Top 10 Easy Hikes In Cape Town (2024)

In order not to leave lazy people out of the fun, the easy hikes in Cape Town are there to give visitors and locals alike a sense of accomplishment, and the joy of seeing the city from a panoramic point of view.

Hiking is a pleasant activity; it offers freedom from the concrete prisons most people spend their lives in. it also helps the mind and body to ease tension through vigorous activity, which is always followed by a lengthy period of relaxation.

Hiking is a great way to bond with loved ones; it is a way of spending time together, while doing something as a team. It does not have to be hard; some hikes can be relatively easy.

Top 10 Easy Hikes In Cape Town

1. Vredehoek Quarry

Vredehoek Quarry is located near Devil’s Peak. It is a remarkably beautiful, and yet surprisingly unknown hiking trail. This is a place where people can go for a leisurely stroll in the outdoors, and see the sights, including the tunnel and the rocks, and the gorge.

This is the easiest hike in Cape Town by far; there is very little climbing to be done, and (as long as you stick to the path), all the walking is done on sandy ground.

Hikers are rewarded (disproportionately well) with great views; the tunnel gives an idea of the mining activity that took place here many years ago. There is also the gorge which is an important source of water for the ecosystem. The trees form a beautiful landscape, and then the rocks make a great background.

Vredehoek Quarry is a beautiful place to spend time with a loved one. It is a great place to take pictures too.

2. Kloof Corner

Kloof Corner is one of the more popular hiking destinations in Cape Town; it is part of the wonderful Table Mountain. This is a gently sloping trail, made out of well-marked rock paths; with excellent views all around.

Kloof Corner is easily accessible through Tafelberg Road; the trail comes up after a few twists and turns, and then once met, it is a gentle accent to the top of the trail. This is something that does not require climbing on all fours, and it is also not very long.

Hiking Kloof Corner only takes around 30 minutes to hike; it around 1.4km long. For the trouble, hikers are rewarded with breathtaking views; the harbor, the city bowl, and the V&A Waterfront. This is a great place for a morning cup of coffee, or a romantic sunset with one’s beloved.

3. The Pipe Track

The Pipe Track is another popular hiking trail; it is part of Table Mountain. Everybody agrees that this is an easy hiking trail; one that is great for beginners, and those who just want to enjoy a good time in the outdoors, without much stress.

This one may take around 2 hours to complete at a leisurely pace; it is quite an extensive route which includes winding pathways and zigzag tracks that take up more time to pass. That is time well spent because every corner gives something nice to see.

Beautiful trees hanging off the ledge make for curious photography. The twelve apostles cast a huge background; contrasting sharply with the valley through which the trail runs. The trail overlooks the ocean; making it especially calming for the nerves.

4. Newlands Forest

Newlands Forest is a popular place for nature enthusiasts; it is a place of natural beauty and also a place to bond with nature. In order to do that one needs to move about. Newlands Forests has several trails some of which go up or down.

Of special interest is the Newlands Forest Short Circuit Experience, which is a 3.4km long trail that is easy enough to tempt people to come walking or running. This is also a favorite place for people to walk their dogs.

As a result, on any given day it is quite possible to meet people walking with dogs, going up or down the trail. It is a little challenging, but not too daunting for someone willing break a little sweat.

5. Alphen Trail

The Alphen Trail is located at Constantia Valley, which is part of the Constantiaberg mountain system. This is a place of unsurpassed beauty; rolling mountains, deep valleys, and a low pass linking to Hout Bay. The whole area is then supplanted with trees and other vegetation; producing quite a spectacular landscape to behold.

The Alphen Trail cuts through that landscape; leading down the slopes of the valley, winding gradually up some high ground, and then finishing on a grassy plain. Every step of the way, visitors are greeted by stunning views; lush forests, thick bushes, and plenty of birds.

This is a great place to remove the stress and tension of work. It is also a great place to walk an energetic dog.

6. Constantia Nek To Kirstenbosch

Constantia Nek to Kirstenbosch will take around 2 hours to hike. It is not a particularly difficult hike, but it is the distance that scares some people; especially if they have to hike back to pick up their cars.

Constantia Nek to Kirstenbosch is quite a nice walk; there is hardly any obstacle on the path, and there is no need for climbing. There are a few wooden steps along the way but that should not pose too much of a challenge.

Constantia Nek to Kirstenbosch starts with a few winding paths, but much of the trail is straight. There is plenty of greenery all around, and there are also plenty of pathways leading nowhere. This is a kind of hike that can take up the whole day.

7. Elephants Eye Cave

Elephants Eye Cave is a serene part of the popular Silvermine Nature Reserve in Cape Town. This is a somewhat challenging hike, but it is classified as easy. It takes around 3-4 hours to hike this trail at a leisurely pace, and there is no need for any acrobatics.

Despite the catchy name, there is no elephant’s eye to be found on the trail; but the rock by the same name is quite satisfying to look at. There are many theories as what created the eye in the rock.

Getting to the top is rewarding; from there hikers can see the cape flats, the beautiful greenery, and the rocks. The combination of colors, and the calmness of the environment makes the hike worth it. This is a great place for a picnic; most hikers need to refuel before heading back down.

8. Cecilia Waterfall Hike

Cecilia Waterfall Hike starts out in the area around Constantia Valley; most people start at Rhodes Drive, and then go into the jeep tracks leading into the forest, leading to the contour path which is where it gets interesting.

The trail is very well known; it leads to several destinations actually; and there are signposts along the trail showing the various places one could end up. The trail typically takes around 3 hours to complete, but those who have to go back to pick up their cars will spend 6 hours on both the hike and return journey.

It is a great idea to have a packed lunch in a bag, and drinks to stay hydrated. This is a great place for a two person picnic; there are so many spots shaded from the sun, with the cool breeze blowing, and the birds singing.

9. Lions Head Walk

Lions Head is one of the easiest hiking trails in cape town because it typically takes around 1 hour to get to the top; and even though some parts are a little steep, they are not too difficult, and do not require any special skills.

Lions Head is one of the attractions at Table Mountain; and it is regularly mentioned as one of the important points to reach so as to properly appreciate the mountain. It is not recommended that children take up this challenge; although there are energetic children who are very equal to the task.

The view is the reward; reaching the top of the Lions Head trail affords one the opportunity to see the whole city in panorama. For some reason though hikers typically prefer to undertake this challenge in the evenings. The city lights sparkle, and reflect on the shore. It is something to see for oneself.

10. Woodstock Cave

Woodstock Cave is part of what makes Table Mountain a hikers delight. It is a cave located about halfway to the peak of the mountain. The cave overlooks Woodstock and Salt River; with binoculars visitors can observe everything happening there.

Visitors can also see the Lions Head and Table Bay are also within view; and also there is a nice view of the heavily wooded area. Have you ever had a picnic in a cave? Visitors can also spend time looking at birds and other animals from the cave.

The most popular route is from Tafelberg Road, it takes around 1 hour to get there, and another to get down.



The easiest hiking trails in Cape Town have been carefully selected in this presentation. However, if one is (relatively) infirm, it is important to read carefully so as to understand that some hiking trails are classified as easy because they are short. Some may require a little bit of crawling on all fours, but none require any jumping.

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