Top 12 Best Shark Cage Diving In Cape Town (2023)

When thinking of where to travel in Africa, most people automatically think of Cape Town. This vibrant South African coastal city enjoys a Mediterranean climate and cultural diversity as a result of its attractive setting. Table Mountain and Cape Point are just two of the beautiful views that have brought fame to the city.

Cape Town is one of the most exciting diving spots, and it also has some of the world’s best landscapes. There is an abundance of delicious food and wine, a stunning landscape, stunning shores, and boundless opportunities for exploration.

People who go scuba diving in Cape Town often report having a great time due of the city’s unusual coastline, which has a lot to offer divers. When diving near Cape Town, you may find it challenging due to the water’s temperature swings and the occasional lack of visibility. So, I’m going to go over 12 best shark cage. Diving in cape Town and all you need to know that

Top 12 Best Shark Cage Diving In Cape Town (2023)

1. Pisces Divers

If you need to know the best shark Cage diving in cape Town, pisces divers is your best shot. Mike Nortje operates a top-notch diving facility on the beautiful shores of Simonstown’s long beach.

There is a coffee shop and a swimming pool at this famous training beach. Two dives from a boat are $130, while two dives from land cost $87. Their selection of scuba diving classes is extensive.

2. SAS Pietermaritzburg

The South African Navy acquired the old HMS Pelorus in 1994 with the intention of using it as an artificial reef in the Indian Ocean. This undamaged wreck is a stunning choice for a night dive due to its moderate depth and proximity to the launch place.

3. Alpha Dive Center

The Strand location of this diving operation allows it to serve all of False Bay. Numerous excellent diving instructors are available for both shore and boat dives, and the owner himself has dived for over two decades. Full scuba equipment can be rented for $25 per day, and boat dies run approximately $40 per day, give or take. Additionally, we provide scuba diving lessons.

4. V&A Waterfront

You may dive with ragged tooth sharks, dusky kobs, and other predators in V&A’s Aquarium. The tank’s big viewing windows let your friends to look in and see you when they click or watch you through the windows.

It’s a great place for inexperienced divers to go on their first dive. A variety of fish are resident in this area, and advanced divers dive into the kelp forest to showcase and feed them. The V&A Waterfront in Cape Town is a popular location for scuba divers.

5. The Maori

Divers from all over the world visit the Cape Town area to explore this well-known wreck. A plunge back in time to the 1999 sinking of a 5317-ton ship. This ship left London bound for New Zealand with a cargo of explosives. Some of the dive’s highlights include a steam engine, freight lines, and other historical relics. This vessel has run aground on a reef that is roughly 122 meters in height. Twenty-one meters is the deepest that can be reached.

6. Justin’s Caves

It’s a great place to go diving in the summer. Even in the height of summer, the water at this beach dive is refreshingly cool. There are nudibranchs, sponges, anemones, and crayfish in the enormous caves, making them a great place to swim through. Hottentot and many of other little fishes don’t pose any danger here, so feel free to swim around. The dive is a regular day dive.

7. Castle Rock

This is a large boulder field in a relatively shallow harbor. The entrance to the little bay is located past a large kelp forest. Cape Knifejaw, Bank Steenbras, Butterfish, Red Roman, Shy Sharks, and Pyjama Sharks, among many others, populate the waters along these rocky outcrops. There’s a limit of 15 meters to the depth.

8. The False Bay Side

False bay’s interior is a fantastic place to go diving. There are interesting naked beaches where you may swim with cow sharks and seals. The large cow-sharks may be seen from the coast, and the excellent roads make it simple to get to the shore dives.

False Bay is ideal for scuba diving in the winter since the prevailing winds die down and the bay is relatively calm. During the winter, the water temperature is roughly 16 degrees Celsius, and visibility ranges from 5 to 10 meters.

9. The A-Frame

The dive is worth it because there is a simple entrance and lots of interesting sea life to see. You enter through a flat plateau, a rocky one, and then descend a shallow sandy space to begin your tour of Kelp Forest, passing by some imposing boulders on the way.

Numerous brightly colored invertebrates can be seen as you swim through the cavernous holes and under the overhangs. It’s best to do a night dive here. Here you can easily spot cuttlefish, octopus, and even timid sharks.

10. The Clan Stuart

So, the last on this list of best shark cage divingin cape Town is The Clan Stuart. “SS Clan Stuart” is a British turret steamer that weighed 3500 tons and was used to transport coal.

The SS Clan Stuart has been lost at sea ever since the 21st of November, 1914, when she drew her anchor. The wreck is a relatively easy dive for divers of any experience level.

It’s perfect for night dives and training, and also makes for a wonderful shore drive. Reef creatures of all shapes and sizes can be found here. The intriguing wrecks in this area are colonized by vegetation and various species of tiny fish. As the name suggests, this is a winter dive that can be done at any time of day or night. Eight meters is the maximum depth, with six meters being the norm.

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