Southern Suburbs Cape Town Map (2023)

The Southern Suburbs map are located mostly at the foot of Table Mountain National Park, a mountainous spine that stretches all the way from Signal Hill to Cape Point.

It creates an impressive backdrop that infuses the area with a natural leafiness, owing in large part to the frequent blanket of clouds that tend to hang over the mountains and relative shelter from the wind.

Southern Suburbs Cape Town Map (2023)

The southern suburbs cape town map are primarily residential, and they are all wonderfully attractive. There is a wide range of older-style buildings, from cottage-style semis in Mowbray, Claremont, and Wynberg to elegant and unquestionably larger homes in Constantia, Newlands, and Bishopscourt.

This section of Cape Town is quite appealing due to its abundance of green space, charming neighborhoods like Wynberg Village and Claremont’s Cavendish Street from the Vineyard Road corner, the cosmopolitan high street of Observatory, and popular tourist destinations like Kirstenbosch, Mostert’s Mill in Mowbray, the Baxter Theatre in Rosebank, and the Irma Stern Museum.

Located on the mountain overlooking Rosebank, Rondebosh, Mowbray, and Obs sits the University of Cape Town. Given the abundance of student housing and the buzzing energy of the area’s streets, it’s no surprise that this is a popular spot for low-cost celebrations.

Fascinating Facts About Southern Suburbs Cape Town

It’s no secret that I include the Southern Suburbs’ abundance of natural beauty among my all-time favorite aspects of Cape Town. Southern Suburbs is home to a wide variety of stunning natural features, including the mountain as seen from Rondebosch (which is very different from the view from City Bowl), Newlands’s verdant fields, and the parks of Claremont.

The name itself suggests that this is a suburban place, which it is. Scenes of rural neighborhoods with dog-walking families and expansive lawns, definitely a family-friendly environment.

Plus, it has a lot of other benefits, the University of Cape Town is situated in the southern suburbs, making the area teeming with student life and attracting a diverse crowd. However, it has entertainment options that may be enjoyed by everybody.

Mainly, the suburbs of Rondebosch, Claremont, Kenilworth, Constantia, Plumstead, Newlands, Wynberg, and Bishopscourt make up what is known as the Southern Suburbs. (No one in Cape Town is clear whose jurisdiction the quaint, Tolkien-esque homes in the suburb of Observatory fall under, and no one is ready to claim them.)

Eateries and Leisure In Southern Suburbs Cape Town

Starlings, located in Claremont, is among the best places to eat lunch in all of Cape Town. Although it is still relatively unknown, this hidden gem has made its way onto “must-see” lists around the world. All different types of people and all ages frequent this restaurant because of its excellent food and service.

The gourmet sandwiches and breakfasts are excellent. Perhaps expensive, but the evidence is in the pudding, as the old adage goes. In my opinion, Starling is the best of the similar establishments in Claremont and the rest of Southern California.

Oblivion, dubbed “Cape Town’s first wine bar,” is located in Claremont. Don’t be put off by the scary sounding label, this wine bar has a wide selection of tasty foods (I recommend the pizza).

At night, the bar transforms into one of the most popular hangouts in the southern suburbs, with a pulsating dance floor centered on a pole that runs from the ceiling to the floor and a wine list that more than justifies its reputation.

Those in search of a more sedate cultural outing can head to nearby Rondebosch, where the Baxter theatre awaits them. This is the University of Cape Town’s very own theater, and it regularly features the finest in local comedy, dance, and theatre.

It’s no surprise that the majority of Rondebosch’s residents are students; with the University so close by, it’s likely that their sole concern is satisfying their insatiable thirst for information.

Features In Newlands

Newlands, at the base of Table Mountain, is home to some of the city’s most beautiful vegetation; the main highways here are flanked by towering trees straight out of a children’s book, thanks to the abundant winter rains.

It’s also home to Newlands Stadium, which is important information for rugby enthusiasts to know. The stadium, which is over a century old, has seen some of the most thrilling matches in South African rugby. Games are elevated to the status of an event thanks to the venue’s stunning aesthetics and well-tested infrastructure.

Forester’s Arms, known as Forries among the locals, is one of Newlands’ most well-known local pubs. This bar makes great use of Newlands’ amenities, such as its spacious outside seating area shaded by towering trees. The parking situation is usually a hassle, but it’s easy to see why when you consider the excellent food, superb beer, and welcoming atmosphere.

Popular for its natural beauty and abundance of outdoor activities, Newlands Woodland is home to both native afro-montane forest and pine plantations. The Woodcutter’s Cottage and Lady Anne Barnard’s Path are two historic locations that are ideal for a relaxing stroll on a Sunday.

Kenilworth Racecourse, located in Kenilworth, is the oldest racetrack in the country and is where the J&B Met is held (which draws more than 50 000 visitors in January each year).

In addition to the Kenilworth train station, the neighborhood of Harfield is located within Kenilworth, and it is home to some of the most fascinating eateries and watering holes in all of the southern suburbs. Notable establishments include the trendy Banana Jam, a Caribbean-themed pub and restaurant with a wonderful cuisine, ideal for sunset cocktails.

Constantia is a popular tourist destination just outside of Cape Town’s downtown area, drawing visitors with its wine trail and century-old estates. Constantia is well-known because the wine produced there is consistently of high quality.



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