Top 20 Adventures In Cape Town (2024)

Only the adventurous are fit to visit this city; the top adventures in Cape Town are some of the most rush-inducing activities available to holidaymakers in the world. Cape Town is a favorite haunt for holidaymakers who come in from every corner of the world.

Most leave without being able to tick off every item on their bucket lists. There is simply not enough time to visit all the places, and to experience everything.

This is why Cape Town has a large number of repeating visitors who come in to fully immerse themselves in what this great city has to offer.

Top 20 Adventures In Cape Town

1. Ride the Cable Car At Table Mountain

Table Mountain is one of the most popular highlights of the city of Cape Town; it overlooks the V&A waterside, and pretty much the whole city. However, there is something about hanging in a metal box over 3000 feet in the air.

This is quite an exciting and frightening prospect at the same time, and evokes many emotions especially when shared with a loved one. This offers a vantage view of the city, and the harbor. Many great photographs have been taken from this lofty position, and it continues to be attract visitors by the millions.

Return tickets cost R420 for adults, R120 for senior citizens, and R250 for students. One way tickets cost half of what the return tickets cost.

2. Hike Up Lions’ Head

Lion’s Head is part of Table Mountain; it is an exciting mountain trail that links up two sections of this famous mountain. It is quite steep, so it takes a lot of effort to get there, although there is an easier way up for lazy people which is rather like a winding path.

Getting up to Lion’s head after all that exerting of oneself gives one a feeling of accomplishment, and a feeling of invincibility. The reward is the great view offered by this vantage point. Many like to bring out their cameras to take great pictures, while others still like to view the scenery with binoculars.

Lion’s Head is a welcome challenge for most people; something within the reach of most visitors.

3. Paragliding

Paragliding is one of the top adventures in Cape Town; something that thrill seekers most cannot resist. This is both a leisurely adventure, and a professional sport; something that appeals to those who still wish they could fly like birds.

Paragliding is an adventure sport that involves the use of lightweight gliders attached to ropes or straps, with no rigid structures at all. Basically, one needs to jump off a cliff, while sitting on a set of straps and then the fabric wings catch the wind which then float around, or rather glide around.

There is no need for previous training, and no need for specialized landing areas. Some may consider this too thrilling, but it is usually done in the company of seasoned paragliders.

This usually costs around R1500 to do in Cape Town.

4. Rope Down Table Mountain

The proper word is to “abseil,” and it means to climb down a steep, vertical, or near vertical surface. That is exactly what many visitors do; they climb down the steep side of the mountain, secured by ropes, and enjoying the breeze, and the view of the city and surroundings.

This is even more thrilling than riding in the cable car; it is a lot higher than the cable car, and offers even more spectacular views due to the greater height overall.

Abseiling down Table Mountain is not just a matter of finding a rope, and jumping down; it involves a safety demonstration, and then as a matter of protocol all visitors are required to wear safety harnesses.

5. Visit The Two Oceans Aquarium

The Two Oceans Aquarium is located at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, South Africa. It is a first of its kind aquarium in Africa, holding millions of gallons of water, and presenting marine life in their natural environment.

This is one of the most exciting places to visit in Cape Town because, besides seeing the various marine life on display, visitors can also dive into the aquarium. Just imagine swimming next to sharks, turtles, and many different types of fish.

Two Oceans Aquarium is more than just a place to animals, it is like a community of enthusiasts who are dedicated to the preservation of these creatures, and the preservation of life on earth.

It costs R235 for adults to visit Two Oceans, while teens, students and pensioners pay R175.

6. Take A Helicopter Tour

Cape Town is famous for its architecture and its natural scenery. The best way to appreciate that scenery and architecture is from the sky. Thankfully, helicopter tours are available to all who dare, and they number into thousands every year.

From the average height of 2500 feet tourists get a Birdseye view of the city; the various landmarks, and the waterside.

Although the duration and routes may vary, some of the unmissable attractions include the V&A Waterside, the Winelands, The Table Mountain, and so on.

