Top 50 Date Ideas In Cape Town (2024)

This is a presentation of date ideas in Cape Town. It can be seen as a list of fun and romantic activities that can be enjoyed between couples in Cape Town. The city is beautiful, and full of impressive sights to see and feel. That is why Cape Town is one of the most intuitive places to visit; one of the world’s foremost tourism hotspots.

Date night ideas in Cape Town will vary from person to person; it is all about individual tastes and preferences. Some people like to be in secluded spots, looking into the eyes of the person they love, while others prefer to be in the company of crowds, holding hands while shouting in excitement at spectacular events.

Whatever the preference, Cape Town has something for everybody, which is why most people who visit the city have something good to report, thus convincing others to visit the city.

Top 50 Date Ideas In Cape Town

1. Watch the Sunset From Kloof Corner

Kloof Corner is one trails leading up to Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa. This is generally agreed to be an easy hike; it takes less than 30 minutes for most people to get there. When they do get there they are greeted by spectacular views; they see the Lion’s Head, Twelve Apostles, City Bowl, and of course the Atlantic Ocean.

Kloof Corner has sitting positions hewn into the rock; the ledge is quite safe. From this corner couples can watch the sunset over the city. The sunset over the city is an amazing view; the sun gradually dims, forming a silhouette which contrasts of large shadows.

On the other side of the shadows, there are lights from the city; this is quite an impressive display when viewed from such a height. All in all, the experience will stay with the visitor for a lifetime; it is something that will reinforce the love.

2. Champagne Cruise

Especially when a man is ready to pop the big question, there is no better date idea in Cape Town than taking her on a champagne cruise on the waterfront. This is guaranteed to melt her heart; the motion of the ocean, the cool breeze, the champagne, the music, and your voice. This is made even better when the man has a terrible voice but tries to serenade her all the same.

When the man goes on one knee; and brings out the ring, the woman is bound to be held spellbound. Other couples on the cruise can help capture the moment although it will most likely not be necessary because she will never forget.

Champagne Cruises are available at the V&A Waterfront; this happens at all times of the day. However, some have a specific fondness for boat cruises when done in the evenings.

3. Dinner At The Waterfront

This is a thoroughly enjoyable experience; one that will reinforce the bond of love and friendship. There are so many different restaurants at the V&A Waterfront; and they all offer quality. This is a place to dine to quality food, while listening to good music, and while having the natural cool ocean breeze blowing in your face.

The environment is quite exotic; a mixture of perfumes and aromas coming from the decorative plants and flowers and the kitchens.

The V&A Waterfront is all about fine dining; this is great for couples leading up to marriage, for married couples, for old friends, and for families. A dinner at the waterfront will be remembered for a lifetime.

4. Helicopter Ride

A Helicopter Ride over the city of Cape Town will be an unforgettable date experience; something thrilling, insightful and romantic at the same time. Cape Town is a very beautiful city; but that beauty is enhanced several times when viewed from above.

A bird’s eye view of Table Mountain, the city bowl, the Cape Town stadium, and the V&A Waterfront are some of the spectacular views that visitors can see. They can also see the Winelands, the vast open grounds, and the malls.

Helicopter rides in Cape Town vary in length; depending on the fees. This is a great way to see the city, and to see the one you love.

5. Run Around On The Beach

There are so many beaches in Cape Town; but many agree that Camps Bay is the most popular.  Camps Bay beach is always in a party atmosphere; it is always full of fun loving people who are just happy to have the time away from the stress of their jobs, and to run around in this beautiful, natural environment.

Just as visitors come out of the beach’s blue waters they are faced with several restaurants, nightclubs, shops, diners and cafes.

This is a place where visitors can have fun all day and all night if they have the energy. Lovers can test their limits here, and get to know more about each other.

6. Picnic At The Beach

Those looking to picnic at the beach in Cape Town will most likely find Muizenberg Beach as the best place to do it. This is a quieter, more serene beach, which is a lot more romantic than many of the more popular beaches.

At Muizenberg Beach, one of the famous attractions is the painted cabins; they line the beach, and offer some kind of basic accommodation. The cabins are a great place to relax, change clothes, and even to sleep.

After the picnic near the water, it is possible to stay on in a cabin for as long as one desires. This is going to be an unforgettable experience, especially if it is a first date, or a first date in a foreign country.

7. A Walk At The Promenade

The Promenade is located at the Sea Point; it is a stretch of ground, a paved path which is elevated fairly enough, allowing people to look down below at the harbor-side as they go along. Arguably, this path was made for walking, but it is equally fun to jog, ride a bicycle, skate, or go on a scooter.

