Top 10 Golf Estates In Cape Town (2024)

Golf estates in Cape Town are as important as any other facility in the city; they are part of the physical and cultural landscape of the city. They are part of what makes Cape Town tick; these estates draw in visitors from all over the world.

in order to draw in visitors from all over the world the golf courses have to be of a high standard; equal or better than anything that can be found anywhere in the world.

Cape Town’s golf courses have lived up to that expectation; they are beautiful, unique, and challenging- giving golf enthusiast plenty of reasons to come back for another round.

Top 10 Golf Estates In Cape Town

1. Montagu at Fancourt Golf Estate, Garden Route

The Montagu at Fancourt has gained a reputation as one of the best golf courses in South Africa. Its very design is made to inspire awe; it is cleverly designed to present challenges which is what makes golf such an interesting game. It is also beautiful in its very nature; with trees, lawns, flowers, and a setting that involves mountains, water, and wildlife.

In order to enjoy this great golf course, one has to be a member of the golf club, or to stay at the hotel.

This golf estate may look leisurely, but the friendly games can sometimes take a competitive turn because the golf course attracts accomplished golfers who go there “on vacation.”

2. Pearl Valley Country Club, Winelands

Pearl Valley is another golf estate in Cape Town that has been attracting superlatives because of its beauty and the level of play it demands.

Pearl Valley Country Club has chosen its name well; it is nestled in a valley, surrounded by the Simonsberg and Drakenstein Mountains. Golf courses that are surrounded by mountains tend to be very beautiful, and this one is no different.

This golf course has its beauty enhanced by its green fields, interjected by river sand, forming a wild pattern like that made by a mad artists’ brush. It also has trees lining the area, making it blend perfectly with the mountains in the background.

This is a great place to be, and a sight to behold.

3. The Links at Fancourt Golf Estate, Garden Route

The Links is another pristine golf court at Fancourt Golf Estate, one that is known to be quite challenging- only fit for those who are quite advanced in the game of golf. This golf course is named the flagship course of the Fancourt Golf Estate not just because it is beautiful, but also because when the wind blows, only the best can play there.

It meets up with all the international standards of what a golf course should be, in terms of beauty and difficulty.

It has a dune shaped landscape, complete with a water obstacle, and plenty of greenery. It also has nearly constant winds that make the water hazard almost un-missable.

4. Arabella Country Club

The Arabella Country Club & Arabella Hotel is somewhat different because rather than being located in a valley overshadowed by a mountain; it is this golf course that does the overshadowing.

From its elevated position it overlooks the Kogelberg Nature Reserve, and also offers visitors breathtaking views of the waters.

The golf course itself is well laid out; it is a mix of greenery with different intensities, including sandy spots and tree lined areas, which come together to make it both pleasing and challenging at the same time.

This is one of the city’s most popular golf estates; it draws in players from all over the world. It also draws in wildlife; especially birds to the waters below, and to the course itself.

5. Pinnacle Point, Mossel Bay, Garden Route

Pinnacle Point, in Mossel Bay is another vastly popular golf course which surpasses expectations of what a standard golf course should look like. It is well reviewed; receiving high praise from all the reviewers that matter in the industry.

This golf course is surrounded by fynbos vegetation, while it is situated on a cliff. This means breathtaking views, and a windswept surface which makes it challenging enough to be attractive to top players.

This golf Course checks all the boxes for beauty and difficulty; it is a true playground for the kings of golf.

6. Simola Golf Course

Simola Golf Course is also located in Knysna on the Garden Route. The Garden Route is known for its beauty and grace; trees, bushes, and the wildlife to make it all complete.

Despite being on the coast, it does not have as much winds as those other golf courses in the same location. Therefore, the challenges will have to come in another form; such as the terrain of the golf course itself.

It boasts an unusual configuration of five par-5s and five par-3s; something that can be a challenge for even seasoned players. That challenge is what draws in many visitors; they are eager to prove themselves at this course, and there is a feeling of accomplishment that comes with winning here.

7. Pezula Golf Estate

Pezula Golf Course is located in Knysna; among the ledges of the cliffs. From its elevated position on top of the cliff it offers stunning views of the Indian Ocean, the Knysna Lagoon, and the rainforest.

If golf was not so challenging, people would spend more time admiring the views. This golf course is challenging; the breeze, the layout of the course, and the fact that it has some holes built right on the breach of cliffs makes it a course that demands maximum attention from golfers.

Visitors can stay at the Pezula Resort Hotel and Spa, or at any other of the nearby hotels in the area. It is a place of golf, and a place to relax in nature.

8. Outeniqua At Fancourt Golf Estate, Garden Route

The Outeniqua is another glorious golf course at Fancourt- the top golf estate in Cape Town. This too is a world class golf course with a well-designed layout, set in the backdrop of the Outeniqua Mountains.

The golf course is made up of a natural setting which includes rolling grounds, complete with a lake, flowering shrubs, and trees. The wildlife and mountains in the background add extra flavor to this natural landscape.

The course is challenging enough to attract top golfers, but also draws in players from the lower leagues, and enthusiasts who just play for fun when on vacation.

9. Erinvale Country Club, Winelands

Erinvale Country Club is located in the Winelands. It is in the immediate vicinity of the Hottentot Holland Mountains as a backdrop.

The beauty of this golf course lies in the design; the rolling hills, merges with the mountains in the background to create an artistic landscape. The ground is seldom flat; it is made up of gently sloping ridges.

There is a bit of sand in the golf course as well, and the trees make it all look even more natural- putting visitor’s minds at ease. This golf course also has a driving range, putting green and chipping green for practice.

10. De Zalze Country Club, Winelands

De Zalze is located in the Winelands; it is nestled among the vineyards and orange groves. This is somewhat different from other golf courses in the area because it makes no attempt to stand out from its surroundings.

The golf course blends in with the surroundings offering a tree lined view of the mountains, and a rolling landscape, somewhat like dunes, but covered with short grass.

The golf course is quite challenging; there are a few water hazards to navigate, and this challenge is what appeals to the more experienced golfers.

The club also has fabulous accommodations, with great food and wine.



The top golf estates in Cape Town show just far advanced the city is in terms of golf as a sport and as a lifestyle. These golf estates will rival even the most opulent in the world; they draw in players from all over the world. As time goes on, South Africa will continue to buttress its position as one of the world’s top golf destinations.

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