Top 10 Water Parks In Cape Town (2024)

Water parks in Cape Town are an important part of the city’s landscape. This is because Cape Town is an important tourism center. Any decent tourism hub must have something to cater to the needs of those who like to play around in water. Water does have a soothing effect.

The best thing about Cape Town is that everything is of a high standard. The waterparks in the city are no different. Cape Town’s water parks are world class centers; offering quality enjoyment in safety conscious environments.

All the standard attractions are available; and some even have unique features which cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Top 10 Water Parks In Cape Town

1. Water World Strand

Water World Strand is located at opposite 195, Beach Rd, Strand, Cape Town, 7140, South Africa. This is arguably the best known water park in the city; it regularly gets mentioned whenever the topic of recreational activities in the city is discussed.

Water World is a huge edifice; it is a mostly outdoor fun park with all kinds of attractions including giant swimming pools, giant water slides, and so much more. The park also has some special attractions such as Supertube, Speedslide, Mini Slide, Kiddies Slides.

Water World Strand is not just a big concrete slab; it also has plenty of greenery, and the environment is designed to look natural. Water World Strand also incorporates wooden structures into the architecture to add to its originality.

The park also has food and drinks; there are light breakfasts and lunches available; both kids and adults can recharge easily.

2. Bugz Playpark

Bugz Playpark is located at 56 Tarentaal Rd, Joostenberg Vlakte, Cape Town, 7570, South Africa. This is the most popular park in Cape Town; it has thousands of reviews all over the internet, and many more in print.

Bugz Playpark is a theme park built after the popular Bugz Bunny cartoon series; many of the rides and attractions bear the likeness and images of the characters from the cartoon series. Therefore, this theme park is best for kids between the ages of 2-12.

Bugz Playpark has swimming pools; there are some that are just for swimming, while others are for specific activities like rowing boats, splashing, and also water slides. The waterslides are a particular interest; they are colorful and exciting.

3. Adventure Land

Adventure Land is located at N2, Plettenberg Bay 6600, South Africa. This is one of Cape Town’s top waterparks; it has everything that one would expect of a water based attraction. First of all there is the pool which is as big as a river. This is arguably a man made river rather than a pool.

Then there are several giant waterslides that end up in the huge pool; while spinning visitors wildly first before landing in the pool. The water slides come in different shapes, colors and sizes, they also come in different designs.

There are also some attractions specifically designed for children. One of these is the mini slides which wash into the shallow pool for toddlers.

There are also plenty of food and drinks at the park; this is a great place to enjoy quality time for the whole family.

4. Milnerton Water Park

Milnerton Water Park is located off Pentz Drive, Table View Cape Town, Western Cape. This is an open air playground that has everything to do with the water. First there are a series of pools; very big, and very impressive.

Then there are slides; this is the most important part of any waterpark; the slides are the most popular attraction to this park. They come in different shapes and sizes, and are separated rather cluttered together.

Milnerton Water Park has several pools, and they are separated according to age.

5. Wild Waves Water Parks

Wild Waves Water Parks is located at Wild Coast Sun resort, Port Edward 4295, South Africa. It is quite an impressive place; the waterpark is built to give a natural appeal; it looks like a wild outdoor adventure, especially with the palm trees in the background, and the roofing made of thatch.

The park is suitable for children of all ages, as well as for adults. The pools are segmented according to age, and height. The place is also very safe; there are life guards on duty all around. Furthermore, the staff are always vigilant and also very polite.

Wild Waves Water Park also has a hotel so if the fun is so good that visitors want to repeat, they can stay on as long as they like.

6. Valley Of Waves

Valley of Waves is located at Sun City Resort, Sun City 0316, South Africa. Valley of Waves has a huge man made lagoon; visiting this place feels like visiting the beach. The park is designed to feel like a beach resort located in an ancient ruin. This much is proved by the clay bricks which are not evenly laid.

Valley of Waves has huge water slides; they are quite exciting because they are quite steep, and they spin around before dropping in the pool with a big splash. The splash is felt in the trees surrounding the pools; the trees give an added effect to the whole place.

This is a great place for family holidays; there is a hotel attached, which means visitors can stay as long as they like.

7. Waterworld

Waterworld is located at Sun City, Sun City 0316, South Africa. This is a huge outdoor fun place; the number of winding water slides is just breathtaking. Waterworld is also located next to a beach so there is plenty of fresh air flowing in from the ocean, and plenty of the beach feeling when visiting this place.

The pools are big and artfully shaped; they are interconnected by tunnels and watercourses that look like a natural estuary. There are also plenty of trees in the area, and also in the background shielding off the beach.

Waterworld also has some of the biggest water-slides you have ever seen; they are so tall and elaborately designed. It has to be mentioned that there is a mini slide in a mini pool, so small children are not necessarily left out of the fun.

8. uShaka Wet And Wild

uShaka Wet And Wild is located at 1 King Shaka Avenue | uShaka Marine World, Durban 4001, South Africa. This is an amazing place for a family vacation; it is one of the best waterparks in the city.

uShaka Wet And Wild has all the standard attractions to a waterpark; it has huge and neatly designed pools, as well as several water slides which are so exciting that people spend hours spinning around in them. Furthermore, some of the water slides are so big that multiple visitors ride them inside rafts. This is particularly popular among young people like couples, or groups of friends.

This park even has a fast flowing river; visitors go on rafts as the water rushes by; this is similar to what is obtainable at the best waterparks in the world. All in all, this is one of the thrilling water adventure parks in Africa.

9. Muizenberg Waterslides

Muizenberg Waterslides is located at 20a Beach Rd, Muizenberg, Cape Town, 7945, South Africa. This is one of the facilities that make Muizenberg one of the great tourism centers of Cape Town. As with other waterparks located near a beach, it has a certain beach-like effect.

It has huge pools- most of which are designed in a circular manner. Interestingly, as the water from the slides rush into the pools, they look like a torrent; like a fast moving stream of water. The slides are huge; some of them are so high that it looks as if the visitors are surfing.

The drops are also quite high; producing an adrenaline rush that people who want to experience the thrill of living may find this quite sufficient.

10. Graceland Venues Cape Town

Graceland Venues is located at Lustigan Rd, Paarl, 7620, South Africa. It is a great place to have splashing fun with friends and family. This place is well suited to kids; there are shallow pools and mini slides especially for children.

There are also some serious slides for adults, as well as pools to play around in. this is a complete resort; there are braai facilities, as well as gazebos, and open benches to recline on. The venue also hosts kid’s parties, and other special events.

There is also a lot of open ground to run around in; and the setting is quite romantic.



The top water parks in Cape Town are also some of the best in the country, and the continent. If a visitor decided to visit every water park in the city, it would be a very long visit indeed. Cape Town is filled with all kinds of fun activities; no wonder it is visited by millions of people every year.

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