A walk at the Promenade is a delightful experience; it is a fun, healthy activity that couples can enjoy. There are also many places to sit down, or to get a drink, or a snack, or even to have a proper meal.

It overlooks the harbor, so there is much to see. There are also many people to observe; many are groups of tourists also enjoying a walk, or cycling by, or locals walking their dogs. This is a very popular attraction; good for everyone.

8. Go Wine Tasting In Stellenbosch

A great way to explore your interests together is by dating, and a great way to date is to go wine tasting, which is great if both parties have similar interests. If both (or all parties) like fine wine, then they are going to be pleasantly surprised by the sheer abundance of wine, flowing in different colors and tastes.

The winelands of Stellenbosch boast extensive wine farms dating back centuries. Many of these farms open their doors to visitors, to give them a taste of their products, and to familiarize them with their brands.

Avid wine lovers will enjoy this activity; especially as it will probably take several days to tour around the winelands.

9. Hop On Hop Off Bus        

The Hop on Hop Off Bus is an incredible way to go on a date, and to see Cape Town at the same time. This is a romantic date idea, and at the same time a fun activity; it is something that will remain in the memory for several reasons.

One of the major highlights of this idea is the Constantia wine tour; this offers an opportunity to taste some of the finest wine in Cape Town, without necessarily committing the whole day to this particular activity.

The Hop On Hop Off Bus takes visitors through several stops; including over 50 attractions like the Clock tower, the Aquarium, and many more.

10. Explore The Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens

The Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens is a world renowned place of beauty. But is more than that; it is a biological hotspot, and also a last hope for several species of plants. The plants and flowers in this garden are of a wide variety; there are trees, shrubs, and flowers, and also climbing vines and ferns.

The Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens is one of the world’s most important conservation projects, and it is also a lovely place to spend time with a loved one. Women love flowers; they will absolutely love this garden. There are paved walkways, bridges, and winding paths, some of which are several feet above the flora.

Such a garden will inevitably attract a community of birds and insects; making this a birdwatchers paradise. It is a great place to spend time with a loved one, or loved ones.

11. At The Open Air Cinema

The perfect date night in Cape Town can be had at the Galileo Open Air Cinema is located in Rhodes Avenue, Wynberg, Cape Town. This is something to behold; it is a completely different experience from what most people are used to.

Imagine sitting on the glassy floor, snuggling with the person you love, while watching a romantic film on a large projection screen. The stars are up on the night sky, and the cool breeze blowing all around you.

No doubt, this is an interesting experience; one that most people want to have. That explains why the Galileo Open Air Cinema in Cape Town is so popular; it is always a beehive of activity.

12. Visit The Aquarium

There are aquariums, and there are aquariums. The Two Oceans Aquarium at the V&A Waterfront is one of the most impressive such establishments in the world; it is one of the largest aquariums to date.

A visit to the aquarium is likely to take the whole day; there are so many different sections making up the aquarium, and they each represent a different marine environment. This marine environment includes a kelp forest, as well as a section for the penguins, sharks and other animals like turtles, rays, and many different types of fish.

13. Play Putt Putt

Putt Putt means mini golf, and for some reason it is a very popular activity in Cape Town. There are several mini-golf courses in the city, and most of them are located near the beaches or near the waterfront.

That means it can easily be added to a bucket list without distorting it too much because one can drift from one activity to play putt putt, and then drift to another activity. For example, one can spend the morning at the aquarium, spend the afternoon playing putt putt, and spend the evening at the open air cinema.

Playing putt putt is a great date idea in cape town because there are many places to try this fun activity, and it can often lead to a hobby of playing real golf; of which there are also many places to play it.

14. Grill Date Night

A grill date night is a fun way to spend time with the one you love. However, a barbecue is a lot more fun when it is done in a group. This is therefore an idea that could be better as a group date. Therefore, one can get friends and their friends to join in this date idea, so that the full effect of the drinks can be felt.

Of course the grill goes with drinks, and there so many options on the table, including wine, vodka, and champagne. There are many options; many places where one can have this grill date night.

15. Go Beer Tasting

Dating is a lot of fun with alcohol; it reduces tension, and gives the lovers something to talk about. With that in mind, many love analysts encourage people to get slightly drunk during dates. Therefore, beer tasting is a great date idea; it will probably impress most people when they see the sheer range of options available. Breweries are getting really creative these days.

Beer tasting is not much different from wine tasting; although the flavors are inherently different.

