Top 10 Snake Parks In Cape Town (2024)

Snakes are wonderful creatures; they are some of the stealthiest creatures on the planet. The top snake parks in Cape Town are the only chance most people will get to see these magnificent creatures up close- they are just too stealthy.

Some people are just curious about these creatures; and as a result they start to learn about them. Learning about snakes can quickly lead to fascination; these creatures are very interesting to see and observe.

Most people have a compulsive fear of snakes, and will not venture within 5 meters of one. The rest of people are actually looking for snake parks to visit. In and around Cape Town, these are where they go.

Top 10 Snake Parks In Cape Town

Le Bonheur Reptile Adventure

Le Bonheur Reptile Adventure is located at Babylonstoren Rd Paarl, 7646, Cape Town, South Africa. This is a big establishment, it holds a wide variety of snakes, as well as crocodiles, tortoises, and other reptiles and amphibians.

Le Bonheur Reptile Adventure is one of the most popular snake parks in Cape Town, it gets a lot of visitors who are funneled in by agents who deal with tourists.

Le Bonheur Reptile Adventure keeps its animals in different enclosures; some are made with glass, others with wire mesh, and others with wood. Visitors can see these dreaded animals up close and personal, and can even pet them.

Activities include diving with crocodiles, school tours, and guided tours of the snake enclosures. There is also a restaurant, and space for kids’ parties.

Reptile Garden

Reptile Garden is a park located at Eversdal Rd, Eversdal, Cape Town, 7550, South Africa. This is a kid friendly park that has a wide diversity of snakes on display. Some of the snakes on display include pythons, cape cobras, and various other snakes.

Reptile Garden has other kinds of animals besides snakes; it has tortoises, monitor lizards, geckos, chameleons, and so on.

The park also has a restaurant, shop, play park, train rides, petting zoo, and so on. This is both a reptile garden and a kid’s park, it is designed with children in mind.

Croc City Crocodile And Reptile Park

Croc City Crocodile And Reptile Park is 2 ½ hours away from Cape Town, but if seeing snakes is the objective then the experience is worth it. Croc City is an impressive establishment that caters to tourists and locals alike, giving them an environment to relax with snakes.

Snakes are an important exhibit in this establishment, as are crocodiles, monitor lizards and many other creatures.

It is a huge area of land, located in an agricultural community. The snakes are in large enclosures, protected with wire mesh. The crocodiles are in open pits, visitors can see them from above.

There is a special activity in this park; visitors can zipline above the crocodile enclosure. Visitors can also participate in feeding the crocodiles, and handling of snakes is allowed.

Cape Point Ostrich Farm & Reptile Rehabilitation Center

Cape Point Ostrich Farm & Reptile Rehabilitation Center is a well-structured establishment located just 50km from Cape Town. Even the journey from Cape Town is covered with scenic and breathtaking views, leading up to the Cape Peninsular.

Cape Point Ostrich Farm & Reptile Rehabilitation Center was actually an ostrich farm, but has recently been merged with a reptile rehabilitation center, which kept snakes as well as other reptiles.

Cape Point Ostrich Farm & Reptile Rehabilitation Center has successfully metamorphosed into a place to see snakes, and other animals. This park also has a restaurant, leather shop (leather from reptiles), egg shop, and so on.

Montagu Guano Cave Resort

Montagu Guano Cave Resort is located in Montagu, which is out in Western Cape is an interesting and impressive place; it is a cave resort, with pools, restaurant bar, and many other facilities. Visitors will be impressed by the ancient rock art, and by the petting zoo.

The petting zoo has snakes, some of which are bigger than two grown men. Visitors are allowed to play with the snakes, and with other reptiles like monitor lizards, agama lizards, and so on. The petting zoo also has horses, imus, pigs, camels and peacocks.

Montagu Guano Cave Resort also has beautiful accommodations for those who feel that one day is not enough to appreciate these animals. The scenery also makes for great photos.

Reptile World

Reptile World is one of the top snake parks in Cape Town; it is basically a place to see snakes of different types. The whole structure is constructed from shipping containers, and every container is fitted with a ventilation unit to keep it cool for the snakes.

Reptile World is located at 37B, Dock Road, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town. It is quite a popular haunt for snake lovers; children find this place of particular interest. The snakes are most held in glass cages, and so children can see them and their every moves.

Furthermore, the V&A Waterfront is a very popular spot for international tourists, and as a result, the park gets a lot of foot traffic. People marvel at the different types of snakes; especially those who have never held a snake in their hands before.

Cape Town Snake Park

Cape Town Snake Park is not big, but it is rated as one of the top snake parks in Cape Town because of the educational nature of the programme. It is located at Kommetjie Rd, Kommetjie, Kommetjie, 7976, Western Cape.

This park has a wide variety of snakes- about 30 species. It holds regular events which are appealing to both children and adults, and are geared toward teaching people more about snakes.

The park’s snakes are held in enclosures, some of which are made of glass. This allows visitors to see the snakes up close.

Petting sessions are allowed; visitors are allowed to handle the snakes, and to play with them.



Snakes remain a fascination for most people, and fortunately there are top snake parks in Cape Town, where visitors can come to see and feel the different types of snakes. This industry is still developing; it is not nearly as popular as the big game reserves in the city.

Perhaps as time goes on, more snake parks will open up, and more people will get the opportunity to enjoy these fascinating creatures.

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