Top 10 Gyms In Cape Town (2024)

The top gyms in Cape Town have all the necessary equipment to be among the best in their industry. However, gyms are more than just enclosures with fancy equipment- to some people they are communities- places to meet fellow fitness enthusiasts and to encourage one another to attain higher fitness levels.

The best gyms should therefore offer a bit of both; they should have all the necessary equipment, and also have thriving communities of enthusiasts who make any gym tick.

There are several gyms within the city who meet and exceed these requirements; and they spread around the city.

Top 10 Gyms In Cape Town

1. Optimum Lifestyle Gym

Optimum Lifestyle is one of the most popular gyms in Cape Town, and the hard-fought popularity comes from a well-structured and efficiently managed gym. It has a wide selection of top quality technology equipment, and then it also offers a personalized approach to fitness- instructor’s work with clients to achieve their fitness goals.

This has made this gym a community of fitness enthusiasts; or rather, several communities of fitness enthusiasts, with specific areas of specialization, including sports, body composition, and health boosting training.

This gym has become famous for the seamless combination of technology and people. As a people focused company, it keeps its classes flexible, thus ensuring that people are able to meet their fitness goals, thus getting value for their money.

Address: 89 Main Road, Tramways Village, Block A, Level 1, Diep River


Contact Number: 021 569 7006

2. MyGym Fitness Studio

MYGYM is another big gym in Cape Town; one that is known for being a community of fitness enthusiasts who have a deep sense of togetherness. It is that sense of togetherness that draws in people to this gym more than anything, but the gym has much more to offer.

Flexibility is a major hallmark of this gym; instead of long term contracts, it operates a system of month to month contracts which enables people to build their workout regimen around their work commitments.

Interestingly, it is that flexibility that attracts people; they are happy to be part of the community, and whenever they miss a member, they reach out to them to encourage them to get back to the gym.

It is not just a gym; they also practice group boxing, and MMA classes, and also do massages after workouts.

Address: 79 Roeland St, District Six, Cape Town, 7925


Contact Number: 076 677 3787

3. The Armory Boxing Club

The Armory Boxing Club is just what the name says; a boxing club. It is still a gym at its core; fitness is the goal. But the fitness is geared towards having the ability to throw a punch. This does a lot for both the body and the mind, regardless of whether one is a hardcore boxing fan.

If one is just looking for a place to get fit, then this is a very good option; a place with a great community spirit where one can burn calories and get the body into shape. As it happens in most cases, with the body in shape, the next step is to attempt a little boxing.

A little boxing is fun; it is safe and daring, and there are enough people on hand to guide one through the process. If it does not feel like something one wants to keep doing then one can stop without any commitment. If one wishes to continue at that play/fun level, on can continue. If one wishes to take it seriously, then that option is open as well.

Address:  B2, Buchanan Square, 160 Sir Lowry Rd, Woodstock, Cape Town, 7925


Contact Number: 021 461 9141

4. Roark Gyms

Roark Gyms is one of the biggest names in the fitness industry in Cape Town. This is actually a big fitness company; it has several locations in the USA, and there is no doubt that it is going to spread its tentacles throughout South Africa as well. In order to do that it needs to prove itself in Cape Town, which is exactly what it has done.

Roark Gyms has everything you would expect from a top gym; it has all the fancy equipment, superstar trainers, and a very well-structured training regimens.

The training regimens depend on the fitness goals of the individual clients; body modification, strength training, sports training, and so on. All the training takes place in an entertaining and yet competitive environment that encourages clients to put in the work in order to get the results they desire.

Address: 47 De Villiers St, District Six, Cape Town, 8000


Contact Number: 072 340 2081

5. Planet Fitness Signature

Planet Fitness Signature is another one of the big names in fitness as far as South Africa is concerned; it is a company with an extensive network. What happens with big companies is that they function more like machines than as places with people at the heart.