16. Visit The Penguins At Boulder’s Beach

Boulder’s Beach is one the last refuges of the African Penguins; which makes this a very important conservation area. Interestingly, most people do not even know that there are African penguins, and so this is quite a discovery.

It is even more exciting to find that visitors have access to this conservation area; they can meet the friendly penguins one on one. This is a great way to get acquainted with a new love; women like to play with furry things.

17. Visit Signal Hill For A Late Picnic

This is like a combination of other ideas; it is not much different from hiking to watch the sunset from Kloof Corner, and it is also not much different from the open air cinema; only this time, the whole city is your cinema.

When you visit Signal Hill for a late picnic you get to watch the whole city as it gradually gets dark, and also to enjoy your meal with the lovely breeze. Then you also watch the city like a huge screen, seeing as the people go and come, and go about their various activities.

The view from Signal Hill can be exciting; some people go armed with binoculars to enjoy the views.

18. Take The Cable Car Up Table Mountain

Table Mountain remains one of the most important tourist attractions in Cape Town, and as such there are many activities lined up at this mountain. One of the activities-one with good potential for a dating- is taking the cable car up Table Mountain.

This is a nice, fun activity; it offers a great view of the city, and also offers a great opportunity to spend time in close proximity with the loved one.

19. Stand Up Paddling In Battery Park

Stand Up Paddling is becoming very popular these days; maybe because it offers the opportunity laugh at each other when they fall into the water. It is all about going on a small canoe; but instead of going in it, one stands on it.

This requires calm waters; and Battery Park offers very calm waters. It is not too challenging, and it is something that can give lovers something to laugh about, as long as one is not afraid to get wet.

20. Road Trip To Chapman’s Peak

Road Trip may not be the proper word for it; it is not very far. This is a strip of land that winds up to Chapman’s Peak. This is one of the most beautiful parts of Cape Town; and it is also one of the lesser known parts of the city- perhaps because there are no commercial attractions there.

If a romantic drive, with scenic views of the area and the ocean sounds good, then this is something to try out. There is a lot to see out there, and lovers can also have lovely conversations.

21. Go Kayaking

A Kayak is pretty much a canoe; but one that won’t sink, and won’t break on impact. This is similar to Stand Up Paddling; the canoes look the same. However, in kayaking people get to sit in the kayaks, rather than stand.

This needs faster waters; Hout bay, Simon’s town, and sea point are some of the places where this is often done.

22. Ride The Cape Wheel

The Cape Wheel is an observation wheel located at the V&A Waterfront. It measures 40 meters; meaning that it offers a great view of the city; Table Mountain, The Harbour, The City Bowl, and even up to the Winelands.

It is structurally similar to a Ferris wheel; rotating and giving a funny feeling in the stomach. However, this is even better because it is air-conditioned, and very comfortable. It is a great place to spend time with a lover; and a great way to share a laugh.

23. Zip Lining From Table Mountain

Zip Lining from Table Mountain is a fun way to do something together with a friend, partner, or loved one. It is a thrilling activity to be sure; something to scream about as you ride down the line.

Granted, this is not for everyone, but those who want to find out if the new person in their life has a weak or strong heart can try this as a way of testing each other’s mettle. There is sure to be some screaming.

The activity is completely safe; there is nothing to worry about. Participants wear helmets, and the harnesses are made of metal.

24. Have A Drink At A Rooftop Bar

Having a drink at a rooftop bar is a completely different experience; if care is not taken one can drink even more than anticipated. It is a lot of fun, and a great way to loosen up, especially when it is a new person.

This is something that can leave memories that will last a lifetime, and set the tone for a love affair that will include many more adventures.

25. Go Tobogganing

If that sounds strange, then it also sounds exciting. A toboggan is a kind of sled that was invented by the native people of Canada to help them get around on the snow and ice. While it originated out of necessity in Canada, in South Africa it has become something for fun.

Cool Runnings is a family theme park in Cape Town that offers visitors the unique experience of riding on toboggans, not on snow this time, but on a specially designed steel ramp. Visitors can go on high speed, spiraling down the ramp, and going through tunnels.

This is something that will not be forgotten in a long time, and it will likely be repeated several times.

26. Visit The Lions

There are few animals that can inspire fear and awe like lions. Yet, some of them have been tamed, and they are now approachable and friendly-in a lion kind of way. This opens up a different kind of adventure; one that involves seeing and petting real-life lions.

One of the places where this is possible is at the Drakenstein Lion Sanctuary in Cape Town; which is a 50 acre sanctuary where captive bred lions are kept. The sanctuary is a safe place for these animals to live, and to recover from the trauma that many of them have suffered.

