Top 10 Firearm Training In Cape Town (2024)

Firearm training centers in Cape Town may be few, but they offer an important service; which is proficiency in the use of fire arms. This occasionally comes in handy in the defense of people’s lives, and more commonly in hunting.

Guns by themselves can do nothing for a person who knows nothing about how to use them. It is with this in mind that these firearm training centers work to teach people how to use their weapons.

Receiving training at any of these cape town centers will not make you as good as a member of the FBI’s tactical units, but it will at least make one a competent marksman- capable of defending his family and property.

Firearm Training In Cape Town

1. False Bay Firearm Training Academy

False Bay Firearm Training Academy is one of the best known training places for the use of firearms in Cape Town. It is a place where people can see and handle all kinds of guns, and learn how to safely and accurately use them.

False Bay Firearm Training Academy has been described as fun; it frequently attracts people who only have a fleeting interest in firearms.

False Bay Firearm Training Academy has many different shooting packages; some as brief as 3 days, while others last 2 weeks.

2. Concealment Training Cape Town

Concealment Training Cape Town is a thorough firearm training institute; it offers various training courses ranging from 3 to 18 weeks. These training courses are held on a one on one basis; at the end of which participants will no doubt be able to handle their weapons properly and confidently.

Concealment Training also offers training on the proper use of accessories that come with weapons- belts, harnesses, and other gear.

This establishment has been around for quite some time; and it has gained a reputation as a quality place to master the use of weapons.

3. Western Province Firearms Training School

Western Province Firearms Training School is one of the best known shooting training institutions in Cape Town and surrounding areas. The institute offers the kind of training that can get one a career in private security; it offers internationally recognized certificates which employers will respect.

However, the goal for most people is not employment; they just want to be able to defend themselves. Western Province Firearms Training School offers specialized self-defense survival techniques; which will make one proficient and confident.

Western Province Firearms Training School operates via several facilities and shooting ranges across the region.

4. Shooter Ready Firearms Training Academy

Shooter Ready Firearms Training Academy is a training institution in Cape Town where people can go to learn how to use weapons such as handguns and rifles. The institute offers training to all kinds of people.

It has training courses suitable to novices, enthusiasts, and professionals who want to brush up on their skills.

Shooter Ready Firearms Training is a very professional establishment; it offers well-articulated training courses, and the coaching is done by professionals.

5. Magnum Shooting Academy

Magnum Shooting Academy is another one of the shooting academies, this time located in Benoni which is quite a long drive from Cape Town. Nevertheless, it is a great place to learn how to handle a weapon, and how to handle oneself as well.

Handling oneself can involve physical fitness, as well as the mental aspect of things. The mental aspect of things can also involve the tactical training, so as to know how to position oneself in order to overpower any enemy.

Magnum Shooting Academy also offers certification to show that one has passed through this training.

6. Gun Fun

Gun Fun is a more leisurely shooting academy; as the name implies, it is all about the fun side of things; shooting as a way of recreation, and pleasure. Nevertheless, Gun fun is one of the most popular places to go for fire arm training in Cape Town.

It is popular because it is a lot of fun and excitement, but at the same time, people get to acquire some good skills which they can use to defend themselves.

Gun Fun is a place where visitors get to handle anything from Glock pistols to AK47 rifles. Furthermore, the range is developed on very interesting sets; for example they can shoot at “poacher” targets in order to save the rhino.

7. The Gun Trove

The Gun Trove is a smaller enterprise; but that is also a great thing because it offers a more detailed and personalized firearm training experience. The emphasis of this training is self-defense; it is all about being able to protect oneself with the use of firearms.

The Gun Trove is also a place for experienced gun handlers to brush up on their skills. It offers different courses for different skill levels.

The Gun Trove holds its shooting practice sessions at the False Bay Sport Shooting Club (FBSSC).

8. Guns And Roses

Guns And Roses is a professional firearm training establishment that offers its training services to businesses as well as individuals. The company is very well organized; it has several locations within the Cape Town area, where it offers gun training.

The training is highly technical; it involves self-defense techniques, including those that can be used for business applications.

The company is well recommended because of the quality of the training that is offered there; it is a place where people can go to get training on how to defend themselves and defend their property.

9. Wise Guy Security Training Academy

Wise Guy Security Training Academy is a professional body that offers firearm training to both individuals and businesses. That is not all; the company also provides security consultations for individuals, businesses and communities.

Communities also benefit from the community participation which is encouraged in security matters. The principle is that a highly secured community is a lot more difficult to attack than a single building, no matter how well fortified it may be.

Wise Guy Security Training Academy therefore provides a broad-based and dynamic approach to security, which involves tactical training and the use of firearms.

10. Gunnery Arms And Ammo

Gunnery Arms And Ammo is primarily a stockiest of a wide range of weapons and ammunition. However, the company realizes that just having a wide variety of guns will amount to very little without proper training on how to use them.

Therefore, the company has an indoor shooting range where people sign up to train under the instruction of professionals who have been in the business for many years.

Due to the wide range of weapons available, people can choose the best weapons that meet their needs, and match their personalities.



The top firearm training centers in Cape Town have established themselves over the years as the best places to go for practical training on how to use guns. Remember that it is not just about firing the gun; it is also about avoiding getting shot. These are some of the things that one can learn from these establishments.

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