Top 10 Film Studios In Cape Town (2024)

The top film studios in Cape Town have contributed greatly to put the city on the map, and also to bring some of African talent to the attention of the international film audiences. Too many great films have been shot in Cape Town; and while the emphasis is not on quantity, the city has become known as a place of great entertainment.

The city’s status as an important tourist hotspot goes along with the presence of superb film studios. There are many theatres in city, and they are frequented by both tourists and locals who troop in to see the latest films.

The latest films made in Cape Town can be of the traditional epics, or action blockbusters. Cape Town also produces excellent soap operas which easily become popular throughout the continent.

Top 10 Film Studios In Cape Town

1. Cape Town Film Studios

Cape Town Film Studios is an international studio of monumental size. This is a huge facility with several international standard stages making superb movies and dramas. These stages have produced some internationally acclaimed films over the years; it has also produced several stars.

Cape Town Film Studios has everything from ships, to a beach, to a small town in which its movies are made.

When it does make movies they instantly become big. Such is the stature of the production house; when a film comes out from this studio people make a rush for it, because they expect it to be great.

Furthermore, the film is top rated internationally; which is why it frequently features top international stars in its work.

Their website is

2. Film Afrika

Film Afrika is a film company located in Cape Town. It is one of the film companies that have shown themselves as worthy of attention due to the quality of production, and the ideals that drives the company.

One of those ideals is sustainability. The company maintains a policy of protecting the environment, reducing the spread of plastic bottles, most of which becomes an environmental problem.

Film Afrika’s productions meet international standards; some of their work have been made for audiences in the US and the UK.

Their website is

3. Moonlighting Films

Moonlighting Films has been in operation since 1997, and has grown to become one of the best established film companies in the country. It also has operations in several countries including Zimbabwe, Namibia, Tanzania, Mozambique, and Kenya.

Moonlighting Films has done more than 1200 productions, some of which have become very important movies and soap operas; contributing greatly to the entertainment industry, and building the careers of many film stars.

Moonlighting Films is one of the most notable film companies in South Africa, and a leading entertainment producer on the continent.

Their website is

4. Silverline Studios

Silverline Studios is yet another important film studio in Cape Town; it is one of the big names in terms of history and quality of production. Silverline Studios is located in the heart of Cape Town; it is at the V&A Waterfront; which has been at the forefront of the nation’s tourism industry.

Silverline Studios is in the business of collaboration with producers; facilitating their productions by granting them use of their sets, cameras, make up studios, and other production facilities.

Talented producers and directors therefore know that Silverline Studios is one of the top production houses in the country, a great choice for their next production.

Their website is

5. Sunrise Productions

Sunrise Productions is an immensely popular film studio; it is specializes in animated videos, and has become known as one of the best on the continent. This studio has been operating for 25 years; making it one of the best established film studios in Cape Town.

The company has made some very popular animated films; including The Legend of the Sky Kingdom, as well as Jungle Beats, and Munki.

This very successful film studio produced Africa’s first full feature animated film. It has continued to be the most important animated film studio on the continent; producing relatable content that resonates with the feelings of the people, while at the same time being entertaining.

To show the pedigree of this studio; some of clients include Juventus Football Club, Bono, and the Welsh Rugby Union.

Their website is

6. Atlantic Studios

Atlantic Studios has not been around for too long, but it is already rated as one of the top film studios in Cape Town. Its specialties include commercials, short videos, and special shoots. This film company has 8 different stages which can be altered to produce the best set for whatever the intended project.

Atlantic Studios is one of the largest film production houses in the city in terms of the size of its production facilities; it also has a formidable team of technical staff on its payroll to help producers get the best out of its equipment.

The studio is a firm choice for independent producers, and a great place for new directors to start their journey into film production.

7. Cape Island Studios

Cape Island Studios is located in the north of the city of Cape Town. This is a studio complex comprising four stages; available for hire by directors and producers looking for sets to produce their video content.

This is a very big studio complex, and the set-up of the whole place is designed to ensure that one production does not inhibit another.

Aside from the size of the studio, it also has an impressive technical staff to make sure that clients get the best of their studio time. Cape Island Studios is the complete package; it has everything it takes to make a production successful.

Their website is

8. Stage 5 Films

Stage 5 Films is one of the big names in the film industry of Cape Town, South Africa, and the continent at large. Stage 5 Films also has a presence in Mauritius, and Portugal, also has production partners in many countries across the world.

Stage 5 Films is a serious film company; it has produced several top quality films for audiences around the world.

Stage 5 Films is one of the first companies that comes to mind when creative people are looking for shooting facilities for film projects.

Their website is

9. Grinder Films

Grinder Films is one of the more popular names when it comes to direct client film production. Typically, their work includes commercials for marketers, as well as short films such as weekly television shows, talk shows, cooking shows, and so on.

They typically excel at those types of productions that require the shooting to be done in a studio environment.

Grinder Films has a long list of clients, some of which are quite well established. This shows that this film company is very well established, and very experienced.

Their website is

10. Romance Films

Romance Films is a film production company based in Cape Town. It is a true production house; one of the fastest rising film studios in cape town that has its full value; from content to talent, and all the way to equipment.

Romance Films produces content for the local and international audiences; because its productions are of a high quality, this is a great place for up and coming talent to launch their careers, and to show the world what they can do.

Romance Films location is in Hout Bay, which is a scenic part of the city; very good for making films.

Their website is:



The top film studios in Cape Town have produced award winning content all over the world. Quality is the theme of the Cape Town film industry; rather than flooding the market with rubbish. It is with this in mind that fresh talent should approach the industry; excelling in the film industry here will automatically mean stardom across the world.

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