Top 10 Fruit Picking Farms In Cape Town (2024)

The top fruit picking farms in Cape Town have become famous for the excellent quality of fruit to be found in those places. That is what fruit picking is all about after all; quality fruits, grown organically, at a good price.

Fruit picking is also an adventure; an excuse to enjoy the great outdoors, and to release the stress built up by spending so much time in our concrete prisons.

For the best fruit picking experience, only the best farms and estates will have to be visited. For those in Cape Town, they are those that offer a ‘touristy’ appeal to things; after all, Cape Town is a city of tourism.

Top 10 Fruit Picking Farms In Cape Town

1. Hoogwater Cottage

Hoogwater Cottage is a farm in the Wolseley area, which is only 110km from Cape Town. This farm is famous for its fruit picking; delicious nectarine is in season in December, while Peach, Fig, Apple, and Pear are in season in January.

The farm produces its fruit organically, and visitors are allowed to take fruit home with low fees starting at just R10.

For those who enjoyed themselves so much that they want to stay on for more of the same, the farm has very good accommodation, and has a deli where visitors can get food, drinks, and other refreshments.

The farm also has an open area for kids to run around, and also for couples and families to enjoy picnics.

2. Klondyke Cherry Farm    

Klondyke Cherry Farm is located in Ceres, which is in the Western Cape. The farm’s major fruit is Cherries. This is a great place for cherry picking; the season lasts from November to January. When visitors come in, they are given a container to put the fruit, depending on the amount they have paid.

Klondyke Cherry Farm is more than just a place to pick cherries; there is much more to do in this place. It has its own brewery; there is craft beer on tap, there is a coffee bar, there is a restaurant, and there is a bakery where people can get freshly baked foods.

Klondyke Cherry Farm also has self catering accommodation; visitors are welcome to stay as long as they like; and make this their holiday retreat.

3. Polkadraai Strawberry Farm

Polkadraai Strawberry Farm is located in Stellenbosch, which is within the catchment area of Cape Town. The farm is known for its delicious fruit, as well as other activities that take place there such as the mini-golf, tractor rides, and wine shop.

Polkadraai Strawberry Farm’s major fruit is strawberry; and the picking season is between Septembers to January, between 9AM to 4PM. The farm is not open on Christmas day.

Polkadraai Strawberry Farm admits visitors with various fees; which will affect the amount of fruit they are allowed to leave the farm with. Polkadraai Strawberry Farm also has a food court for visitors to eat, as well as a playground, pony rides, mini golf, face painting, and places for birthday parties.

4. Hillcrest Berry Orchards

Hillcrest Berry Orchards is located in Stellenbosch, which is known for its excellent farm estates. Hillcrest Berry Orchards is known for its fruits, and its food. The fruits are berries; blueberries, raspberries, tayberries, blackberries, and even blackcurrants are grown here.

Hillcrest Berry Orchards does not actually allow visitors to pick the fruits themselves; instead the freshly picked fruits are sold to the public.

The farm also has plenty of jams made with the berries; this is sold to visitors for reduced prices.

5. Wildebraam Berry Estate, Swellendam

Wildebraam Berry Estate, Swellendam is a place of exquisite beauty; it is a working fruit farm; its main products are the fruits it grows. This is one of the top fruit picking farms in Cape Town and environs; it offers a wide variety of fruits, including blackberries, raspberries, gooseberries, and cranberries.

The farm also produces several products like Liquors, Jams, Pickles, Chilies, and Relishes. Visitors can taste these products in the tasting room. The farm also has a coffee shop where coffee and light meals are available.

Wildebraam Berry Estate also has accommodation; self catering lodges on the farm where visitors can spend their holidays, while enjoying the daily activities at the farm.

6. Mooiberge Winery

Mooiberge Winery is also known as Wynland Boerdery. This is a farm and winery in Stellenbosch; in the Western Cape. It has gained quite a reputation for its strawberries, which are tasty and healthy. In fact, when thinking about a good place to get fresh strawberries, this is one of the farms that comes to mind.

They also have a very good stock of wine, whiskey, brandy, and so on. They also have good food, drinks, ice cream, and so on.

7. Redberry Farm

Redberry Farm is located at Geelhoutboom Road, Blanco, George, 6530, South Africa. This is a family owned farm that has become synonymous with quality fruit; it is a top destination for fruit pickers.

The farm’s main produce is strawberries; picking is open from Monday to Saturday. Visitors purchase their containers at the farm stall, and then go about the business of picking the fruit. This farm has very strict rules about hygiene; no eating on the fields, and no pets.

They also have a maze for young people to run around in, pony rides, a playground, and a bubble ball among other attractions.

8. Lentelus

Lentelus is located at the famous Route 62. This is a family farm with a long history of producing quality and delicious fruit. Lentelus is known for its pears and nectarines, as well as its peaches, plums, and apples.

Lentelus also has a flower garden, an open field for picnics, for kids to run around, and for kid’s parties to be held.

The farm also has accommodation for those who want to spend more time in the farm, picking fruits and holidaying.

9. Helderberg Farm

Helderberg Farm is located in Stellenbosch; it is a place of breathtaking beauty. This is one place where people go for the sights as much as for the fruits. Strawberries are the main produce of this farm- they are sweet and non toxic; and are produced with organic inputs only.

Helderberg Farm also has a hiking trail where people wander off into the wild to ease tension and explore nature. It has an open area for Braai and Picnics, and also for kids to play around. It also has a play park for children.

10. De Krans Wine Farm

De Krans Wine Farm is located in route 62. It is primarily a wine farm dating back to 1890. This farm is known for its wine, and it regularly holds wine tasting. However, those wine tastings are also fruit tastings.

The farm allows fruit picking when visitors come around, although the fruits may not be as abundant as one might find at the other farms highlighted above. De Krans Wine Farm also has food and drinks available for visitors; as well as walkways to enjoy the views.



The top fruit picking farms in Cape Town are actually in Stellenbosch and the famous Route 62; which are not very far from the Mother City. Please note that these farms have entry fees; and that the fees correspond to the amount of fruit that visitors are allowed to leave with. Please follow instructions when on the farms.

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