Top 10 Soccer Clubs In Cape Town (2024)

The top soccer clubs in Cape Town are some of the best developers of football talent in the city. Cape Town has contributed the greater share of talent in the South African Premier Soccer League, and also to the South African National Team.

The game of soccer -or football as the rest of the world knows it- is thriving in Cape Town. There are excellent facilities, and plenty of young people in the area. The people love the sport, and so they attend the games.

As a result the clubs are constantly fighting to outdo each other, and to win the love and admiration of the people.

Top 10 Soccer Clubs In Cape Town

1. Cape Town City FC

Cape Town City FC was established in 2016-making it a new club. This has not stopped it from being one of the most important soccer clubs in Cape Town; already winning the Telkom Knockout (2016), and the MTN 8 (2018).

Cape Town City FC are recognizable by their blue and gold jerseys, and they are quite popular in the city. Despite being new, the club has already proven itself to be a very serious football club; winning laurels, and beating even the most feared teams in the league.

The club has the support of a large section of the populace; this is because it plays exciting football. The players are mostly young and talented; while most of them are home based, some of the players come from Venezuela, Colombia, Congo Democratic Republic, Ghana, and even America.

The club was founded by John Comitis- an experienced personality in sports management, who is also one of the founders of Ajax Cape Town.

2. Cape Town Spurs FC

Cape Town Spurs FC (formerly Ajax Cape Town) was formed in 1970, this is the premier club of Cape Town, the one that commands the most loyalty among adherents of the game in the city. Back when it was Ajax Cape Town, it was part of the talent feeder to Ajax Amsterdam; and became quite closely associated to it.

However, with time, the people at the helm saw that the club has the potential to stand on its own as a world famous franchise, hence the rebranding to Cape Town Spurs FC. The club plays at the Athlone Stadium in Athlone, Cape Town.

Cape Town Spurs FC has won the National Soccer League (1995), MTN 8 (2015), Telkom Knock Out (2000, 2008) and the FA Cup (1995, 2007).

3. Chippa United

Chippa United is a South African football club which is based in Port Elizabeth, but which was previously based in Nyanga, a suburb of Cape Town. It remains a Cape Town club by association and history, and by the number of fans it has in the city.

Chippa United is a new club; it was established in 2010, when a businessman and entrepreneur purchased a football club Mbekweni Cosmos, and then proceeded to transform the club into what it is today.

The club has been quite successful; it has achieved semifinal results in most of the local competitions, only falling short of silverware on numerous occasions. The club has a lot of followers; it hosts its games at the 46,000 capacity Nelson Mandela Stadium.

4. Santos FC

Santos FC, which is known as The People’s Team, is a South African soccer team with a great history. These days the club only plays in the second division; but its pride and sense of importance have not diminished.

The club was established in 1982, and at a time when apartheid laws restricted nonwhites from featuring in football, Santos insisted on the participation of people of all races; earning it the nickname of “the peoples’ team.”

The club now plays at the Poplar Avenue Grounds which is just a 1000 capacity arena, but its successful history speaks for it. The club has won the Premier Soccer League (2001-02), ABSA Cup (2003), FPL League (1983, 1984, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1990), and the FPL Cup (1985, 88, 90).

5. Ikapa Sporting FC

Ikapa Sporting FC is a club based in Cape Town, South Africa. The club was founded in 2007, by purchasing the status of a previously existing club. Even then the club did not find any sporting or financial success; it was soon in need of rescuing by other investors.

Ikapa Sporting FC is based in Westridge Sports Complex in Cape Town, and it plays in the lower leagues. However, the club has been a good spring board for talented players; they show their talents here, and then go on to play for bigger, more ambitious clubs.

Ikapa Sporting FC wear red for their home games, and green for their away games. The club is quite well organized, and growing in popularity.

6. Avendale Athletico

Avendale Athletico is a football club based in Cape Town, South Africa. It plays in the third tier of South African football. The club has been around for a long time; it has been an important club since at least 1998/1999 when it was the runner up at the National First Division.

Avendale Athletico have been runners up at the National First Division on four occasions (1998/99, 1999/00, 2001/02, 2003/04); proving its potential for the big leagues.

The club almost attained promotion to the second league; but lost a controversial match amidst accusations of bribery.

The club is a great starting point for young talent; many who play at this club go on to become big players.

7. Steenberg United F.C

Steenberg United F.C is a small football club, yet it qualifies as one of the top football clubs in Cape Town because it has played the playoffs for promotion to the South African top soccer league for 4 straight years.

The club has won the SAFA Second Division 4 times (2008–09, 2015–16, 2017–18 2018–19), and is well recognized throughout the country. It was founded in 2003, and plays its home games at the popular Parow Park, which is a 2000 capacity stadium.

Steenberg United FC wears yellow and blue for their home games; somehow looking like the Brazilian national team.

8. Spurs Women Football Club

Spurs Women Football Club is a football club based in the Wynberg area of Cape Town. The club was founded in 1986, making it one of the oldest women football clubs in the country. Spurs Women Football Club plays its home games at the William Herbert Sports Ground, Wynberg, Cape Town, Western Cape.

Spurs Women Football Club is quite a successful club; it has won numerous titles and accolades. This is a dream club for a lot of young talents; they are attracted to the club due to the possibility of winning laurels.

9. Wynberg St Johns

Wynberg St Johns is one of the oldest football clubs in Cape Town; it was founded in 1899. The club competes in the lower leagues of the South African football structure, but remains important and highly regarded.

Former Welsh international Pat Van Den Hauwe played for the club. The club has won some honours in the lower divisions such as National First Division (Coastal Stream): 1997/1998 Third Place.

The club plays its home games at the Wynberg St Johns Ground in Cape Town, South Africa.

10. Saxon Rovers

Saxon Rovers is another old and proud football club in Cape Town; it was founded 1944, and has been an important part of the soccer scene since then. The club plays in the lower leagues; and has consistently challenged for promotion to the top league, but falling short.

That has not stopped it from grooming a lot of talent; many of who go on to play for top teams in the country. The club plays its home ground in Maitland, Cape Town where the team’s offices are located.

The club wears black and white; similar to the kit of Newcastle United in England.



The top soccer clubs in Cape Town are not just the popular names; they are also some old clubs with history and culture, even though some of them play in the local leagues. Some of these clubs have played an important role in the culture of the city; and continue to foster unity, fraternity and a sense of community.

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