Top 50 Buffet Restaurants In Cape Town (2024)

There are several good buffet restaurants in Cape Town that are well-organized and sell nice food. Some of these buffet restaurants are some of the best you will find on the continent, and they can be recommended too to both locals and tourists.

Top 50 Buffet Restaurants In Cape Town

1. Café Extrablatt

Café Extrablatt is part of the buffet restaurants in cape town that is easily accessible to enjoy delicacies like bacon, baked pastries, sausages, etc. You can come over for a superb Saturday breakfast buffet or lunch on Sundays.

2. Harvey’s

Located at the Winchester Mansions Hotel, this is one of the best buffet restaurants in cape town where you can get eggs, desserts, fresh sushi, etc.

3. Table Bay Hotel

Searching for buffet restaurants in cape town for birthday celebrations? Then you should consider Table Bay Hotel for a good celebration experience, and there are various options available for everyone.

4. Lady Bee Dehli Dinner

Patronise Lady Bee Dehli Dinner for sunday buffet lunch cape town and enjoy delicious Eastern, Indian, and Malay foods. Here, you can get pasta, roasts, seafood, biryanis, curries, etc.

5. Vista Bar&Lounge

Some tourists around here are looking for cheap buffet restaurants in cape town. If you crave such things as cream-topped scones and macaroons without breaking your arms, then you can patronize Vista.

6. La Cuccina

La Cuccina has a reputation for its healthy buffet spread, and you can patronize it here for regular breakfast and lunch. Also, these guys utilize only great and sustainable ingredients for their stuff.

7. Active Sushi

Located in De Waterkant, and as the name implies, this is a place you can get great sushi at a good price. Here, anyone interested can experience their sushi buffet special from Monday to Wednesday.

8. Cincin Restaurant

Come over on Sundays for a lunch buffet to enjoy yourself. They offer delicious salads, desserts, carvery, freshly baked goodies, etc.

9. Quarterdeck Restaurant

Buffet lovers around Cape Town should give priority to this one and enjoy unique seafood, pasta, pizzas, tarts, brownies, chocolate mousse, etc.

10. Bloemendal

Bloemendal restaurants are in a class, with superb meals like trifle, chicken pie, and so on. Hence, this is one of the best that can be recommended in cape town.

12. Azure At Twelve Apostles

Azure is on a different level, and patronizers can experience a buffet with a view. From daily breakfast to other things, the experience is worthwhile.

13. Kitima At The Kronendal

Kitima is majorly all about Thai food, and customers can enjoy their Thai buffet on Sundays, taking noodles, sushi, desserts, etc.

14. The Mount Nelson Hotel

Sitting gallantly in the center of the city, this place offers much more than delicious food, but you can also have a great view of Table Mountain.

 15. Moyo Kirstenbosch

At Moyo, individuals (either tourists or locals) and families can enjoy African meals, as well as other benefits like entertainment for kids.

16. Suikerbossie Restaurant

Suikerbossie Restaurant and Estate is more than a spot to eat delicious food, they also have ample spaces for relaxation and recreation.

17. Mzansi

Mzansi is one of the most famous buffet restaurants in Cape Town Central, famous for its delicious African foods. It offers an incredible and real South African experience to food lovers.

18. Quentin at Oakhurst Barn

At Quentin, you can patronize French, British, and Menu in Hout Bay. Several first-timers here would want to come back for some more.

19. Dash Restaurant & Bar

Here, which is also located at Cape Town Central, food lovers can also enjoy International and European delicacies with great flavors.

20.  The Rockwell Dinner Theatre

Visit Rockwell Dinner Theatre in Cape Town Central to have a unique experience day or night.

21.  Ninety One – Indian Restaurant

Ninety One is an Indian eatery that is located in Sea Point and sells great meals. This is where you enjoy some of the best Indian foods around here.

22. Imperial Garden

Imperial Garden is majorly an Asian center that sells mainly Chinese and Indian meals at Fish Hoek. Here, tourists and locals alike can get nice traditional Indian Curry in Cape Town.

23. Doodles

Come over to Doodles to experience a lovely dinner and some of the best steaks in Cape Town Central.

24. Cafe Mojito Long Street

With expertise in Coffee & Tea, patronize Cafe Mojito Long Street in Cape Town Central for an amazing experience.