This also provides the opportunity to get breathtaking photos of the city, and to understand what all the talk is about. It can also be an abridged tour of the city for those who have more specific business in the city, and do have time to visit all the landmarks individually.

This can cost between R2200 and R8200 per person. Some companies also offer special prices for families.

7. Take An Evening Cruise

This is something both adventurous and romantic at the same time. A popular thing to enjoy when visiting Cape Town is to go on a luxury boat, and sail off into the sunset. Of course you sail back to land but before that you get to spend time out there with loved ones; enjoying a drink or two.

Drinks may be complementary, or may come at an extra cost, especially when there is more than one drink ordered.

Depending on what the customer wants, some of the boats have a party atmosphere, and come loaded with music, dancers, and plenty of fun. This is often the preserve of those who have something special to celebrate, and want to do so on the sea.

The starting cost of this adventure is R550 per person.

8. Stand Up Paddling

Nowadays, there is something called stand up paddling, often abbreviated to SUP. This is an activity that involves standing upright on a small canoe, and paddling around on the waterways. This is a fun and exciting activity considering that most people spend more time in the water than on the boat.

Stand Up Paddling is better when done in company of friends; it may get boring without someone to laugh at you when you fall into the water.

SUPing can also be a great way to take pictures, and to have something to talk about long after the vacation ends. It is great for those who are afraid of heights, but not of getting wet.

This costs around R250 per hour, which is basically what is paid to rent the gear.

9. Have A Culinary Adventure

Despite that name, the major thing on display is food. Time Out Markets actually started as a fad in Lisbon, and spread like wildfire to other major cities in the world, including New York, Miami, Dubai, and so on.

Right on the pier of the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, a wonderful event takes place. The best chefs, cooks, and mixologists in the city line up to give visitors a taste of what the city is all about.

There is a wide range of food and drinks to choose from, and the whole atmosphere is one big party. This is a different kind of adventure in Cape Town; a culinary one. The sheer volume of different tastes on display at this market makes it something to behold.

For others, it is a very good excuse to stuff their stomachs full, a rare break from the tedium of diets.

10. Take A Spin In The Cape Wheel

The Cape Wheel is an iconic landmark of Cape Town, and one of the most exciting features of the city.  This is a 40 meter Ferris wheel, which has 30 air-conditioned, glass cabins. The Cape Wheel is a thrill of a life time for young people, especially for those that have never gone on a Ferris wheel before.

Even adults are happy to remember what childhood felt like, and it is a regular haunt for whole families to go screaming in joy together, or just to observe the city of Cape Town from this vantage position.

The costs around R250 for the experience per person. Children 4 years old or below will be admitted for free.

11. Ride A Mountain Scooter

This is another idea borrowed from the Swiss Alps; it involves descending down the slopes on a two wheeler. It is very safe because the chosen route is not too steep. Furthermore, the scooters are very stable, and easy to maneuver.

This is great fun for the whole family, although children younger than 10 are not allowed to ride these scooters on their own.

These scooters are available at Table Mountain, Signal Hill, and specific Wine Farms in Cape Town.

The scooters are not expensive to ride; it will only take R750 for the rider, and R350 for the passenger.

12. Visit the Rollercade

The Rollercade in Battery Park, at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town is an amazing secret of Cape Town which has somehow managed to stay hidden from attention. This is one if the best indoor parks in Africa; one of the first dedicated to roller-skating.

Visitors looking for the top adventures in Cape Town would be happy to discover this roller-skating arcade. This underground roller skating bunker is complete with air-conditioning and music. All kinds of music from rock and roll to horror movie music.

It also has other things like a game arcade featuring many different games dating from the early 90’s till date. It also has a photo booth, an air hockey table, and pool tables.

It only costs around R150 per person to enjoy this activity; which is why this is one fun activity that one should not miss out on.

