Top 10 Theme Parks In Cape Town (2024)

The theme parks in Cape Town contribute enormously to the city’s standing as one of the most important tourism centers in the world. These are world class spectacles with attractions that would wow visitors no matter where they come from, and what they are previously used to.

Cape Town’s theme parks are popular haunts for both visitors and locals alike; they are never deserted, but always loaded with eager crowds, looking to experience the thrill and joy that these parks have to offer.

Cape Town is the perfect place to go for a tour of theme parks, and every other kind of park available. There are so many places to see, and so many experiences to be had.

Top 10 Theme Parks In Cape Town

1. Bugz Playpark

Bugz Playpark in Joostenbergvlakte, Cape Town, South Africa, is a popular attraction in the city. This theme park is built around Bugz Bunny, the famous cartoon character, and the other characters in the cartoon show.

The theme park is particularly good for children aged between 2-10; it is a combination of both indoor and outdoor activities, including rides, slides, sandpits, bouncy castles and play structures.

Other fun activities at the park include visits by the Bugz Bunny characters, as well as magic shows by special guest illusionists. This is a place where kids can run around all day, having great fun, and going home with lots to talk about.

There is also plenty of food and drinks; Bugz Playpark has everything that one could reasonably want in a theme park.

2. The Cape Wheel

The Cape Wheel is a huge monument; one of the top theme parks in Cape Town due to the unique perspective it offers. From the cape wheel one has a vantage view of the city; one is able to see as far as Table Mountain, and also the city scape.

The Cape Wheel is a huge Ferris Wheel; it measures 40 meters, and is quite different from what most people are used to. This wheel has 30 air-conditioned cabins, with comfortable chairs. From this observation wheel, visitors can get a panoramic view of this great city.

It is located at the V&A Waterfront; which is one of the most important places for tourism in Cape Town. With the Cape Wheel, the waterfront becomes even more exciting, and even more picturesque.

3. Cool Runnings

Cool Runnings is something unique in Africa; it is the first Toboggan Park on the continent. A Toboggan is a kind of sled; one that is part of the tradition of the native people of northern Canada. Traditionally it goes on the snow and ice, but at Cool Runnings, Cape Town it has been adapted for something different.

Instead of snow and ice, here there is a steel track, complete with twists and turns to produce the extra dose of adrenaline. The park is in a large area of land, and the track is elaborately constructed, with even a tunnel and a cable haul.

This is plenty of fun for kids and adults; it produces a feeling similar to riding a roller coaster. There is plenty of food and drinks as well; this is a complete place to be.

4. Putt Putt Sea Point

Putt Putt Sea Point, or Sea Point Putt Putt is located at Sea Point, just close to the Promenade in Cape Town. This is probably the best theme park in the city because while there is plenty of fun to be had, the kids can learn something that can turn them into superstar millionaire golfers.

Putt Putt is all about golf; this is a park that is built to mimic a golf course, or rather several small golf courses. It is a lot of fun; and can be quite competitive as well. At this park, children can square off against their peers, or even against adults, thus creating memories, and gaining a life time skill as well.

Putt Putt Sea Point also has an area to sit; parents can sit to watch the kids in action. Furthermore, there is plenty of refreshments; food, drinks, and ice cream are available.

5. District 6 Museum

District 6 Museum is another place where people can learn while having fun. This is where they can recall the darkest period in the history of the city; the forceful eviction of 60,000 residents from Cape Town.

This happened during Apartheid; a time that has been almost forgotten, as society looks for ways to integrate, and achieve greater unity. But forgetting about history is not the best way to achieve unity; it remains important to understand why unity is necessary.

District 6 Museum helps visitors and locals understand why unity is necessary, why humanity is necessary, and why all peoples must be protected under the law. This museum is a curation of photos and artifacts to help visitors see that event from the eyes of the victims, many of who had nowhere to go.

6. Water World Strand

Water World Strand is another exciting place to visit; the theme of this park is water and water borne activities. Any tour of water world should start with the waterslides; there are of different sizes and different heights. This is like sliding through a roller coaster, and plunging into a giant pool.

Of course not all the pools are gigantic; some are small and shallow. They are well suited to small children, and adults who do not know how to swim.

There is nothing to be afraid of; most children go for the highest waterslides; which shows they have daring personalities.

All that swimming can make one hungry. There are several restaurants to take care of that; they have delicious local and international delicacies.

7. Planet Kids

Planet Kids is a world of fun for kids; it is a place of indoor jumping and dancing. It has all kinds of attractions that kids will love; including climbing structures, bouncy castles, and trampolines. It also has swings and miniature trains, as well as toys and color books, and music.

There are also a sitting areas where parents can sit, and watch their kids at play; and there is also enough food and drinks to ensure that everyone stays happy. This is not a particularly big place; but it has enough activities to keep kids and parents occupied for hours. The place is air-conditioned, so there is every tendency to keep up the activity without breaking a sweat or tiring out.

8. Blue Rock Adventure Park

Blue Rock Adventure Park is another theme park that has to do with water, but this time, it is not about water alone; it’s also about the rocks, the natural outdoor environment, and the thrill of exploring this wild place.

There are many different rides at this park; water bikes, canoes, and many more. There are also quad bikes, and so much more. Blue Rock Adventure Park has a hiking trail; this is a great place to wander off into the wild, and have a picnic with the person you love.

There is a restaurant as well, for those who prefer to eat in the full view of others. One thing that makes this more of an adventure is ziplining; one can even fall from the zipline right into the water.

9. Two Oceans Aquarium

Also about water, the Two Oceans Aquarium is one of the most intriguing places in Cape Town. This is a theme park which is also a nature park concerned with the preservation of aquatic animals.

Two Oceans Aquarium is located at the V&A Waterfront, and it is the first of its kind aquarium in Africa; a huge edifice containing hundreds of aquatic animals including sharks, rays, fish, penguins, and so many more.

The animals are held in large glass containers through which visitors can watch them as they interact. Bold visitors can even dive in the pond with the sharks.

10. Cape Town Science Centre

Cape Town Science Centre is a place to have fun, and to stimulate the mind. Young children can learn about science stuff; how things are made, and the fundamental principles around which electronic appliances work.

Children who have no interest in science can come to love the subject afterwards, when they see items that have been made by their peers on display at the center. Furthermore, they can watch as some of these things are being made.

There are also teachers and guides on hand; they offer assistance to kids, teach them about the principles, and help stimulate interest. There are videos and books on hand as well to make it a great learning experience.



The top theme parks in Cape Town generally choose a niche and cover it thoroughly; the theme parks cover land, water, and nature. Each of these theme parks has something to offer; something that makes it unique. Whatever theme parks visitors choose to visit, they are guaranteed to have fun, and to create lasting memories.

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