Top 9 Safest Areas In Cape Town (2024)

You are delighted about the possibility of relocating to Cape Town, but you are worried about your personal safety and you aren’t sure which area is the safest for you to live in. We’ve done the legwork for you and evaluated the crime rates in some of the most popular areas, painting a clear picture of how secure they are so you can make an educated decision before you move there.

So, in recent years Waterfront has been rated to be the safest area in Cape Town. This is not the only safest area to stay in cape town, in this guide, we have done justice to other areas you need to know.

Top 9 Safest Areas In Cape Town 

1. V&A Waterfront

This trendy and well-liked district is also one of the safest areas in Cape Town. There are a number of high-end establishments, such as hotels, restaurants, and nightclubs, all within walking distance of one another.

Waterfront is a gated community equipped with numerous surveillance cameras and armed guards. It is the central hub for City Sightseeing bus services and is home to the Aquarium and the Robben Island Museum. It’s a fantastic spot to stay if you don’t mind being surrounded by hordes of tourists every day.

2. Clifton and Camps Bay

These two neighboring areas offer a wonderful choice for families who want to see Cape Town’s natural beauty in a secure environment. There are opulent mansions and palaces here, and you might even run across a famous face or two.

The neighborhood is home to some of Cape Town’s finest inns and is conveniently located near major transit hubs. This is one of the nicest areas to visit in Cape Town, especially to its sandy beach, delicious restaurants, entertaining street performers, and other exciting attractions.

3. City Bowl

Accommodations in City Bowl are second to none, and the area’s proximity to Table Bay and the mountains make it ideal for travelers and adventurers. There are lots of creative types, independent store owners, and young business owners in the neighborhood.

City Bowl is home to the flourishing and highly-liked neighborhoods of Garden and Woodstock as well. Nature, culture, and plenty of opportunities to express one’s imagination await those who choose to stay here.

4. Mowbray:

In Camps Bay, the rate of assault is lower, at 26 per 100,000 residents, whereas the rate in this area, at 28, is slightly higher. However, the murder rate in Camps Bay is consistent with the rest of the city at 1. At 77, it has three times as many common robberies as Camps Bay.

Mowbray has 172 burglaries per 100,000 people, which is comparable to Camps Bay. The number of thefts from or of motor vehicles is surprisingly low in this area, at 136 fewer cases than in neighboring Camps Bay.

5. Kensington:

The 219 reported assaults in Kensington have made it infamous. The homicide rate is concerning as well. As a comparison, Camps Bay is seven times more expensive. Around 40 instances of widespread theft occur each year.

There are about 132 burglaries per year committed against homes, whereas there are about 172 thefts per year committed against motor vehicles.

Outside of the occasional random assault, Kensington is a safe neighborhood.

6. Pinelands:

Pinelands scores high in terms of frequent attacks, which are estimated at 81. The number of murders is likewise quite low, at around 4. The rate of frequent theft is likewise low, at 59%.

But there are a disproportionate number of property offenses. The number of burglaries at homes is at 216, and thefts from or of motor vehicles are at about 252. These are not bad indications because they are relatively better compare to other areas in Cape Town.

7. Maitland:

On average, there are 120 assaults per year in Maitland. Currently, there have been 5 reported murders. There have been 94 occurrences of the most common type of theft. While burglaries to homes have decreased to 164, thefts from or while in a motor vehicle have increased to 258.

8. Kirstenhof:

There have been 97 reported occurrences of common assault in Kirstenhof. The murder rate has dropped to a lower 1 this year. The rate of common robberies has decreased to 42. However, there are a lot of property offenses. There have been 309 reports of burglaries at homes and 210 reports of thefts from vehicles.

9. Belhar:

On the last spot on this list of safest areas in Cape Town city is the Belhar. The murder rates in Belhar have earned it a bad reputation. The homicide rate is far higher than average at 26 per year.

There were 248 reported incidences of assault, making it a less safe place to live. Another 135 cases of widespread theft were documented.

At 284, the number of burglaries at homes was above average. Thefts from or around motor vehicles totaled 177 reports.



If you need to know some of the safest suburb in cape town, we have listed all of that in this guide and all you need to know about each of these areas.

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