Top 10 Dance Schools In Cape Town (2024)

Cape Town is a vibrant and dynamic city, and dancing is one of the most popular pastimes here. There are a wide variety of dance schools in Cape Town, offering classes in different genres including Hip Hop, Tap, Ballet, Jazz, and even Bollywood dance.

Some of the Top 10 dance schools in Cape Town include Dance Factory, The Dance Space, Jirre Dance Academy, Move to Groove Dance Academy, Dance Studio 19, and Stepz Dance Company. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, there’s something for everyone.

Top 10 Dance Schools In Cape Town

1. Dance Factory

Dance Factory is an independent dance school in Cape Town, South Africa offering a variety of different dance styles from hip hop to ballroom. The studio was founded in 2000 and has since grown to become one of the leading dance schools in the city.

With classes for all ages and levels, Dance Factory offers a friendly and professional atmosphere for all its students. The studio also hosts regular events such as competitions, shows and special workshops.

2. The Dance Space

The Dance Space in Cape Town is a vibrant, creative and innovative dance studio located in the heart of the city. It provides an environment for dancers of all ages, levels and styles to explore their art in a nurturing and inspirational setting. The studio offers a wide range of classes from hip-hop, ballet and jazz to contemporary, house and Latin.

It also provides an array of performance opportunities, from student showcases to professional performances. The Dance Space is dedicated to helping its students reach their highest potential and strives to create a vibrant and supportive atmosphere for everyone who passes through its doors.

3. Jirre Dance Academy

Jirre Dance Academy offers classes in a range of dance styles such as ballet, contemporary, hip-hop, jazz, and kwaito. It provides a safe and supportive environment for all students, regardless of age or skill level. The academy also offers private and group lessons to help dancers reach their goals.

They also offer workshops and master classes to help dancers grow and improve. Jirre Dance Academy has been providing quality dance instruction since 2015 and is committed to helping students reach their full potential.

4. Move to Groove Dance Academy

Move to Groove Dance Academy in Cape Town is a highly acclaimed dance school offering classes in various dance styles such as hip-hop, contemporary, ballet, and commercial. The academy has well-trained and experienced staff who are passionate about dance and the art of movement.

The school offers classes for all levels, from beginners to professionals, and offers a wide range of activities for children and adults. The school also runs regular competitions, which allow students to showcase their talents and receive recognition and awards.

5. Dance Studio 19

Dance Studio 19 is renowned in Cape Town, South Africa. It offers classes and workshops for all ages, levels and abilities. The studio has a variety of classes, including ballet, contemporary, hip-hop, jazz, salsa, and more. Qualified instructors offer professional instruction and guidance to ensure all students receive the best quality training.

Additionally, the studio has a wide range of performing opportunities, such as competitions and shows, for those interested in performing. Dance Studio 19 provides a safe, friendly and inspiring atmosphere for all dancers to learn and grow.

6. Stepz Dance Company

Stepz Dance Company is a professional dance company based in Cape Town, South Africa. Founded in 2004, Stepz offers a wide range of dance styles to suit all levels of dancers from beginner to advanced. From contemporary, hip-hop, and classical ballet to specialized dance classes for kids, parents, and the elderly, Stepz has something for everyone.

Stepz also offers corporate and private events, special workshops, and customized choreography. Through its unique approach to teaching, Stepz Dance Company strives to provide its students with an experience that is both challenging and rewarding.

7. Dance World Studios

Dance World Studios in Cape Town is a professional dance studio that provides a range of dance classes for both children and adults. The studio offers classes in a variety of dance styles including hip-hop, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, ballet, and breakdancing. The studio also offers private lessons and performance opportunities.

Dance World Studios also hosts regular dance workshops and special events such as competitions and shows. The studio is located in the heart of Cape Town and is a popular place for dancers of all ages to learn and grow.

8. Jo’burg Dance Academy

The Jo’burg Dance Academy in Cape Town is one of the premier dance schools in the city. It offers a range of classes in styles such as ballet, modern, contemporary, jazz, hip hop and street.

The school also offers a range of special workshops and programs, as well as a performing arts program. The academy is known for its professional and experienced staff, who help students reach their goals and develop their dance skills.

9. Dancelicious

Dancelicious is an exciting dance and music event held in Cape Town, South Africa, featuring some of the best DJs, artists, and dancers from around the world. The event is held at the Grand Parade in the city centre and features a variety of music genres from hip-hop to house and techno.

There are also street performers and art installations, making for an exciting atmosphere. The event is a great way to experience Cape Town’s vibrant culture and unique nightlife.

10. Groove Central Dance Studio

Groove Central Dance Studio is a leading dance school in Cape Town offering a variety of dance classes such as Ballroom Dancing, Latin Dancing, Salsa, Hip Hop and more.

The studio is owned and managed by a highly experienced and dedicated team, who are passionate about teaching dance and helping their students reach their dance goals. The studio also offers private lessons, group classes, social events and more.



With so many amazing dance schools in Cape Town, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for you. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, there’s something for everyone.

With the right instruction and practice, you’ll be dancing like a pro in no time. So don’t wait, start your dance journey today and explore any of the top 10 dance schools in Cape Town.


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