30 fun things to do in cape town for free (2022)

To have a wonderful time in a foreign nation, you need not spend a fortune. South Africa is a treasure trove of experiences for tourists, but if you’re on a tight budget, there are still plenty of fun things to do in the city that won’t cost you a dime.

Everyone enjoys a good freebie, and we’ve compiled a list of some fun things to do in Cape Town and Cape Town’s free attractions for your perusal. In the most well-known spot in South Africa, you can do and see a lot without spending any money.

30 fun things to do in cape town for free (2022)

1. Come see the sunset over  bestSignal Hill

One of the greatest fun things to do in Cape Town is to visit Signal Hill, which is situated between Lion’s Head and Table Mountain. It’s possible to see all of Cape Town, Table Bay, and the breathtaking Atlantic Ocean from the top of the hill, which stands at 350 meters. Even amongst the local populace, this hill has gained notoriety as a popular destination for those seeking to take in a sunrise or sunset.

2. Go Up Table Mountain!

This flat-topped mountain overlooking Cape Town is a popular sight and one of the greatest places to go in Cape Town if you want to save money on your vacation. It is the northernmost point of the Cape Peninsula and is located within Table Mountain National Park. It is well-known for its huge bed of sandstones and slates, which offers visitors a breathtaking panorama of the city below.

3. Alphen Trail Hike

If you’re searching for a hike in the Constantia Valley, look no further than the Alphen Trail. This path fully circles the valley, providing stunning panoramas of the Diep River and Constantiaberg Mountain.

The Alphen Hotel should definitely be on your itinerary, as it is a national landmark with beautiful gardens and a rich history. If you’re looking for free things to do in Cape Town, a hike along the Alphen Trail is a great option.

4. Visit Stellenbosch and Constantia for Free Wine Tastings.

To go to the heart of Cape Town’s wine culture, you can take a tour of either the Constantia Wine Route or the Groot Constantia Wine Farm.

We propose beginning your trip with a visit to these places, and then following it up with a gourmet tour of the city to learn about the best food and wine pairings.

5. Look For Seals In Kalk Bay’s Harbor

This suburb of larger Cape Town is a nice spot to relax after a day of sightseeing, as it is situated on the shore of a fishing community near False Bay, the Kalk Bay Harbour. The Kalk Bay lighthouse, constructed in 1919, is one of the city’s most recognizable features.

6. Tour Agricultural Facilities of the Company’s Garden

Founded in the 1650s, Company’s Garden is South Africa’s oldest garden and can be found close to Cape Town’s downtown. The area was originally settled by Europeans so that they could grow food for the ships that would come to Cape Town to trade.

7. Go for a stroll along the shore of Hout Bay.

This one kilometer of beach fronting the Atlantic Ocean is the ideal place to spend a weekend trip. Near the Cape Town cliffs of Chapman’s Peak is a great spot for kids to learn to surf or just splash around in the sand. After a day of sightseeing, stroll down the beach and enjoy dinner at Mariner’s Wharf.

8. Taking in Some Live Music

In addition to the delicious food and unique local goods available at the stalls, the Bay Harbour Market also has free, live music. The crowd gets into the spirit when local performers perform there.

9. Come see the Monument “Just Nuisance”

Located in Simon’s Town, this memorial to an unnamed Great Dane honors the dog’s role as a supporter of the Royal Navy, for which he dressed up in a sailor’s uniform and attended events.

Visit Simon’s Town Museum to see his collar, paperwork, and photographs on display, and learn more about this model canine citizen.

10. See the Canadian Centre For The Book

Center for the Book at the National Library of South Africa encourages locals to read, write, and publish in their native languages and dialects.

Their gorgeous wood-paneled interior is sure to motivate visitors to pick up a book and start reading after participating in one of the many reading-related tours and events they host regularly. There are also a number of Cape Town’s finest five-star hotels in this neighborhood.

11. Hit up Muizenberg Beach for some waves

The Muizenberg has maintained a vibrant surfing culture for many decades. The friendly locals and laid-back atmosphere in this picturesque beach town are unmatched. No matter the time of year, the waves are spectacular.

Therefore, the waves are constantly waiting for you, whether the sun is high in the sky in the summer or the sun is hidden by the winter cold. Winter is, in fact, peak wave season. If you want to avoid the traffic and make the most of your time here, you should get here as early as possible.

12. Visit Cecilia Forest

If you have the chance, you absolutely must visit Cape Town because of its stunning beauty. Hikers who are interested in seeing where myths originated should make a beeline for the Cecilia Forest, which is replete with waterfalls, glades, and luscious moses.

The water in the mountains is also clean and safe to drink. Here is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to unwind in the company of something peaceful and all-natural. Where Hohenort Drive and Rhodes Drive intersect in the Newlands is a great place to start your journey. This is a must-see if you’re looking for a cost-free day trip from Cape Town.

13. Just Hang Out in a Hammock Here at De Waal Park

Centrally located in The City Bowl, De Waal Park is well-known for its many trees of varying species and its friendly environment, making it a popular place for locals and visitors alike to relax in hammocks and take a sleep. Naturally, this is also an excellent location for families to bond and enjoy some time together.

We recommend bringing a picnic, a blanket, and a hammock if you plan on visiting this park, and spending the day lounging in the sunshine. Are you sick of taking it easy? As it turns out, there’s much to do in this area.

Summertime brings with it concerts in the park, where you may listen to music and dance to the beat of the times. Enjoy this complete musical excursion at no expense to you.

Other fun things to do in Cape Town for free includes exploring the followings:

14. Helderberg Nature Reserve

15. Newlands Forest

16. Neighbourgoods Market

17. Intaka Island

18. Enjoy a treat from Charly’s Bakery

19. Faire Un Tour Au Jardin Babylonstoren

20. Mountain biking in Meerendal

21. Rietvlei Wetland Reserve

22. Visit SANCCOB

23. Coffee at the award-winning Truth Coffee Shop

24. Poolside fun

25. Food at the Bluebird Garage market

26. Grab some ice-cream

27. Sip a cold craft brew at Beerhouse

28. Sign up to Agaaain

29. Play putt-putt

30. Visit the Scratch Patch


If you need to know the fun things to do in cape town for free, I have listed about 30 free activities in cape town to do when next you are visiting the city.

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