Top 10 Cricket Stadiums In Cape Town (2024)

The top cricket stadiums in Cape Town are a reflection of the importance of the sport in the city. Cricket is a beloved sport in Cape Town and most of South Africa, and as a result, the city’s cricket grounds are not just a place for swinging bats; they are places of cultural significance-part of the city’s history and culture.

Visitors who wish to see Cape Town; to see beyond the attractions and tourist sites, should endeavor to look at places like these- places that make the city and the people tick.

It is also important to note that these grounds are also world class arenas; they rival the best in the world for beauty and standards.

Top 10 Cricket Stadiums In Cape Town

1. Boland Park

Boland Park is a stadium located in Paarl, which is 17 minutes from Cape Town. Even though this stadium is designated as a multipurpose stadium, it is mostly used and mostly known as a cricket ground.

Boland Park has a capacity of 10,000 people, and was opened in 1996. A beautiful, well maintained stadium, this is a place of fun and excitement, and that excitement is further boosted by the natural surroundings. Boland Park is surrounded by trees, and mountains on almost all sides. This is also an important ground of cricket.

Boland Park has an important history in South African cricket; it hosted three matches during the 2003 Cricket World Cup. It is also a home of cricket; full with fans every week. Some of the teams using the stadium presently include Boland, Cape Cobras, Paarl Rocks, and Paarl Royals.

2. Paarl Cricket Club Ground

Paarl Cricket Club Ground is a cricket ground which was established as far back as 1960. This is hallowed ground for cricket lovers; it is a stadium that has been attended by grandparents, and then parents, and now children.

Paarl Cricket Club Ground was first used by the women’s team, back in 1960. However, the stadium has also been used for male games; for example; Boland used the ground on four occasions during the 1994–95 Castle Cup.

Paarl Cricket Club Ground is also surrounded by trees and mountains; it has the same effect as the Boland Park stadium, and it is arguably the more prestigious one.

3. Newlands Cricket Ground

Newlands Cricket Ground is one of the top cricket grounds in Cape Town, South Africa. It was opened in 1888, and has been opened ever since. There are other stadiums in the area, some of which are just as old, and revered, but they have mostly been closed down, leaving the  Newlands Cricket Ground as the sole surviving stadium from that era.

Newlands Cricket Ground has a capacity of 25,000, which is a more serious stadium than any previously highlighted. This is an important stadium for international cricket games; it has been hosting games since the 1800s. The first international cricket game hosted at this stadium was between South Africa and England which was played on 24-25 of March 1889.

This is one of the most revered cricket grounds in the country; it has continued to be an important ground for international cricket-hosting both male and female international games. Furthermore, it also hosts regular weekly games; it is used by the Western Province, Cape Cobras, and MI Cape Town.

4. Northerns-Goodwood Cricket Club Oval

Northerns-Goodwood Cricket Club Oval is located at Hamilton St, Goodwood Estate, Cape Town, 7459, South Africa. It is an old stadium; the first game on record was in 1983, although it could have been in use before then.

Northerns-Goodwood Cricket Club Oval is an important cricket ground; several teams train there, and it is a beehive of activity throughout the week. Furthermore, it has longing facilities, a fancy restaurant, and so many other attractions.

It is also an important stopover for visitors who are interested in the history of sports in the country.

5. Avonwood Park

Avonwood Park is located at Elsies Rivier, Cape Town, 7490, South Africa. This stadium is also called Avonwood Sports Ground. It is used for cricket, rugby, and soccer. This stadium is used for training and amateur competitions.

It is an important part of the sporting fabric of Cape Town life; many youth teams of different sports are based here. It is therefore an important place to visit for those interested in discovering new talent.

Avonwood Park is available for use for other purposes as well; although the stadium is also a great place to hang around in the evenings to watch the young people at play.

6. Boon Wallace Oval

Boon Wallace Oval is located at Victoria Road, Plumstead Cape Town 7800. South Africa. This stadium is the home of the Cape Town Cricket Club. The stadium is well recognized across the world; it is well reviewed by magazines located as far as New Zealand and Australia.

Such a stadium is an important part of the social structure of the city; club games are held here almost every weekend. The games are well attended; meaning that the stadium is usual filled with cricket fans every week.

Boon Wallace Oval is an important stop for anyone interested in seeing the development of crick in South Africa.

7. Durbanville Cricket Club Ground

Durbanville Cricket Club Ground is located at 8 Sport Way, Durbanville, Cape Town, 7551, South Africa. It is an historic sports ground; it came into existence in 1942, but went offline during WWII, only to return when the war was over.

It is an important cricket ground; it hosts games from several tournaments. Durbanville Cricket Club plays in the WPCA Premier League, Res A, Res E, Division 3A x 2, 3B x 2. The club also has a junior section for kids within the ages of 5 and above.

Every weekend, this stadium is a beehive of sporting activity; it is filled with spectators, and always has a lively atmosphere. So many young people (as well as their parents) are building their dreams at this cricket ground, it has so much potential in terms of talent.

8. Elfindale Cricket Ground Cape Town

Elfindale Cricket Ground Cape Town is located at the Corner of Roscommon and, Elfin Ave, Elfindale, Cape Town, 7945, South Africa. The cricket ground is a community cricket center which was built in 1899 by the local church to tackle the issue of young people not having much to do with their time.

It remains a very important ground for the youth; they train there as well as have their little league games. The ground is where young people go to build on their dreams and prepare themselves for life in the big leagues of professional cricket.

9. Florida Park 

Florida Park is located at Stroebel St, Ravensmead, Cape Town, 7504, South Africa. This is one of the top cricket stadiums in Cape Town; and it is also used for table tennis, rugby, soccer and athletics.

This is a very important stadium in Cape Town; it is part of the fabric of the city. As a multipurpose sports facility it is usual to find several different sports being held at the same time, or to find that while fans of one sport are still around, others have started arriving.

This sports ground is part of the cultural landscape of Cape Town, it is one of the places that visitors must see as part of their tour of the city.

10. UCT Bowl

The University of Cape Town sports bowl is part of the University. It is located at 7701, Rondebosch, Cape Town, South Africa. This is one of the busiest cricket stadiums in Cape Town, and it is also seriously important for other sports such as netball, volleyball, basketball, hockey, squash, badminton, table tennis, martial arts and other disciplines.

The ground is very important for the development of sports in the city; sports is an important part of life in the University of Cape Town. The games held here are well attended; it gives the impression of a professional arena.

College games are an important stepping stone to a professional career; the games are well organized, and draw in teams from universities around the country.



This has been an interesting perspective on the top cricket stadiums in Cape Town. Those interested in touring these facilities may consult with their tour guides to see some of the older crick grounds which have now been decommissioned.

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