List Of Fabric Shops In Cape Town (2024)

The fabric shops in Cape Town are evidence of the city’s style and creativity; Cape Town is a major tourism hub, and as a result, it is a place of fashion, of style, and a place where new designs come to life.

Fabric shops in Cape Town are not just about fashion; they are also about culture. They showcase African style and culture to the rest of the world, thereby giving African style a pride of place in the community of cultures, and ensuring the survival of African culture.

People who desire to represent their culture, or identify with African culture can find the fabrics they need at the following shops.

Fabric Shops In Cape Town

1. The Fabric House

Address: 206 Sir Lowry Rd, Woodstock, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa

The Fabric House is a major bastion of the fabric industry in Cape Town; it has a wide variety of textiles, including silks, cotton, linen, and so much more. The Fabric House is a place for clothing materials, curtains, upholstery materials and so on.

This establishment has been in the business for more than 25 years, and has built a reputation for excellence in the business of fabrics which it understands very well. The Fabric House is a place to find quality materials, and eye catching designs.

It is located in Woodstock, a part of the city that is known for art and designs. The Fabric House does not disappoint when it comes to art and designs; there is such a great diversity of designs to choose from, thus boosting creativity.

2. African Print Fabrics

Address: Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, Breakwater Blvd, Cape Town

African Print Fabrics is another well-established fabric dealer in Cape Town; it has made a name for itself over the years as a place where African fabrics can be discovered, and where one can appreciate the rich and colorful culture of Africa.

The culture of Africa is represented by traditional African prints such as Ankara, Kitenge, or Shweshwe. This fabric shop has these different types of prints and patterns as fabrics, and also as ready made clothes, sewn into a wide variety of styles and pattern.

African Print Fabrics is one of the places where fashion enthusiasts gather to see the latest designs in fabrics and designs, and to contemplate the sewing patterns of the immediate future.

3. The Silk & Cotton Co.

Location: 11 Bree Street, Cape Town

The Silk & Cotton Co. is a well-known dealer of fabrics; it has built a reputation over the years for excellence and commitment to a high standard of quality. This is not just a place to find fabrics; it is a place to find luxurious and expensive fabrics.

This establishment has been around for a long time, which explains why it is so highly rated. It has all kinds of fabrics, including silk, cotton, wool, and so on. These fabrics are sourced from all over the world.

The Silk & Cotton Company is dedicated to the high end market; this is a place for the higher classes of people in the society to find fabrics, as well as specially designed clothing which is fit for kings and princes.

The elegant designs attracts fashion enthusiasts from all over the city to see the new fashion trends.

4. The Cape Town Textile Market

Address: 150 Albert Road, Woodstock, Cape Town

The Cape Town Textile Market is also located in Woodstock which is the creative center of the city. It exudes exactly that quality; creativity runs through the market. This is where one can find the greatest diversity of designs and patterns, with the greatest diversity of prices ranging from very cheap to very expensive.

The market is the default place to look for fabric, especially in a situation where one is not exactly sure of what one wants.

At the Cape Town Textile Market one is met with an astounding array of designs, which although a little confusing, will be enough to meet any needs or demands. It is therefore no surprise to see crowds of fashion enthusiasts trooping into the market every day, to see what new things it has to offer.

The market offers both dress making and upholstery fabrics; and the quantity seems limitless.

5. Fabric City, CBD

Address: 32 Sir Lowry Rd, Woodstock, Cape Town

Fabric City is a stockist of fabric, with a business premises ranging over four floors. The sheer range and diversity of the fabrics to be found at this outlet can sometimes be confusing, but can also boost creativity because one can imagine an endless combination of colors and designs.

Fabric City is so popular that sometimes it has more people than it can contain. Nevertheless, that shows that more people appreciate the fine work they do by stocking different types of fabrics.

6. Studio 47, Woodstock

Address: 62 Newmarket St, Foreshore, Cape Town

Studio 47 is a huge place where all kinds of fabrics can be found. It is also a place where fabrics can be found in an overwhelming range of colors, patterns, and designs. Silks, cotton, wool, taffetas, and hemp are all there.

There are samples of the end result of those fabrics, but those are only to guide the imagination, not really to dictate what must be done with them.

7. House of Hemp

Address: 31 Lower Main Road, Observatory, Cape Town

House of Hemp is not about drinking and smoking as name may suggest to some; rather, it is a unique fabric dealer- one that deals on hemp-based textiles. Hemp-based fabrics have a number of advantages over the traditional fabrics that are better known.

They are environmentally friendly and sustainable; they are made from hemp- a plant that can be cultivated naturally, without changing the environment.

Furthermore, Hemp based fabric is tough; it lasts longer, and can be put to more difficult tasks due to the fact that it can withstand greater tension than other types of fabric.

Naturally, this means that hemp fabric is put to industrial uses, but also for fashion. This is a great place to see what hemp based fashion looks like. It could change the way one sees the world.

8. Fabric World, Wynberg

Address: 154 Main Rd, Wynberg, Cape Town

For the people in the Wynberg area, the most popular place to find fabrics is Fabric World. Interestingly, people from other parts of the city also visit this fabric dealer because it has an impressive array of fabrics.

Some of the fabrics to be found at this store include cotton, denim, chinos, and silk. Of particular interest to some is the endless range of designs and prints; florals, abstracts, and patterns, which can be found here.

Another attraction to the store is that the prices are comparably better than those that may be offered in the heart of the CBD.

9. Bbellamy&Bbellamy, Muizenberg

Address: 51 Main Rd, Muizenberg, Cape Town

Fashion enthusiasts, and fabric lovers around the Muizenberg area know that Bbellamy&Bbellamy is the place to converge. This is a complete fabric store; it has an impressive array of fabrics, including printed or plain cotton, as well as silk, wool, and polyester.

This is also a place to find upholstery fabric; the selection is quite impressive, and so the place is often teeming with makers of both clothing and furniture, as they imagine the various creations they could make.

10. The Sewing Studio

Address: 4th Floor, 112 Loop Street, Cape Town

The Sewing Studio is located at Loop Street; which is a place for everything sewing. The Swing Studio is designed as a place for people to learn the art of sewing; it caters to both new people, and experienced dressmakers as well.

The goal is to keep everyone up to date on the latest trends in fashion- not just to see and appreciate, but also to learn how to make them.

Of course, such a place has to have plenty of fabric which patrons will use to practice, and also to dream up new creations of their own. The Sewing Studio is therefore a place where one is likely to find outlandish fabrics which are used to make impressive, and sometimes impractical designs.



Cape Town’s top fabric stores are mostly located in the CBD, with the exemption of the few located in the suburbs which have been highlighted here. All these fabric dealers have very good stocks, the major differences being the areas they serve.

It is not surprising to find the same fabrics in all the dealer’s shops; fashion is something that spreads really fast, and that happens in unison. However, despite that unison, designers can make small alterations to their designs, therefore making local variations to universal trends.

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