How To Make Money As a Teenager In South Africa

If you have been wondering how to make some couples of money online from South Africa, here you have got all you need to get started.

South Africa is a big country and like every other country, there is a point where one does not do as everyone says but focuses on making some money and using that money to make more.

We’ll go through all the different methods teenagers can get money in this article. You no longer need to put forth much effort or wait until your parents give you an allowance.

Opportunities abound, and we are just waiting for someone like you! Let us explain what they are and how simple it is to start earning supplemental income immediately.

Whether this is your first job or you have had one for some time, it makes no difference. We are g exactly where to start and going through how much money teens can expect from their efforts, what hours they should expect, and how to get paid more quickly. We’ll help you navigate the process step-by-step.

How To Make Money as a Teenager In South Africa In 4 Ways

First and first, it’s crucial to always think about your safety. Teenagers should not compromise their safety to make money in South Africa. You want to avoid making quick money at the expense of getting into problems and even ending up in jail. Safety is especially crucial if you want to earn money online or off. The best areas to start are with digital goods like e-commerce, apps, and affiliate marketing.

1. Create a YouTube channel first

Nowadays, YouTube has become a central social media platform, and youngsters with a gift for amusing others can earn significant money online using the service.

You must create an account and select an appropriate username. You can start earning money as a teenager by submitting videos of yourself discussing your passions or anything else that others want to see more of.

If you are skilled with your hands, YouTube will provide you with even more opportunities. You can start a how-to channel to teach other teenagers how to complete everyday activities or build an excellent gaming PC.

Remember that any money you earn online will be added to your income in South Africa and taxed. Therefore, before making money online, ensure that your payment will be sufficient to cover all your expenses come tax time.

2. Utilize Instagram to generate income.

Why not start using your large following on Instagram to start earning money online if you currently have a lot of followers there?

To increase traffic and revenue to their business, many corporations and organizations will pay people like you to advertise their goods and services through posts and sponsored articles.

You’ll need a lot of followers for this to work, and if you don’t currently have that many, there are online frauds that will show teenagers how to increase their Instagram following at no cost. Remember that it is taxed once you start making money from your social media presence, so keep an eye out for it.

3. Completing a survey online

Teenagers in South Africa who like sharing their opinions and experiences on various subjects deserve to be compensated for doing so. As more and more organizations become reliant on data, surveys are a cash cow just waiting to be milked. Online survey-taking is a simple and practical approach to earning money. Numerous businesses will pay you for your opinions on various subjects. Brands are constantly willing to hear your views about their offerings and even pay for them.

Online surveys for reliable companies or websites like Toluna South Africa, Swagbucks, Surveysuvvy, and Prize Rebel can be performed. Most of these websites have a minimum age requirement of 13, so you can start working there as soon as you turn. Register for several domestic and foreign websites to double the cash you make on online surveys.

It is crucial to remember that online surveys are associated with risks. Extra caution must be used because of the numerous scammers operating online today. Ensure to obtain expert survey guides before starting an online survey venture as a teenager in South Africa. This can assist you in conducting your surveys safely and prevent you from falling for online scams. Avoid filling out surveys asking for delicate private info about you, like your social security number and bank details. You can install anti-malware if the survey site reroutes you to a third-party spammer client.

4. The virtual assistant

Virtual assistance can work anywhere, be it for bloggers or any other organization, as you are skilled in social media but could be a better writer. You can edit their posts, look after their social media accounts, manage their images, and perform several other duties. There is no limit to your employability because for work for nearly anyone over 16, eager to learn new skills and willing to take on extra work.

One field that demands lots of workers is virtual assistance when you talk about online businesses that need support but want to avoid engaging full-time employees in a particular area due to high-speed internet, document sharing, and inexpensive conference calling solutions. You will essentially be someone’s “go-to” teen virtual assistant when they don’t have time to complete a task.

This could mean you’ll be in charge of many activities, including accounting, editing, proofreading, organizing meetings, sales, marketing, and more. This is an excellent approach to studying while getting paid because, usually, your boss will teach you the tasks that need to be performed. Virtual assistants can work from home with their computer, phone, and internet connection. Being well-rounded and able to pick up new skills fast is advantageous because these professions frequently require a wide variety of knowledge about multiple duties.

Being a virtual assistant requires a lot of time, so be sure you have that available before going. You could spend the entire day at work like your friends, who picked restaurants and office jobs. It is best to prepare yourself to operate on a computer. You need to find out when your employer will give you an assignment. The fact that it restricts your options makes this incredibly challenging.

Many of your plans might be derailed because you must rush home to complete work, especially during the summer vacation. You can still restrict your hours to a typical workday (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.). Take on many contracts to increase your earnings while you wait for a job from another employer to come along if you want to make the most of this work. Because this option requires a lot of time, pursuing it during vacations or a gap year is best to refrain from interfering with your education.

Teens can apply for virtual assistant jobs on several regional and international websites. Create a professional resume or a profile on Upwork or another website of your choice, and start applying for jobs as many as possible.


We have learned how to make money online in South Africa, in our next post, we will be going through how to better invest your money in South Africa.

As you follow the step I have given you you consider doing this so that you can be stable financially, take care of your home and bless those around you.

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