25. Ferdinando’s Pizza

Here, you can patronize Italian things, particularly pizza. Ferdinando’s Pizza is also located in Cape Town Central.

26. Camel Rock

Camel Rock is a hub for lovely contemporary and seafood delicacies in Scarborough. Visit to get relaxed and refreshed.

27. Bootlegger Coffee Company (Kalk Bay)

These guys can boast of some of the best bakery products around here. Located in Kalk Bay, you can enjoy a quick breakfast and coffee.

28. Tobago’s Restaurant and Terrace

Tobago’s Restaurant and Terrace is located in Cape Town Central that offers international meals to both locals and tourists alike. Here, customers can sit outside if they like.

29. Caffe Neo

Caffe Neo is prominent for Coffee & Tea at Cape Town Central. It is famous for its lovely tea and its location.

30. Oasis Bistro

Oasis Bistro is one of the best buffet restaurants in Cape Town (located in Cape Town Central too) that sells French and International meals.

31. Mary-Ann’s Emporium and Eatery

Mary-Ann’s Emporium and Eatery is located in Gordon’s Bay and offers superb delicious, nutritious food. One of its selling points revolves around its offering of plant-based and gluten free stuff.

32. Soo She

As you should have suspected already, this spot is majorly Chinese and Japanese cuisine that is located in Cape Town.

33. Neighbourhood Cafe at Ramasibi

You can enjoy amazing Pizza here as well as its excellent quality and service.

34. Square Cafe & Wine Bar

Located in Century City, these guys offer International meals to customers. You can enjoy its fish dishes which are fresh and delicious.

35.  Cattle Baron Simon’s Town

From Simon’s Town, patronize Cattle Baron for great steaks. While they offer great food, you should note that they are not too cheap.

36. Rusty Oak

Rusty Oak is in Durbanville, offering Pizza and Contemporary meals. One of the unique things about this place is how folks can enjoy lunch in the garden.

37. Tai Chi

Tai Chi is in Tokai, and as expected, is majorly for Chinese and Japanese cuisine. The location is good as well as the atmosphere.

38. Jacky’s Chinese Restaurant

Jacky’s Chinese Restaurant can also be found in Cape Town Central and sells nice Chinese meals. If you want to taste some of the best Sushi around here, then patronize Jacky’s Chinese Restaurant.

39. 126 Cape Kitchen & Cafe

126 Cape Kitchen & Cafe is one of the best around here, also located in Cape Town Central. While it is not a perfect place, it should be noted that it offers decent food.

40. Bebe Rose Restaurant

Bebe Rose Restaurant has been around for some time now in Cape Town with its expertise revolving around great African meals. It has a penchant for pleasant experiences.

41. Smoke n’ Grill Restaurant and Bar

One of the things some might like about Smoke n’ Grill Restaurant and Bar is their fine grills and other nice menus. However, note that this is not the cheapest place to dine in Cape Town.

42. Mother Earth

If you are a vegan who is looking for the top buffet restaurants in cape town, then you might want to visit Mother Earth at Somerset West and check out what they have to offer. They serve healthy meals, and this is a fantastic place to dine.

43. The Deli Coffee

The Deli Coffee is located in Somerset West. While it is a good place for coffee, it is more than that.

44. Buonvino Restaurant

Buonvino Restaurant is a favorite of several people around here for Italian and French delicacies.

45.  The Ocean Sizzler

Located in Bloubergstrand, come over for great seafood and Italian meals.

46. Ghenwa’s Culinary Club

While Ghenwa’s Culinary Club is not as famous as several others around here, you can patronize the location for Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisine.

47. Lucky Fish & Chips

Lucky Fish & Chips have been around in the country for some time now and has various branches around too. They offer nice fish and chips.

48. Spirit Cafe

While not as large as certain others around here, you get to enjoy delicious and fresh dishes here.

49. Cattle Baron De Waterkant

Enjoy the steakhouse with what it offers in De Waterkant, available to tourists and locals alike.

50. Schoongezicht

Visit this place for delicious bread, pasta, seafood, as well as various other types of food.


In Conclusion

These are some good buffet restaurants in Cape Town where you can enjoy nice delicacies. They can be recommended to both locals and tourists.

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