Top 10 New Year’s Eve events In Cape Town (2023/2024)

The top New Year’s Eve events in Cape Town are some of the most anticipated events in the city. Cape Town is one of world’s top tourism cities, and as such, there are always crowds of people on holiday. Combined with the large number of young people who are local residents, the city is one big party which tends to get really wild during Christmas and New Year’s.

Visitors whose holidays coincide with the end of the year and the start of the new one would hate to miss some of the events and festivities that are lined up in this city, and that many visitors love so much that flying from every corner of the world for.

There are events lined up for the young and the old; no category of person is left out on the fun and excited.

Top 10 New Year’s Eve events In Cape Town

1. Visit A Jazz Club

Cape Town’s Jazz Clubs are places where top shots socialize. They are places where people of class sit down to drinks, while listening to live music. Not just live music but timeless jazz music- the type you hear and feel.

On New Year’s Eve these clubs burst into life; they have an impressive array of musicians performing live on stage, and sometimes these parties last hours or days.

There are many Jazz Clubs throughout the city, and no matter which one you decide to visit, there will always be something noteworthy; something to make the visit worthwhile. Most of these Jazz Clubs require patrons to book their attendance online first, so if this is something you want to try, then the first step is to search them out, and book online.

2. Be At The V&A Waterfront

The V&A Waterfront is the most famous part of the city of cape town; it is the most important landing place for tourists, where they have the most popular sights such as the Clock Tower, the Aquarium, the Restaurants, the Time Out Market, and of course the Cape Wheel.

The V&A Waterfront is hosting a firework display this new year’s eve; this is after a three year hiatus. Therefore, expect to see a scintillating display of colorful explosions lite up the night sky. The fireworks will not be alone; they will be accompanied by loud music blasting from several speakers lined up all across the waterfront.

There will be drinks and food as well; restaurants will be opened all through the waterfront, giving the crowd something to savor. The crowd will be huge; this is where the biggest concentration of people will be.

3. Go On Boat Cruise At The V&A Waterfront

This is the posh way to enjoy the display at the V&A Waterfront; it is more exclusive, and much more enjoyable, especially for those who don’t like to be around crowds. A boat cruise off the V&A Waterfront will be far more enjoyable for obvious reasons.

Safety; on a cruise you are away from the crowd, and you have less reasons to worry about losing valuables. Besides you have more space and more privacy to share intimate moments with the one you love.

The motion of the ocean makes everything more surreal; and then the music from the waterfront is also audible. Most cruises don’t need it though; they have their own music on board, and so it is party to remember.

Another thing to remember is the fireworks which will light up the sky; and add to the flavor of the whole atmosphere.

4. Nice Gatsby New Year’s Eve

This is one of the hottest events in Cape Town this New Year’s Eve; it is inspired by the Great Gatsby which is something of the 1920’s New York social scene. Even though the movie is fictional, this party will be very real.

Expect to see people going full on with the costumes, masks, suits and dresses. The champagne will flow freely and the music will play loudly. Getting drunk is a requirement, and the environment will be riotous!

The party will be held at the Grand Pavilion (Sea Point) on New Year’s Eve, and will be something to remember all year round. This is a great way to start a new year; live music will be available, and it will feature both local and international artists.

There is going to be a four course meal, dancers on stage, and a host of popular DJ’s playing.

5. Party At The Royal Cape Yacht Club

The Royal Cape Yacht Club is once again hosting a New Year party on New Year’s Eve. This is an exclusive party so interested participants have to book ahead online; especially because the restaurant only has a small number of people it can take.

But those people are going to be people of quality. The dress code is “Diamonds are Forever” – this is a rather vague description; it is open to interpretation. Nevertheless, we can expect to see people dressed in suits and dresses, and we can expect to see a lot of jewelry.

This is a good place to treat one ‘self to great tasting delicacies, and to drinks, including martinis, champagne, and wine. There is also going to be live music, with various performers on stage. This is a party for posh people; it is something that one should not miss.

6. The Genesis Experience New Year’s Extravaganza

The Genesis Experience New Year’s Extravaganza is something that everybody is talking about, and everybody cannot be wrong! It is going to be held at the Grand Africa Café and Beach in Cape Town on December 31.

This promises to be a bang; the ocean breeze blowing in, the music playing loud, and the people jumping. The organizers have promised a bubbling party; talented DJ’s are on standby to make it a party to remember.

There is also going to be an abundance of tantalizing delicacies; and the aromas will enrich the venue so as to enhance the party atmosphere. This is also a great place to meet new people; young people who are ready to mingle will find this a great spot.

7. Mojo Salsa NYE Party

Salsa Cape Town is holding a mega Salsa Party on New year’s eve; it is holding at the Mojo Market; 30 Regent Road, Sea Point, Cape Town, South Africa. The party is open to everyone; whether or not they know how to dance Salsa Music; but they should at least love Salsa because that is the music of the day.

Music will be provided by live artists as well as by DJ’s. The music will not be wasted; attendees are encouraged to grace the dance floor, and to show what they’ve got.

This is going to be a party to remember; Salsa lovers from all over the city are expected to besiege the venue.

Food and Drinks are also guaranteed; although attendees will mostly be too busy dancing to have time for all that.

8. New Year’s Eve Dinner At 12 Apostles

This is not that kind of party for jumping around; this is a Dinner for those that merit a seat at the table. The 12 Apostles Hotel and Spa is a 5 Star hotel; and as such it has a standard of quality to maintain.

This hotel will be holding an event on New Year’s Eve; a posh event with delightful food, in the company of well-respected socialites. There are actually two venues; one at the Azure Restaurant, and the other at the Atlantic Marquee Terrace.

Both venues will have 3 course meals, assorted drinks, and live entertainment. This is an event for accomplished professionals and business-people; a great way to see of the old year, and welcome the new one.

9. Benguela Cove New Year Party

Benguela Cove New Year Party is another one of the top events holding in Cape Town this new years’ eve; it is a dinner, but also a party proper. That means there it finds a middle ground between the dancing at the Waterfront, and the sitting down at the 12 Apostles.

It will be held at the Benguela Cove Wine Estate; specifically at the Moody Lagoon Restaurant. This party is going to feature delicious food, a wide assortment of wine from this very wine estate, and also tasty snacks.

Music will be supplied by DJs, and the party will rock on until the early hours.

As with all the other events, attendees have to book ahead. To do this, please visit their website.

10. Epicure Club’s Masquerade Ball

This is one for those who want live out their fantasies of being in a real life Babylon or Great Gatsby situation. Epicure is a veteran in this field; they understand how to do this kind of thing, having been at it for a long time.

Epicure Club is a gentleman’s club, where all sorts of covert activities take place. It is located at 4, Lions Head Road, Cape Town. The club regularly hosts masquerade balls, but this one is billed to be an exceptional one.

Tickets will have to be obtained online ahead of time.



The top new year’s eve events in cape town are some of the most anticipated parties in the city; something to look forward to for both visitors and locals alike. Cape Town is a party atmosphere any time of the year; and these special events happen every year, meaning that have too many options to choose from.

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