13. Go Kayaking

This is probably an easier alternative to Stand Up Paddling; but Kayaking is still quite an exciting activity because it also offers the prospect of getting wet when not done properly. Kayaking is canoeing in a shallow craft, moving swiftly through the water.

This can be a family affair; the canoes can take two people, and although one can go alone in a kayak, the fun is almost doubled when people go in twos.

This is not dangerous because the water does not move two rapidly, and also because kayakers always wear safety vests. Furthermore, there will probably be people swimming in and around the water.

14. Go Cycling

European and American tourists have long visited Cape Town to spend their holidays cycling for many years. There are many billionaires and multimillionaire CEOs who come to cycle in Cape Town every year.

There are many beautiful and largely free routes in and around the city, and they offer some of the most breathtaking views any cyclist can dream of. Cycling in Cape Town also gives one the opportunity to stop at the many waterside restaurants and bars along the way.

The cool breeze from the waterfront blows inland, and makes this a fun and mentally soothing activity at the same time.

15. Cycle In Twos

Have you ever heard of a Tandem? It is something absolutely worth checking out. This is a bicycle with two seats and two sets of pedals which actually propel the bicycle. A Tandem is a whole lot of fun, and also a great opportunity to do something together as a team.

Couple pictures taken on tandems tell particularly good stories of love, and it can also build trust and understanding. It is a great way to explore the city, and to enjoy the views and sights that make cape town what it takes.

It is also good for friends, siblings, or parents and children.

16. Go Surfing

As adventures go, this is one of the biggest adventures in Cape Town. The waves rise high, and come in regularly. This may not be the easy or fun for those who have not previously learned how to surf, but those who enjoy the waves will find those of Cape Town a welcome challenge.

Regardless of the individual’s skill level, there is something for everyone on the beaches of Cape Town; even complete novices have an area reserved for them, where they go through the rudiments under the watchful eyes of trainers.

Advanced surfers will find fellow pros to compete against, adding more to the already bountiful fun experience.

17. Scooter Along The Promenade

The Promenade is a 7km long path which is paved and very popular for baby strolling, jogging, brisk walking, dog walking, and other such activities. Naturally, this is one of the best places for riding on Scooters as well.

There are manual scooters and e scooters as well, which are battery powered, and which require much less effort to ride.

Riding a scooter along the Promenade makes for great photos, and also makes for healthy fun for the whole family.

It is not a very expensive activity; it only costs R300 for two hours to rent one of the scooters.

18. Fly On An Efoil

This is very similar to surfing; the only difference being that the surf board has a small electric motor underneath. That makes it a lot less stressful for surfers to ride the waves, and even easier complete novices.

But of course complete novices are not just handed the Efoils and sent off to drown; they receive a demonstrations, and safety instructions before being allowed to ride these impressive little gadgets.

This adventure is not too expensive, it costs around R1500 per hour to ride one of these, and it is possible to keep riding for 6 hours.

19. Visit The Penguins

Sadly, many people do not even know that Africa has penguins. Well, that is because their populations have been decimated, and now they are reduced to few communities in South African waters.

One of their main breeding grounds is Boulders Beach in Cape Town, and this is one of the best places to see these penguins before they become extinct in this world.

This is one of the most exciting things to do in Cape Town because the penguins are quite accustomed to visiting humans, and seem quite playful. Good photos can be taken on this beach, and it is great fun for the whole family.

20. Hang From A Zipline In Elgin

To those who are looking for an adrenaline rush, try hanging from 800 ft above rocky ground which would break your bones into a thousand pieces. This is a popular haunt for thousands of people from all over the world.

This is one of the best adventures in Cape Town; it is fun and safe, but also tantalizingly dangerous.

It costs around R1750 to enjoy this activity, and whole families can enjoy it together.



This collection of the top adventures in Cape Town would make any bucket list green with envy; there are enough activities to last an entire holiday. A common priority in the South African tourism industry is safety; all the activities have safety protocols that go with them, and that ensures that there are no bad news, only happy moments.

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