Captive born lions are not nearly as aggressive as those born in the wild; and so they are easy to approach. Visitors like to take pictures with them.

27. Play With Cheetahs

This may be good for those who find visiting lions a little too intimidating. Cheetahs are about the size of large dogs; many dog owners will therefore find them a lot easier to approach. As a date with a loved one, this offers a way of relaxing, and it is also a thrilling activity.

At Cheetah Outreach- a huge area where these animals roam- visitors are welcome to pet these creatures. This is a home for cheetahs, many of which have been abused and mistreated. Here they roam around, and interact with humans.

Cheetahs are a lot friendlier; and they are a lot less scary than lions. This is a great way to spend time with that special person.

28. Go See The Dolphins

This is a boat cruise, and romantic in a different kind of way. When you head out to sea to see the dolphins you will not be drinking champagne or reclining on comfortable chairs. Instead you will be alert, scanning the water, and watching for movement.

This is a great way to go out on a date; you function as a team with your partner, actually doing something together, rather than just getting drunk.

The most popular place to see the dolphins is out in the open waters just off False Bay. Tour guides may offer different advice because there are actually many spots to see the dolphins.

29. Marine Big 5 Safari

If looking for dolphins gets your appetite for the ocean then why not go the full length, and enjoy a safari to see the Marine Big 5. This is admittedly a new term, but one that is catching quickly. The Marine Big 5 consists of the biggest marine animals that can be seen in the open waters around South Africa.

Whales, Sharks, Dolphins, Penguins, and Seals. This is an oversimplification of the matter; each of the animals mentioned above has several distinct species- some bigger than the other.

Nevertheless, this is a fun activity- one that is guaranteed to be very exciting. It is also guaranteed to help one know more about the person they are going out with- their temperament, likes, and patience.

30. Go Snorkeling

While the above is all about having a date in the water, this is about having a date under the water. It is something different, and different is great because it shows that one is creative. Of course, one needs to know how to swim, and one also has to make sure that their partner also knows how to swim.

Snorkeling is a lot of fun because people get to show what they can do under the water, and they also get to explore the underwater environment. Collectables include seashells, and many other things.

It is something that a couple can do, and so feel like a team; achieving something together.

31. Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving can be considered an advanced form of snorkeling; it is all about exploring the marine environment, and the marine life, but this time, it is all about going deep down under the water.

This is not for everyone; it can be quite daunting. Nevertheless, it is something that couples can enjoy if they have previous experience and training on it.

Maybe, fans of the environment should first explore life forms on land before going underwater.

32. Go On A Safari

A Safari is all about going into the wilderness to see the animals in their natural habitat. This is a fun, eye-opening activity. A Safari is a great idea for a date; an opportunity to explore nature, and also to explore one’s partner.

It is a great way to bond, and also to build memories. Safaris will be guided; tour guides take visitors out to see the Big 5, and also other animals in the wilderness. It is certainly something worth doing.

33. Visit A Night Club

This is not for everyone; and there is certainly no reason to try this if one is not so inclined. Nevertheless, a date at a night club is a great idea for couple looking to build memories; although it seems logical that they must have first known each other for some time.

There are many night clubs in Cape Town; they offer an opportunity to dance the night away, and to enjoy a good time with those we love.

34. Visit Jazz Clubs

Jazz is timeless music. It is music that speaks to the heart, and that speaks to the soul. That is just what two people need when they want to go on a date so as to get to know each other better. Cape Town’s jazz clubs are quite many, and they come complete with food and drinks.

It is worth trying, even if Jazz is not one’s favorite music genre.

35. Ride The Cable Car At Table Mountain

The cable cars are one of the major attractions to Table Mountain. This is like a combination of Zip lining and the Cape Wheel. The cable car is a great way to get to the top of the mountain without having to hike.

It is also a lovely experience in itself; something exciting, and refreshing at the same time. The Cable Car is an adventurous way to see the sights of the city, and to have a panoramic view of the mountain and its surroundings.

36. Theme Parks

Theme Parks are an essential part of Cape Town; each one has something different to offer. Visiting any of the various Theme Parks in Cape Town is a great way to spend the day. They always have various exciting activities lined up, and also have food and drinks to keep visitors recharged.

37. Water Parks

Water Parks in Cape Town are an easier alternative to jumping into the ocean. This is a controlled environment where one can dive or swim without any fear of being eaten by a shark. They often have elaborate water-slides which spin around, and end in loud splashes in the water.

Going to a water-park is one of the best date ideas in Cape Town; it is a great way to do something together; to laugh, to swim, to play, and to eat together.

