Top 10 Basketball Clubs In Cape Town (2024)

The top basketball clubs in Cape Town are also some of the best on the continent. Cape Town is an important hub for the development of sports in South Africa, and as a result there is a lot of activity in the development side of basketball.

Many young people who want to play basketball professionally go to Cape Town and tryout for the local clubs. Many go on to become world class stars in the sport.

Cape Town’s basketball clubs have very good equipment and facilities, and the coaches are also very good. As a result, there is a good soil for the game to thrive; which is why the city has a very good sporting structure.

Top 10 Basketball Clubs In Cape Town

1 Cape Town Tigers Basketball Club

Cape Town Tigers Basketball Club is the premier basketball club in Cape Town, even though it is based in Gauteng, Johannesburg for technical reasons. The club was established in 2019 by three American business partners who saw the potential for the development of the game in the country.

The investment has quickly paid off; the club has become quite successful, winning the South African National Championship (2021, 2022) and the Basketball National League (2023). The club has also been a quarter-finalist at the Basketball Africa League (2022, 2023).

The club immediately became popular by bringing former NBA stars Billy Preston and Ben Uzoh for its first season. Even now, there are several American stars on the team’s roster, as well as established players from all over the continent.

2. Cape Town Mavericks Basketball Club

Mavericks Basketball Club is based in Cape Town, and it was established in 2011. The club is a well recognized franchise; although it can be said that it pays more attention to building and polishing talent.

Many of the boys that play in this club go on to make a name for themselves; they take advantage of the team’s technical support to sharpen their skills. This is part of the mission of the team; to build skills, and to improve the appreciation of the game.

Cape Town Mavericks Basketball Club involves schools in this development program.

3. Blue Crane Basket Ball Club

Blue Crane Basket Ball Club is located at 10 Afrikaner St, Montana, Cape Town, 7490, South Africa. It is not a professional basketball club; rather it is a community based outreach which helps young people, and seniors to play basketball.

This is a great stepping stone for young people who want to learn the ropes; they can learn everything they want, and sharpen their skills, before finding their way into the big leagues. This basketball club is very well organized; it is very well funded, and has a lot of able people in the administrative and operational aspect of things.

Blue Crane Basket Ball Club is gradually gaining a mainstream presence; it is becoming better known due to the high praise it gets.

4. Cape Town Hurricanes Basketball Club

Cape Town Hurricanes Basketball Club is a collective initiative by a group of motivated individuals who have passion for the game of basketball, and who are poised to share that passion to as many people as they can.

The club is located at Constantia, Western Cape, South Africa. The club is propelled by a desire to create an equal opportunity for everyone to play basketball, and to develop the skills necessary to excel in the game.

Cape Town Hurricanes is a grass roots basketball club, with the vision of raising the awareness about the game, and also of increasing the level of play among those who love it.

5. Matties Basketball Club

Matties Basketball Club is the name of Stellenbosch University’s basketball club. This is an important youth and development organization as far as basketball in Cape Town is concerned; the team plays in the university league system.

This basketball club is an important contributor in terms of talent, many of who go on to be involved with the games’ development, either as players or coaches. The club has a healthy following on social media; which it uses to reach out to the youth.

This is mostly a talent development organization; and as the game gets more appreciation, its potential grows.

6. Bishops Diocesan Basketball Club

Bishops Diocesan Basketball Club is the basketball club of Bishops Diocesan Basketball Club; a private, Anglican school which was founded in 1849 by the Anglican Bishop of Cape Town.

This is a basketball club that plays against all the local basketball schools in Cape Town, and which usually wins laurels. It is therefore one of the top basketball clubs in the city; one that sharpens the skills of the youth, and draws their interest in the game.

Bishops Diocesan Basketball Club is a great place to start one’s career; it is a great place to win one’s first medals, which can lead up to a lifetime of winning.

7. South African College High School

South African College High School basketball team is a tough customer for any team, any day. The school has a strong leaning towards physical activity; sports is a serious part of school life. The school has two basketball courts, which makes training easy and convenient.

The school’s basketball team is a regular winner, and a formidable opponent in the school’s basketball league system. The school has a reputation for winning; both its male and female basketball teams have a strong record. The record of excellence permeates into other sports such as cricket, hockey, and swimming.

South African College High School is the reigning champion (2023) at the Wynberg Basketball Tournament.

8. Rondebosch High School Basketball Team

Rondebosch High were finalists at the Wynberg Basketball Tournament 2023; only narrowly losing out to South African College High School. That shows that the team is no push over, but instead, is a formidable team, built on a solid foundation.

Rondebosch High School Basketball Team has regularly and consistently been one of the top teams in the Cape Town schools basketball league.

Furthermore, it has regularly produced top talent, many of who have gone on to become notable basketball players. Recently, two of the team’s players have been selected to play in the Western Province Basketball team in the national competition.

9. Wynberg Boys High School

Wynberg Boys High School is probably the most important school basketball club in Cape Town because it hosts several basketball competitions every year. Aside from that, the school has its own basketball team, which is well known throughout.

Wynberg Boys High School ranks 6th in the Top Boys’ Sports Schools in South Africa. This team is regarded as the team to beat when it comes to youth basketball; the club is well established.

Furthermore, it is a great place to build the character necessary to be a great player; young people get to sharpen their skills, and to get the fighting spirit necessary to become a winner.

10. Ocean View Basketball Club

Ocean View Basketball Club is a new basketball club in Cape Town; it was established in 2021. This club has both male and female teams; and the core tenet of the establishment is the building the interest in the game.

Ocean View Basketball Club is a community based club; the boys and girls of the local community are encouraged to join the club, and to enjoy association with their mates.

The club is aiming high; currently battling for honours in the league.



The top basketball clubs in Cape Town will depend on the age and skill level of the individual concerned. There are several clubs in the city; and most of them are quite good. Cape Town is a great place to learn the game, and become good at it.

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