Top 20 TEFL Courses In Cape Town (2024)

TEFL stands for “Teaching English as a Foreign Language.” TEFL courses are designed to provide individuals with the skills and qualifications necessary to teach English to non-native speakers in countries where English is not the primary language. These courses prepare teachers to effectively instruct and support language learners in developing their English language skills. Here is a list of the TEFL Courses available in Cape Town, South Africa ():

List Of TEFL Courses In Cape Town

  • UCT English Language Centre

Level 3, Rosedale Building, University of Cape Town – Hiddingh Campus, 32-37 Orange Street, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8001

  • The Cape Town School of English

56, 66 Main Rd, Claremont, Cape Town, 7700

  • International House Cape Town

105 Long St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8001

  • Good Hope Studies – English Language School in Cape Town, City Centre

5 St Georges Mall, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8001

  • Language Teaching Centre, LTC

7 Varneys Rd, Green Point, Cape Town, 8051

  • ELLI East London Language Institute

Park, 2 Derby Rd, Kenilworth, Cape Town, 7700

  • English Plus Academy

Matador Centre, 203, 62 Strand St, Foreshore, Cape Town, 8001

  • i-to-i TEFL – Cape Town

Protea Hotel by Marriott Cape Town Waterfront Breakwater Lodge, Portswood Rd, Cape Town, 8001

  • TEFL on the Beach

21 Hibiscus Ave, Gordons Bay Central, Cape Town, 7140

  • LELE Language Centre

33 Waterkant St, CBD, Cape Town, 8001

  • Let’s Learn English

2 Wesley St, Observatory, Cape Town, 7925

  • The Knowledge Workshop

86 Station Road Corner of Station and, Lower Main Rd, Observatory, Cape Town, 7925

  • Cape Town International School of Languages, Translations & TEFL

66 Main Rd, Toffie Ln, Claremont, Cape Town, 7708

  • Language Education Online

4 Malta Rd, Salt River, Cape Town, 7925

  • TEFL

101 Buitengracht St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8000

  • TEFL

5 St Georges Mall, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8001

  • South African Language Academy

114 3RD Ave, Kenilworth, Cape Town, 7800

  • TEFL

1st Floor, Regent Rd, Sea Point, Cape Town, 8005

  • English Plus Global

206 Marshalls House, 6 Pearce Rd, Claremont, Cape Town, 7708


39 Church St, Wynberg, Cape Town, 7800

The Key Aspects Of Tefl Courses In Cape Town

Here are the significant aspects of TEFL courses:

  • Teaching Methodologies

TEFL courses cover various teaching methods and approaches suitable for teaching English to speakers of other languages. They provide insights into lesson planning, classroom management, and effective teaching strategies.

  • Language Skills Development

Courses focus on the four key language skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. They equip teachers with techniques to improve students’ proficiency in these areas.


  • Grammar and Vocabulary Instruction

TEFL courses delve into English grammar rules, syntax, and vocabulary development, enabling teachers to effectively teach these aspects to non-native speakers.

  • Cultural Sensitivity

Understanding cultural differences and adapting teaching methods to diverse cultural backgrounds is emphasized. Teachers learn to create inclusive and engaging classroom environments for students from various cultures.

  • Practical Teaching Experience

Many TEFL courses incorporate practical teaching experience through classroom observations, teaching practice sessions, or practicum components, allowing trainees to apply their knowledge in real teaching settings.

  • Certification

Completing a TEFL course often results in the attainment of a TEFL certification, which is widely recognized and often required by employers in many countries for English teaching positions.

What Are The Benefits Of Studying Tefl Courses?

Studying TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) courses offers several benefits for individuals interested in teaching English to non-native speakers:

  • Global Career Opportunities

TEFL certification opens doors to teaching positions worldwide. With English in high demand globally, certified TEFL teachers can find employment in diverse countries and cultures, either in classrooms or through online teaching platforms.

  • Cultural Immersion and Experience

Teaching English abroad allows individuals to immerse themselves in a new culture, gain cross-cultural experiences, and develop a deeper understanding of different societies and customs.

  • Personal and Professional Development

TEFL courses enhance teaching skills, including lesson planning, classroom management, and effective instructional techniques. This leads to personal growth and the development of transferable skills applicable to various careers.

  • Flexible Work Opportunities

TEFL teachers often have flexible working schedules, especially when teaching online or as freelance tutors. This flexibility allows for a better work-life balance and the opportunity to travel while working.

  • Meaningful Impact

Teaching English to non-native speakers provides the satisfaction of making a meaningful impact on students’ lives by helping them acquire a valuable skill that can enhance their education, careers, and opportunities.

  • Gateway to Language Learning

Teaching a language encourages teachers to deepen their own understanding of English grammar, vocabulary, and language structure, improving their own language skills in the process.

  • Credibility and Employability

TEFL certification enhances credibility and employability. Many language schools and institutions require or prefer hiring teachers with TEFL qualifications due to the standardized training and teaching methodology they offer.

  • Professional Networking

TEFL courses often provide opportunities for networking with fellow educators, language schools, and educational institutions, which can lead to future career prospects and collaborations.

  • Career Advancement

TEFL certification can serve as a stepping stone for further career advancement in the education field, leading to roles in curriculum development, teacher training, or educational administration.



TEFL-certified individuals can find employment opportunities in language schools, international schools, universities, private tutoring, online teaching platforms, and government-sponsored English language programs worldwide. These courses provide a pathway for individuals passionate about teaching English as a second or foreign language to embark on a rewarding teaching career abroad or online.

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