38. Shark Diving

This is a great idea for a date in Cape Town between two thrill-seekers. Those who have no fear, and who want to see sharks- real sharks, not the ones they have in the aquarium, can try this exciting activity.

The concept is simple; find the sharks, get in a cage, and drop into the ocean. The sharks can attack the cage, but they are mostly made of metal, and so not even sharks can come close. This is exciting; and it is a great adventure.

39. Trampoline Parks

This is for those who are fit, acrobatic, flexible, and active. A date at any of Cape Town’s trampoline parks promises to be exciting, fun, and memorable. These parks have a wide array of trampolines, including dodge ball courts, and they are air-conditioned.

They often have light food and drinks to help visitors recharge, and then they also have areas to sit and relax. At these trampoline parks couples can play dodge ball as a team, or play against each other. This is a great way to bond.

40. Catch A Game Of Cricket

Cricket is a very popular sport; it is played in many countries of the world. South Africa is one of the leading cricket playing countries, and as a result there are many crick stadiums to visit in Cape Town. This is a great idea even if one has never attended a cricket game. Cricket is similar to baseball; if you like baseball, you will probably enjoy cricket.

41. Scooter On The Promenade

The promenade is a paved walkway overlooking much of the harbor-side in Cape Town; it is at an elevated height so it gives the advantage of looking around. This is a great place for a leisurely stroll, although many find it a lot more fun to go on a scooter.

People often go in groups; sometimes as many as twenty. The fun is enhanced because there is food; which is also great for talking.

42. Snake Parks

Snake Parks in Cape Town may also come as reptile parks, in which case they would also have crocodiles and other reptiles. Some snake parks also offer the opportunity to handle the snakes. Not the cobras; but the gentle snakes. It is a great way to spend time with a loved one, and also to do something worth remembering.

43. Paragliding

Paragliding is not for the faint of heart; it is all about floating in the air like a kite with nothing but ropes holding one up. As terrible as that sounds, it is actually quite safe; thousands of people do it in Cape Town without any trouble.

Those couples who want an adventure, and who want to do it together can give this a shot.

44. Go Abseiling

Abseiling is an extreme sport; it is not something for everyone, but it is something for the daring. This is a great date idea; especially from table mountain where it is done every day. It involves descending down a steep slope using a rope. It is something will linger in the memory; which is what you want from a date.

45. Visit The Time Out Market

This is a great date idea; a way to spend time together and to sample what makes Cape Town tick.  For those who have never heard about a Time Out Market; it is an open air buffet; where many different dishes cooked by many different chefs are displayed.

This is a culinary attack; so many different flavors to choose from. It is held along the V&A Waterfront on select evenings.

46. Hang Out At The Rollercade

The Rollercade is an arcade for skaters; it is a world class skating facility, completely with obstacles and curves, and ramps. The environment is controlled; the air-conditioning keeps everyone chill.

Even if one does not know how to skate, it is still a great idea because food and drinks are available, and so the excitement does not need to stop. Visitors often spend the whole day at the Rollercade.

47. Watch A Rugby Game

South Africa is one of the top rugby countries; and as such the game is part of the country. An exciting date idea in Cape Town would be to catch a game at any of the rugby stadiums in the city. This is a team sport, and a contact sport; it involves a lot of running and pushing.

Watching a rugby game is certainly going to be exciting; who knows, you may become a fan of the game.

48. Go Cycling

Cycling is a very refreshing activity; it is a great way to burn calories, see the sights, and engage in conversation. The promenade is a great place to do this; or the garden route is another, more challenging one.

This is something that couples can even do in twos; a tandem is a kind of bike that two people can ride together.

49. Visit An Art Gallery

When two sophisticated people meet they are likely going to be interested the finer things in life. Art is one of those things; and luckily Cape Town is an important hub for art. Therefore, a visit to an art gallery is a great idea for a date in the city.

There is no reason to stop at one gallery actually; Woodstock as an area is covered with art galleries, and there are many interesting pieces to see.

50. Visit A Museum

Nothing can be as intellectually stimulating as learning about how we got here. Museums are like portals to the past; opportunities to know how things were in the days gone by, and those days gone by created the present we live in today.

One museum of particular interest is the District 6 Museum. Many people who have visited it have come out with greater appreciation of the city, and its place in the history of the country.



This collection of date ideas is designed to cover a wide range of interests; no matter what a person likes or does not like; or a person’s temperament, there is sure to be something agreeable, something one would like to do with their partner, thus have a date to remember.           

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