Shark Diving Cape Town Price & Best Time Of The Year (2023)

Cage diving with shark It’s a thrilling experience that can stir up tremendous feelings in people. As may be expected of an extreme activity involving near encounters with this fearless and feared marine predator, the reaction to the mention of shark cage diving ranges from astonishment and exhilaration to absolute horror and mild to strong condemnation.

A typical shark cage trip will cost you R 1800 per person. [Transportation fees are not subject to value-added tax]. The 15% tax is already included in the price of the shark diving tours.  So, I will quickly go over shark diving cape Town prices as well as shark diving best time of the year.

Shark Diving Cape Town Price & Best Time Of The Year (2023)

Cage diving with Great White sharks in the Cape Town area has made South Africa famous as a shark destination. Here I’ll go over my experiences with shark diving at the Cape, including cage diving, scuba, and pelagic shark diving. From the warm waters of Kwa-zulu Natal to the cooler waters of the Cape, South Africa is home to a staggering variety of sharks.

Protea Banks in KwaZulu Natal is the best place in South Africa for scuba diving with sharks of all sizes. Tigersharks, Zambezis, Blacktips, and even huge schools of hammerheads have all been spotted here.

Divers in the Cape have just recently begun to explore the underwater world with sharks. Scuba divers have just recently discovered populations of these incredible creatures that are accessible during dives. Shark diving in Cape town differs from one tourist location to the other. But usually, the price of shark diving in Cape Town ranges from $100 to $250 depending on what the resorts promise the users.

Day trips can be taken from Cape Town to participate in one of three distinct shark diving expeditions. The types of sharks encountered, as well as the diving techniques and environments explored, vary greatly between these trips.

After getting through with shark diving cape Town prices, let’s go to other phases of this content.

Pelagic Shark Dive

Experienced divers will find this pelagic shark dive with Pisces Divers to be an exciting and unforgettable new experience. It’s exhilarating to float in the clear, balmy water of the Agulhas river and watch for potential predators.

While blue sharks and mako sharks make up the bulk of the marine life encountered on this dive, other species, including as whales and yellowfin tunas, are certainly feasible out here in the open ocean.

Scuba divers from all over the world come here in the hopes of catching a glimpse of this magnificent creature. It’s a short, stocky shark that can reach lengths of 3 meters, however the average is closer to 2 meters.

It’s the fastest shark in the ocean, capable of reaching speeds of up to 74 kilometers per hour, and its mouth is crammed with teeth that are easy to see. It swims so fast that witnesses have reported seeing it leap up to 9 meters out of the water.

Two of these sharks joined us for a few minutes of our dive, and it was fantastic to see them so calm and leisurely circling around us and the bait bin.

Cage Diving Cape Town

Many visitors to South Africa check off the experience of viewing Great White Sharks from a cage as one of their must-do activities. Participants stand in a cage attached to the side of a boat, so it’s not truly a dive. Baited shark fishing allows for up-close encounters with gigantic Great Whites.

From Simonstown, you can go cage diving around seal island in False Bay, but you should know that sharks only frequent this area between the months of February and September. From Gansbaai, approximately 2 hours away from Cape Town, you can view Great White sharks any time of the year.

A big part of the Marine Dynamics Cage Dive trip from Gansbaai/Kleinbaai is dedicated to saving the marine environment. If you travel with this seasoned group, you have a great shot at getting up close and personal with these incredible creatures.

They have excellent amenities both on board and at the Great White House in Kleinbaai, and they have a marine biologist on staff to answer any questions you may have regarding the sharks and their habits. If you decide to go with Marine Dynamics, they will come pick you up in Cape Town.

When can you shark dive in Cape Town?

The best time to go shark diving in Cape Town is between June 16 and September 14, although Gansbaai is a great option any time of year and can be visited in a day.


While public transportation options such as the train and taxis/Uber are available, the most convenient method to get around Cape Town is by hiring a car. When renting a car for a week, you may get a medium-sized automobile for around $20 per day and a small economy car for as little as $10 per day. You can pick up your car in town or at the terminal. So, that is all you need to know about Shark diving in Cape Town prices and other useful information for you.

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