Top 50 Affordable Restaurants In Cape Town With A View (2023)

There is something very special about eating out at a good restaurant with a view. Fortunately, anyone in Cape Town can patronize one, as there are several cheap restaurants around here that still offer good value for money. If you are looking for affordable restaurants in cape town with a view, then you will explore a lot of options and opt for the best.

Top 50 Affordable Restaurants In Cape Town With A View

1. Kloof Street House 

Kloof Street House is one of the prominent affordable restaurants in Cape Town with a view. You will find this place at Kloof Street and enjoy nice meals without breaking an arm.

2. Sevruga Restaurant

Imagine chilling at a seafood restaurant with a good budget. Located in the V&A Waterfront, food lovers have a lot of options at Sevruga. Aside from its colorful atmosphere, you can take sushi and other seafood delicacies here.

3. Jason Bakery

Next on the list is Jason Bakery, a favorite for lovers of bakery products. Located in Buitenkant Street, Jason Bakery offers affordable pastries and coffee, as well as almond croissants and doughssants.

4. The Greek Fisherman

Talking about restaurants in Cape Town with a view, this is on a superb level, as it is a famous seafood restaurant that has been around for many years now. Located on the V&A Waterfront, the Greek Fisherman has a lot to offer too.

5. The Fish on the Rocks

Located in Hout Bay, the Fish on the Rocks is great for fish and chips sold for a reasonable price. A lot of people love this place in Cape Town for offering them good value for their money.

6. City Grill Steakhouse

City Grill Steakhouse has been in business for many years now and is a favorite for lovers of steak. You can enjoy burgers here too anytime you visit.

7. Foxcroft Restaurant

Foxcroft Restaurant can be found in the High Constantia Shopping Centre and sell excellent food at affordable prices too.

8. Between Us

You can patronize a sophisticated restaurant like Between Us without breaking your bank account. Here, you get to enjoy pasta, pancakes, pistachio loaf, etc.

9. Salushi

Just if you crave Asian-style light meals at an affordable place, then you can visit Salushi and experience its fresh atmosphere amongst others.

10. NY Slice Pizza Kloof Street

NY Slice Pizza Kloof Street is another affordable place to patronize in Cape Town that sells excellent pizzas.

11. Tigers Milk

A delight to many residents in Johannesburg, Tigers Milk in Kloof Street is another open-air space restaurant that offers great food in a relaxed atmosphere.

12. Beer House

One of the reasons different people patronize this place is because they also get to enjoy comedy acts once a week. Beer House is located on Long Street.

13. Primi V&A Waterfront

Primi V&A Waterfront offers fresh and fast food at affordable prices. This famous Italian restaurant also makes available gluten & wheat-free options and is open for lunch and dinner.

14. Plant

Fortunately, here is a vegan restaurant for folks insisting on healthy meals still very delicious. Folks with food allergies are given consideration here.

15. Only Fools

A lot of tourists and locals have a penchant for patronizing this hamburger restaurant to enjoy burger without breaking the bank.

16. Meloncino

Have a taste of authentic Italian foods at Meloncino, which you will find at V&A Waterfront district. It provides outdoor seating with views of the harbor.

17. Unframed Ice Cream

With expertise in the ice cream business, you can always visit Unframed to get excellent ice cream with great flavors.

18. Tashas Waterfront

One of the core selling points of Tashas Waterfront revolves around its options for vegan foods. It gives great priority to healthy options and can be recommended to folks that can’t do without such.

19. The Foodbarn Deli Shop

The Foodbarn Deli Shop was specially designed to ensure patronizers will enjoy their stuff in a relaxed atmosphere, and they have different customers too.

20. The Famous Butcher’s Grill

You can purchase affordable quality meals at the Famous Butcher’s Grill and experience the warmness of their nice workers in a comfortable and relaxed environment.

 21. Groot Phesantkraal

Groot Phesantkraal is also on this list for its affordability, as you can determine what to get.

22. Peregrine Farm Stall

You can purchase affordable bread and pies here at Peregrine Farm Stall. If you want something fresh that is homemade, you can stop over.

23. Molten Toffee

You can enjoy great coffee at Molten Toffee on a good budget.

24. Mozambik Bloubergstrand

Mozambik Bloubergstrand is located in Big Bay and can also be recommended to food lovers.

25. The Dairy Den

A cool shop at Sea Point, you can get cheap doughnuts and ice cream at the Dairy Den.

