Top 10 Skate Parks In Cape Town (2024)

Stake parks in Cape Town are getting more common; while some are grand enterprises built with the intention of international appeal, others seem to spring up from two or three teenagers with skate boards, jumping up and down after school.

The best skate boards in any city should be safe, challenging, and fitted with all the necessary facilities to make visitors enjoy themselves.

They should also be places to make friends. The enterprising nature of Cape Town has solved most of these issues. The city has great places to practice acrobatics with skate boards.

Top 10 Skate Parks In Cape Town

1. The Shred

The Shred Skate Park is the first of its kind in Africa; it is always going to be mentioned first when talking about the best skate parks in Cape Town. It is the only indoor skate park in the city, also one of the busiest and proudest. It has a wide area, with ramps that are divided into various stages of difficulty.

Furthermore, the park is permanently in winter; the air-conditioning is more than adequate. The atmosphere is one big party; DJs are on standby to produce great music, and to keep the crowd jumping.

Adjoining facilities provide food and drinks; even coffee is available at The Strand. The environment is secure; there is zero tolerance for violent behavior.

The Shred also has opportunities for complete novices to learn. Skating classes are held there, and guides are assigned to teach those interested in learning.

2. Mill Street Skate Park

Mill Street Skate Park is located in the heart of Cape Town; it is an artfully created park utilizing the open space under the bridge. This concrete arcade has an array of ramps, ledges, and rails to make things all the more interesting, and challenging- depending on individual skill level.

Another great thing about this skate park is that it attracts a lot of people-most of them being quite advanced in skill. This makes it one of the most competitive skate parks in Cape Town; a place where one can have the extra motivation to push beyond the mediocre, and really master the art of skating.

Mill Street Skate Park is right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Cape Town; which means it is a great place to meet friends. It is also in full view of law enforcement; there is nothing to worry about.

3. Battery Park Skate Park

Skate Park @ Battery Park is one of the top skate parks in Cape Town; it is one of the most popular, despite being opened in 2019. The popularity comes in part from its location at the famous Battery Park, which is at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town.

The Skate Park @ Battery Park is a converted shipping container area which has been modified for use as a Skate Park. The area was already very popular with tourists due to the many attractions at the waterfront.

Now, with the addition of the skate park, it has become a hub of activity for skateboard wielding youth. It has a mix of exciting rails and ramps which combine to make the place very challenging. Visitors can watch free shows as young people battle for supremacy; producing flying acrobatic stunts in the process.

4. Salesian Institute Youth Projects

Salesian Institute Youth Projects is located in Green Point- a suburb of Cape Town. This park brings a different angle to skate boarding. The institute is dedicated to the rehabilitation of street children; giving them moral direction, and teaching them valuable life lessons.

Therefore, parents who fear that their children may become tattoo covered delinquents just because they have fallen in love with skate boards, find relief in knowing that this is a place where they can enjoy their passion, without any negative temptations.

Salesian Institute Youth Projects also fosters a sense of community among the young people; which means they can make friends with young people of good moral character.

5. Woodstock Skate Park

Woodstock Skate Park is located in the artistic Woodstock area of Cape Town. Woodstock is a bustling area; it is filled with art galleries, and artistic places. In a way, skate boarding is also an art; it allows one to unleash the inner genius in him.

The park is therefore located in the right place because young people get to freestyle on skate boards, while listening to bustling music.

This is a community; many of the skating enthusiasts are also artists, or art enthusiasts. It is therefore unique ecosystem; it is a place where skateboards and artists meet.

6. Maitland Skatepark

Maitland Skatepark is located at 15 Sydow St, Maitland, Cape Town, 7405, South Africa. This is a proper skate park; complete with rails, curbs, ramps, and steep curves. The concrete is well laid out; it is challenging and exciting at the same time.

The whole park itself stands against a background of trees; giving the Skate Park a calm effect. Maitland Skatepark is therefore a cool place to relax with friends, and to go a few rounds on the skate board.

The environment is not generally competitive, and even though most of the people are quite proficient, they are mostly contented to play around without flaunting their skills. Beginners will therefore not feel very intimidated.

7. Edgemead Skate Park Cape Town

Edgemead skate park cape town is located in Edgemead, Cape Town. This is another impressive skate park, it is built on an open space with plenty of trees surrounding it. This makes it a park even without the skate part of it.

Edgemead Skate Park is complete with ramps of different height, and many different rails, and curves. The skate park also has sitting areas for spectators, as well as areas for dining.

Edgemead Skate Park is built something like a Roman Amphitheatre, it is the perfect place to host a skateboarding championship.

8. Mitchell’s Plain Skate Park

Even more a replica of the ancient Roman Amphitheaters is Mitchell’s Plain Skate Park, which is located at 60 De Duin Ave,Westridge, 7802, Western Cape South Africa. This is a free concrete skate park; with all the high points of a proper skate park.

It is built in an oval shape, and makes for great photographs. The skate park has all the ramps, rails and curb that make skating a challenging and exciting experience. It also an elevated sitting area which makes watching skate boarders in action a very enjoyable activity.

This is another great place to host a competition; the elevated sitting area gives a bird eye view, and will enable one to properly judge the performances of competitors.

9. Rondebosch Bowl

Rondebosch Bowl is perhaps the most artful skating park in Cape Town. It is built like a proper bowl; the ramp goes all around the park, making it unique in appearance. That is not all; the whole bowl is covered with beautiful graffiti.

Rondebosch Bowl is an exciting venue; the people who frequent this park are very skillful. This makes the atmosphere a lot more competitive than what one may find at other skate parks. Furthermore, it is a great place to hone one’s skills; and to take one’s skating to another level.

Rondebosch Bowl is nestled in a wider park environment; the area is covered with trees of different kinds.

10. Scottsdene Skate Park

Scottsdene Skate Park is located at 131 Edam Avenue, Scottsdene, Cape Town, 7570, South Africa. This is a proper skate park; it holds its ground against others in terms of size, and the general design of the whole place.

It boasts complex ramps that are built with different shapes and layouts, and which make skating an enjoyable challenge. The main bowl has many complex designs; making it the ultimate place to prove one’s level of proficiency in the art of skating.

Furthermore, it is a place to make friends with other skating enthusiasts. This skate park is very popular; it draws in people from all around the city and beyond.



Those are the top skate parks in Cape Town; they each have an angle that makes them unique. The skate boarding community in Cape Town is broad, but serious members of the community have probably tested their wits at most, if not all of the skate parks listed above.

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