Nevertheless, Planet Fitness Signature is a truly impressive structure with all the latest fitness equipment one would expect from a top gym. The experience is premium, fancy, or even luxury.

The gym itself is very spacious, and very inviting; training is quite personalized, and there is a bit of competitiveness in the air- which most people agree is necessary to get results. The results vary according to what the individual clients have in mind;

Address: 117 Strand St, De Waterkant, Cape Town, 8000


Contact Number: 021 020 1056

6. UP Pole and Aerial Fitness

Another unique fitness experience comes from the stable of UP Pole and Aerial Fitness. The fitness offered by this company is not all about squats and lifting weights; it is all about being in sync with ones, body.

This means having the flexibility and the flair of a pole dancer. This is not the dirty pole dancers of the night clubs; this is all about having the presence of mind to perform gravity defying moves on a pole, while having the dance moves of a ballerina.

It is already catching on; the studio is becoming increasingly popular even among those with no dreams of becoming professional dancers.

Address: 138 Main Rd, Fish Hoek, Cape Town, 7974


Contact Number: 082 472 3931

7. Velocity Gym Hout Bay

Velocity Gym is a fun place to be; it is unique because it adds a certain beach flavor to its activities. Its location plays a big role in this; it is located at the Hout Bay Beachfront, which is a very beautiful place, with a party atmosphere almost every day.

The gym is often full of people getting ready for summer, but then there are also people who are genuine fitness buffs, who actually care about their bodies beyond the lure of wearing beach clothes in summer.

It has all the necessary equipment, and its activities are varied; from traditional yoga, to modern fitness classes. It also offers a community of enthusiasts who encourage one another not to relent, but to keep on pushing themselves to attain their fitness goals.

Address: Chapmans Peak Drive, Scott Estate, Cape Town, 7806


Contact Number: 021 180 2550

8. Virgin Active Gym

Virgin Active is a globally recognized brand in the fitness industry; it has outlets in several countries of the world, and is part of a global conglomerate with interests in several key sectors. This is an excellent company, and its excellence is evident in the way the gym is operated.

The gym is operated like a wellness club rather than a gym proper; the goal is not just to build muscle mass and look like a brick wall; the goal is to have good health, and live a high quality of life.

The gym welcomes people of all ages and has its gym options including cardiovascular, strength training machines, weight loss training, swimming pool, and so much more.

Address: Sun Valley Mall, Corner of Ou Kaaps Weg & Buller Louw Blvd, Sunnydale, Cape Town, 7975


Contact Number: 021 785 1934

9. SWEAT 1000 Gym

SWEAT 1000 is a gym that promises to make clients sweat. It accomplishes that with high-intensity workouts and innovative approach to fitness. It is a place for those who have some experience with working out, but who want to see how much their bodies can handle.

The workouts will test client’s body and mind, and that way the desired results will be attained. This gym is highly competitive; it may not be the best for complete newbies to body building and fitness.

Address: 3rd Floor, The Point Mall Shopping Centre in Sea Point, 76 Regent Rd, Sea Point, Cape Town, 8005


Contact Number: 021 439 9903

10. Zone Fitness

Zone Fitness is a major player in the fitness industry in Cape Town; it has several locations across the city. It is a place of proven fitness activity; with plenty of equipment. Affordability is another strong selling point of this gym.

With its affordable rates, it offers people the opportunity to reach their fitness goals without having to spend too much money.

Zone Fitness is a community of people who want to enjoy good health and a good quality of life. They encourage one another in this friendly environment; and help each other reach their fitness goals.

Address: 34 Strand St, Cape Town, South Africa

Bellville: Corner of Belrail Road & Willie Hofmeyer Avenue Sanlamhof, Bellville


Tel: +27 21 949 0685



The top gyms in Cape Town are very popular even outside the city because they have built their reputations by transforming the lives and bodies of their clients. These Gyms play an important role in the mental health of clients because many people do not feel good about their bodies, and so turn to fitness to improve their sense of self-worth.

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