26. The Food Lover’s Market

With a great selection of food, customers simply have to come over here to take what they need.

27.  New York Bagels

If you desire delicious bakery products without compromising on quality, visit New York Bagels.

28.  Pahari African Restaurant

Enjoy a variety of African meals without being compelled to spend excessively.

29. Dizzys Cafe

You can particularly visit Dizzys Café for its affordable pizzas.

30. Eastern Food Bazaar

Eastern Food Bazaar is located in the center of town and attracts numerous food lovers, particularly at lunchtime. It is a cheap canteen-style eatery.

31. Active Sushi

Active Sushi has more than one outlet in Cape Town and has established itself as a place to enjoy salads and soups without breaking the bank.

32. Café Extrablatt

Extrablatt can boast of excellent meals which are well-priced. You can take baked potatoes, seafood platters, pizza, burgers, etc.

33. Arnold’s 

Arnold’s is one of those restaurants that has been around for many years in Cape Town. It has many patronizers since folks can buy cheap meals there. Locals and tourists can enjoy eggs Benedict or buttery croissants with ease.

34. The Poké Co

The Poké Co is loved by many food lovers around here, considering that it has different branches around town. One of its main selling points is its offering of healthy food.

35. Kalky’s

Kalky’s is not just one of the most affordable restaurants in Cape Town, but also a great one where one can enjoy seafood with a sea view. You can also get cheap crayfish in summer.

36. Dunes Beach Restaurant

Dunes Beach Restaurant offers delicious chips, fish, pizza, grills, etc. You can locate it from the beach in Hout Bay, and it is the favorite of many tourists and locals alike.

37. Borruso’s

A nice restaurant in the neighborhood, you can patronize Borruso’s anything of the day to enjoy pasta, salads, pizza, etc.

38. The Cousins

Searching for cheap restaurants in Cape Town? This Italian restaurant should be considered. At Cape Town, you can enjoy the pasta being taken in Europe, knowing you won’t have to break the bank to take quality meals.

39. Mariam’s Kitchen

This place has been serving nice delicacies for many years since its inception over 30 years ago. Whilst a family venture, it can boast several branches across Cape Town today.

40. Maria’s Greek Café

A Cape Town delight, Maria’s Greek Café is one of the best around here. This affordable restaurant in Cape Town offers interesting Mediterranean plates, and you have to be as careful as possible so your bills won’t add up quickly.

41. Clarke’s Bar & Dining Room

Clarke’s Bar & Dining Room is one of the best affordable restaurants in Cape Town. It has redefined the classic diner experience, becoming an essential part of the vibrant Bree Street restaurant scene.

42. Den Anker

With a budget, you can enjoy Belgian cuisine in Cape Town when you visit this restaurant in the center of the V&A Waterfront. Den Anker sells seafood-orientated meals and you can even visit with your spouse.

43. Crust Cafe

One of the most affordable restaurants in Cape Town, Crust Café is an amazing place when it comes to superb food of excellent quality. You can even enjoy delicacies such as croissants and muffins without breaking your arms.

44. Gibson’s

Searching for a cheap hamburger restaurant around here? Then you should visit Gibson’s. It offers a simple and stylish menu that you can enjoy in a relaxed atmosphere.

45. Food Lover’s Eatery Newspaper House

A lot of folks living around here already enjoy patronizing Food Lover’s Eatery Newspaper House for superb coffee, eggs, etc. It’s a modest coffee shop with an outdoor seating area to enjoy the view.

46. El Burro Taqueria Kloof Nek

Also, residents of Cape Town can experience the taste of Mexican delicacies at El Burro Taqueria Kloof Nek. It is a well-known Mexican restaurant that can boast of a variety of tequilas.

47. Cosy Corner

While you don’t have to spend too much money, you can still get good food at Cosy Corner. One of the nice things about this place is its cozy atmosphere as well as its lovely staff.

 48. Ferdinando’s Pizza

This is one of the Italian restaurants around here, but unique in the setting. Ferdinando’s Pizza also has friendly staff who have a penchant for making customers as comfortable as possible.

49. Narona

Narona is not a perfect place quite all right, but you can still enjoy its good pizza.

50. The V&A Food Market

Finally, you can get great food here without breaking the bank.

 In Conclusion

If you are looking for affordable restaurants in cape town with a view, then you can choose from any on this list.

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