish includes a wide variety; Cape Salmon, Norwegian Salmon, Kinglip, Hake, Yellowtail Fish, and Tuna.

Ocean Jewels Fresh Fish is very well organized in terms of its structure; the online presence is well articulated. Despite that, the market is open to people to walk in with cash, and walk out with fish.

This is one of the best known fish markets in Cape Town; it is very popular, although it has been described as an upscale establishment.

2. Kuilsrivier Fisheries

Kuilsrivier Fisheries is a proper fish market; one of the most popular for seafood aficionados who like to do the cooking by themselves. This fish market is located at Kuils River, along the Van Riebeeck Road.

Kuilsrivier Fisheries offers a wide variety of seafood; including Salmon, Snoek, Calamari, Hake, and so much more.

The fish are well arranged in segments just like a proper supermarket or mall, and all the fish are sold fresh because they are displayed in open fridges.

The prices are good, and the products are fresh. These are some reasons why this is one of the most popular fish markets in the city.

3. Cape Town Fish Market

Cape Town Fish Market is one of the most popular names in the seafood business scene of Cape Town; it is certainly the most established. This business has spread all over Cape Town, the Western Cape, South Africa and some other countries in the region.

It has evolved into a seafood serving restaurant chain where customers go to look at the menu and to order a wide variety of seafood.

This business has been operated for decades, and is growing at a steady pace. It is a great place for a good meal- somewhat fancy, with a classy environment.

4. Texies Grand Parade Fish Market

Texies Grand Parade Fish Market is located at Foreshore, Cape Town. It is a very popular fish market; selling a wide variety of seafood. One of the most important aspects of this fish market is the pricing which is the major advantage it has because it offers people the chance to get fresh fish for less.

Texies Grand Parade Fish Market also has a restaurant; it is a popular place to get a meal, whether eat in or take out, and most of the menu is seafood.

Texies Grand Parade Fish Market also does deliveries; customers can call them on phone and have the fish or food delivered to their doorsteps.

5. The Little Fisherman

The Little Fisherman is another real fish market in the proper sense; a place to go and get fresh fish in its raw form. The Little Fisherman is located in Newlands, Cape Town, and has a network of fishermen who supply the market every morning with fresh catch.

The Little Fisherman has all the good types of fish; Tuna, Yellowtail Fish, Hake, Oysters, Prawn, and so on. They also provide specialized services for customer events; they provide catering services, which of course consist of a wide assortment of seafood menus.

The Little Fisherman is one of the places where people can be sure to get fresh fish for reasonable prices.

6. Hooked On Africa Fish Market

Hooked On Africa Fish Market is part of a big seafood business. It is located in Hout Bay, and has become one of the favorites in the area for freshly caught seafood.

Some of the products this fish market sells includes Hake, Salmon, Oysters, Red Tails, Tuna, Swordfish, Blue Nose, Mussels, and Octopuses.

This fish market also operates a deli; of course fish is the main course, and it is served in a variety of ways. The prices of all the fish products sold by this company are quite good.

7. Mother City Fish

Mother City Fish is a local business that supplies freshly caught fish, straight from the fishing boat to customer’s homes. The business’ catchphrase is “responsibly caught fresh fish,” and the company states that it’s sourcing of the fish is sustainable.

Mother City Fish has a wide selection of seafood, including salmon, tuna, hake, oysters, rainbow trout, and several other types of fish.

Mother City Fish does not provide its physical address but the business is done online; when customers visit their website they can choose between the seafood on display, make payments, and have it delivered to their residence.

8. Mariner’s Wharf

Mariner’s Wharf is one of the best fish markets in Cape Town; it is an old establishment that has a strong tradition of excellence to maintain. This is an important tourist destination as it shows the nautical history of Cape Town; it has an emporium where visitors come to see how mariners lived in Cape Town during the 70s and 80s.

Fish mongers are also on ground to fillet whatever fish the customers point to, and there is a sitting area as well as a diner where visitors enjoy the menus which include a wide variety of seafood, prepared with a wide variety of recipes.

Mariner’s Wharf is a place to go both for the experience and for the fresh fish. There is also plenty of drinks such as rum and brandy to really make visitors feel like sailors.

9. Die Visfabriek Fish Market

Die Visfabriek Fish Market is one of the best established dealers of fish and other seafood in the Western Cape. This business has several locations, including one in Brackenfell, Cape Town. This fish store offers a wide variety of seafood, including trout, hake, tuna, and calamari.

The stores also sell chicken fillets, and other protein packed foods. This is a big establishment with branches all over the country. The size and scale of the business makes it one of the biggest names in seafood in the country.

Die Visfabriek Fish Market sells its products with very good packaging, and they are always cold because they are displayed in open fridges. This is a great place to get fresh fish at very good prices.

10. Snoekies Fish Market Cape Town

Snoekies Fish Market is a big establishment; it has been in operation since 1951. It has several locations all over the country, and its stores are open 7 days a week. The business is a modern fish distributor; much like a specialty store.

Snoekies Fish Market deals on seafood like Tuna, Hake, Calamari, Prawns, and other delicacies. The fish can be purchased fresh; picked up from open fridges in the stores, or prepared with a wide variety of recipes.

They also have a fish and chips deli, and they also sell fishing bait and other fishing gear. This is a great place for lovers of fresh fish.



The best fish markets in Cape Town are old establishments with a history behind them. Fish has always been a part of Cape Town; and these fish markets endeavor to maintain that tradition by supply delicious and fresh seafood.

These days with the advent of digital commerce, many people now buy the fish online and have it delivered to their homes.

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