Top 10 Auctions In Cape Town (2024)

An Auction can be a good place to get high quality art, crafts, and antiques among other goods, and for a reasonable price as well. The top auctions in Cape Town are the best bet for locals and tourists looking to add to their collections without having to fear that they have been hoodwinked into buying substandard products.

Quality assurance is the major thing a person gets from an auction. Then of course the goods get a stamp of value which the buyer is sure to pass on to another buyer in the event that he wants to sell in the future.

As a major tourism hub, and a major hotspot for art and craft, Cape Town has its share of famous auction houses where savvy visitors go to find high quality goods.

Top 10 Auctions In Cape Town

1. Ashbeys Galleries

Ashbeys Galleries is one of the top auctions in Cape Town, and the whole of South Africa. It is located at 43 Church St, CBD, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa. This auction house was established back in 1891, and has established itself among the most respected in its industry.

Ashbeys is all about art. As well as jewelry, silverware, rare objects, and other objects. Ashbeys is therefore the number one place to go for beautiful and expressive art in Cape Town. Auctions are held regularly, and visits are allowed.

Ashbeys can also help sell art, or any other rare pieces of jewelry or antiques. They have provisions to allow people call in to request valuations.

2. Hofmeyr – Mills Auctioneers

Hofmeyr- Mills Auctioneers is located at 13 Piers Rd, Wynberg, Cape Town, 7800, South Africa. This is a well established auction house with 160 years under their belt. The company prides itself in providing efficient, quality, and professional services to both sellers and buyers.

Hofmeyr- Mills Auctioneers is a connoisseur of fine antiques; some of which are gold and silver plated. The company also sells vintage furniture, Persian carpets, and other such items.

Auctions are regularly held on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The company rotates items on display to keep them fresh and exciting, and its rich collection of items is generally considered a treasure trove for discerning antique lovers.

3. Aucor

Aucor is the gold standard for measuring auctions in South Africa; it is an organization with over 40 years of experience, and plenty of acumen in the business. This is one best auctions in Cape Town. The company is located at 144 Gunners Cir, Epping, Cape Town, 7460, South Africa.

Aucor operates in a wide range of sectors including art, antiques, furniture, vehicles, real estate and so on. Aucor also offers logistical support, as well as after sales services.

The staff are well trained to exhibit professionalism and courtesy.

4. Theron Auctioneers

Theron Auctioneers is a family business located at 43 Luculus Street, Joosternberg, Vlakte, Cape Town. This is a reputable auction house which deals in art, furniture, wine, crafts, jewelry, and antiques.

The auction house holds auctions regularly, and may also include unconventional items like electronics, tools, vehicles, and boats.

With a name to defend, this auction house prides itself in quality of service. Buyers and sellers alike usually have positive feedback to give about this auction house, and visitors are always welcome to look around.

5. Stephan Welz and Co

Stephan Welz and Co is located at 14 Dreyer Street, Claremont, Cape Town. It is one of the foremost auctioneers in Cape Town, South Africa, with over 50 years of experience in the business.

Stephan Welz has built a reputation for selling top quality pieces of furniture, art, antiques, keepsakes, and so on. Stephan Welz is not just a buyer or reseller, it is a curator of fine pieces. Customers are welcome to visit either the Cape Town or Johannesburg outlets, both which are stocked with exciting items on display.

Stephan Welz is also good for those looking to sell valuable items without losing the value. Sellers are rest assured that items will be passed on to others who will similarly value the items.

6. Bridge House Auctions

Bridge House Auctions is located at 73 Hope St, George Central, George, 6530, South Africa. This is a well established family run auction company which was established in 2017. As a new age auctioneer, it does things in a modern fashion. One piece of evidence about this modernity is the incorporation of technology into its operations.

Bridge House Auctions does a lot of furniture deals, furniture plays a big part in the items listed and sold by this company. However, the company is evidently good at what it does; the furniture on display are all impressively designed, and made of the finest quality materials.

Furthermore, Bridge House Auctions can be contacted to help sell prized items without diminishing their monetary value. The company has good services, and maintains friendly relations with customers.

7. Traders Auction Group

Traders Auction Group is located at 2 ring Street, George Industria, George, Cape Town. It is a family owned auction house which was established in 1975. Much of the items displayed on their website are pieces of vintage furniture; giving the impression that the company specializes in the sale of vintage, high quality furniture and other house hold items.

The company sells its items online, and also welcomes bids from interested parties. Traders Auction Group offers logistical services with their sales, and continue to help their customers in any way they can.

The company can be contacted by those looking to sell vintage furniture, or other household items.

8. Alf Duncan Auction Centre

Alf Duncan Auction Centre is located at 2 Lemmer Ln, Gants Plaza, Cape Town, 7140, South Africa. It is one of the well recognized auctions in Cape Town with many years of experience. It is important to state that the company means business; the building is impressively designed to convey that fact.

Most of what is sold by Alf Duncan Auction Center are vintage pieces of furniture; in fact this is one of the top auctions in Cape Town when it comes to furniture.

Vintage chinaware, various ornamental objects, and equipment, and yes art can also be obtained at this auction. The company also holds online auctions.

9. Boland Auctions

Boland Auctions is located at 13 Du Lot Street, Groenvlei, Paarl, Cape Town. This is a well established auction house with several years of service to their name. Past auctions have provided the public with great opportunities to by beautiful chinaware, old drinking glasses, ornamental ceramics, cooking utensils, as well as machinery and furniture.

Boland Auctions holds exhibitions and auctions regularly, and the company is available to be contacted by people looking to sell off valuable items.

10. Bidway Auctions House

Bidway Auctions House is located at 179 Albert Rd, Woodstock, Cape Town, 7915, South Africa. Bidway Auctions House is a great place to find vintage furniture; along with choice items like home appliances like TVs, Fridges, Cooking ware, and decorative pieces.

One may not find expensive pieces of art at this auction, but there is certainly plenty of household items just waiting for pickup.

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Auctions are a part of the upscale experience of South Africa; the top auctions in Cape Town are more than just places to find art, crafts or things of interest; there is something cultural about them. Many have expressed surprise at the things they have been able to find on auction in South Africa; top quality items from all over the world.

This further reinforces South Africa as a place worth visiting for the adventures, and the sheer quality of the overall experience.

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