Top 10 Affordable New Developments In Cape Town (2024)

The growing need for accommodation warrants the creation of affordable new developments in Cape Town. As a global tourism center, Cape Town is opening up for business in tourism, hospitality, retail commerce, and many other sectors. As a result more people are coming in to find their places in the economic setup; to find jobs.

Some of these new developments are located near the city center, while those that are not often have very good road networks; meaning that residents can easily and quickly move around.

Depending on the budget and lifestyles of the individual, there are a lot of nice new neighborhoods springing up all over Cape Town.

Affordable New Developments In Cape Town

1. Mountain View Heights

Mountain View Heights is an exciting new development in Cape Town; it is located at Scottsdene, Kraaifontein, Cape Town. The estate is made up of tall apartment buildings. The apartments come in different sizes and types, depending on the budget, and family size. Prices start from $234,000.

Mountain View Heights is a well-planned environment; it is a walled community with ample space for parking, and for children to run around. Mountain View Heights can grow to become a great community within the city; where middle class families can live, and prosper.

This is a great opportunity to live in a community of middle class people; a community of professionals.

2. Dune Crest

Dune Crest is located in Muizenberg, Cape Town. This is a nice development consisting of terraced apartment buildings. The buildings are simple and trendy; they are good for single working professionals, new couples, and for families with small children.

Dune Crest is made up of one and two bedroom apartments, and the apartments are built with superior quality materials, with aluminum and granite fittings which will no doubt last for many years.

The interior of the apartments can be furnished with carpets, tiles, or laminated wooden boards. This is a great place for first time home owners; the apartments are great even with minimal furnishings and decorations.

3. Fountainhill

Fountainhill is located at Gaansbai Central, Western Cape. This is a small community of gated bungalows with a hill in the background. This is a group of secure, single family buildings that are good for professionals or business people that have come a long way in their careers, and who want to put down roots.

The houses are arraigned in a row, which means it will blossom into a middle class community with a good view of the hill. The environment is serene and safe, and has an air of prosperity about it. This is a great place for families to live, and to build quality relationships with neighbors.

Fountainhill is not particularly expensive; which is quite surprising because detached buildings are usually more expensive.  The estate is near the beach; there are plenty of recreational activities to make residence here more fun.

4. Mountain View Villas

Mountain View Villas is located in Maitland, Cape Town. It is an estate containing apartment buildings with optimum value for home buyers. The estate is made of several buildings, but they are quite well spaced out; meaning that this will eventually become a big community, but also one with enough parking spaces and playing areas.

The apartments come in different types; there are 1 bedroom, as well as 2 bed room apartments. There are also master apartments in the estate.

This is mostly suitable for young professionals; those who are just starting out in their careers, who are preparing for marriage, or who have recently married. It is also good for working couples with small children.

The environment is well laid out with trees, and there is enough space to relax and enjoy the view on weekends.

5. Rondebosch Oaks

Rondebosch Oaks is an exciting new development; it generated a lot of interest immediately it was announced, and investors rushed to claim a share of the estate even before it was launched. The estate is a beautiful garden; it is made up of rows of apartment buildings, most of which will probably take 6 families each.

It is great for young professionals; those who have spent a couple of years in their careers, and who now want to put down roots.

Rondebosch Oaks is a gated community; security is guaranteed. Furthermore, there are plenty of trees in the area, and they are well arraigned in a manner to give the impression of a garden. This is a nice place for kids to grow up; there is plenty of space to run around.

6. Bonnie Brae – Kraaifontein

Bonnie Brae – Kraaifontein is a beautiful residential estate, with a diverse range of buildings to meet the needs and desires of a wide variety of tastes. The estate is located in Kraaifontein, an area that already has many fine developments.

There are apartments, single family houses, and even detached duplexes in the neighborhood. This is a great place for single person who is fresh out college, as well as the young professional who is still fresh in his career. There are also apartments that are great for couples and small families, and even detached houses that are great for established professionals who want to put down roots.

This is a great estate; it is surrounded by lovely attractions; Kraaifontein has malls, restaurants, gas stations and many other places to make living in this estate more convenient.

7. St. Dumas, Kuils River

St. Dumas, Kuils River is one of the most affordable developments in Cape Town; which explains why there are so many young people moving there. There are many different types of residences in the area; studio apartments, two room apartments, and detached houses.

There are also town houses for single families in this area. The common feature of the buildings in this neighborhood is affordability; most of the residencies in St. Dumas are quite affordable for rent or purchase compared to other neighborhoods.

St. Dumas is a secure neighborhood; it is safe and gated. This feature is an additional advantage.

8. Blue Rise Village

Blue Rise Village is located at Blue Downs, in Sunset Glen, Cape Town, 7100, South Africa. This is a well laid out, and surprisingly affordable housing development, with security, trees, and lovely architecture.

Blue Rise Village is made up of apartment buildings, as well as single family houses. The vast majority of the buildings in this development are apartment buildings; and the planning of the area is noteworthy.

This is going to be a community of young professionals and their families; the apartments are mostly two bedroom and three bedroom buildings, which will be good for people with small families.

There is plenty of greenery in the area, which means kids will have enough space to run around.

9. Belladonna Estate

Belladonna Estate is an apartment complex located at Sunset Glen, which is part of Southern Suburbs, Blue Downs, Cape Town. This is quite a well laid out environment; the buildings have well-crafted avenues and crescents.

This is a nice new community of prosperous people in business or the professional spheres; living together in a serene, secure environment. When making enquiries about this estate, it is important to note that there are many estates named Belladonna; therefore, one must ensure that reference is made to its location in Sunset Glen.

The estate is gated, and there is a police station not far away. It is also not far from the Shoprite Blue Downs, and the Blue Downs Stadium. There are many amenities to make the estate a great and enjoyable place to live.

10. Greystone Estate

Greystone Estate is located at Weaver Ln, Kuils River, Cape Town, 7580, South Africa. This is quite an impressive housing development, it has studio apartments, two bed rooms, and three bedrooms.

The estate is secure; and quite spaciously planned. There is enough space for parking, and for the kids to run around. This estate seems to favor established professionals; those looking to put down roots.



The average price for purchasing properties at any of the affordable developments in Cape Town which are listed above is R500,000. Nevertheless, there are some buildings listed for over R1 million. Even those are quite affordable considering that buildings of such standard are much more expensive in other areas.

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